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December 25, 2015


December 25, 2015 | 3 Comments

Just a quick message from me to you to say MERRY CHRISTMAS.
Whether you celebrate today or not, I hope December 25 is a great day for you.

I'm very sorry that Blogmas took a backseat, I've been quite unwell. When it's not one thing, it's another, amiright?
I have so many post ideas that were meant to go up during that period, a giveaway included, so they're still coming! Stay tuned.

Have a great day. Be safe and smile!

December 19, 2015

BLOGSMAS DAY FIVE: Bloggers United AU Kris Kringle Swap

Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year. 

I love the festivity, I love how elated everyone is at knowing that have some time off (sorry, retail staff) but, most of all, I love buying and giving gifts! I find Secret Santa/Kris Kringle to be so much fun and, being one of the Perth State Representatives, I was so excited when Bloggers United Au decided to host a Kris Kringle Christmas Swap as part of this year's celebrations! 

I was actually lucky enough to be able to buy for Jasmine, a real life friend of mine, occasional house guest and writer of Sweetaholic Beauty, a fantastic beauty blog. Click here to see what I got her! SIDENOTE: How good are here photos? #goals

I came home on Monday to see my Kris Kringle parcel had arrived but I'm only just getting around to sharing it with y'all as I've not been well. The lovely Joanna from Life in my Day, a lifestyle blog based in Melbourne, had me to buy for and, if I can say so myself, she did a great job! Keep reading to see what she picked up. 

BLOGMAS DAY FOUR: Marie Claire The Parcel | Summer Edit, 2015

The only good thing about Spring becoming Summer is the fact that it means a new Marie Claire The Parcel Edit. I've whinged before but I'm going to whinge again .. I HATE THE WARM WEATHER. The weather has been relatively cool over the last week or so but it's warming up again. Hopefully it's not too hot for Christmas! 

To see what was inside my box and, more importantly, keep reading.

December 18, 2015

BLOGMAS DAY THREE: Trilogy Make-Up Be Gone Cleansing Balm* Review

I've spoken about the benefits of cleansing oils on the blog before (here and here) but we've never talked about cleansing balms, have we? I've never really tried a cleansing oil before but I see so many bloggers and vloggers rave about them so I was super keen to try the Trilogy Make Up Be Gone Cleansing Balm* when information on the release hit my inbox. 

I've been putting the product to the test for a few weeks now so, of course, it's time to tell you my thoughts!

December 15, 2015

BLOGMAS DAY TWO: Last Minute Gift Ideas For Everyone!

I wasn't going to do any gift guides this year, I really wasn't, but with less than two weeks until Christmas I thought it might be a good idea to share last minute gift ideas with y'all. 

You know when you think you've done all your Christmas shopping so you're silently gloating and then you remember that you forgot to buy a present for your husband's sister's cousin's friend and then you remember that you're going to their house for Christmas celebrations TONIGHT?! Yup, that's when this post will come in handy.  

December 14, 2015

BLOGMAS DAY ONE: Redken All Soft Heavy Cream Super Treatment Review

I'm not very kind to my poor hair so deep moisturising treatments are my best friend. I used a conditioning/intensive treatment in place of conditioner almost every time I wash my hair and for the last five+ years, Redken's All Soft Heavy Cream Super Treatment has been my back up; the treatment I 'go to' when I don't know what to pick up or I've finished my stash.

December 12, 2015


I absolutely adore Vlogmas on YouTube. Christmas is such a great time of the year and I really love getting an insight into YouTuber's lives by seeing what they get up to.

I wasn't going to do Blogmas (uploading a blog post every day until Christmas) but I haven't really uploaded this week as I hurt my leg so I thought I'd make up for it by uploading everyday for two weeks as of Monday. The idea only came to me two nights ago so I might come to regret it but let's roll with it, shall we? 

I have some pretty cool ideas in the works, if I can say so myself, so I'm excited to get started! Also, I'm still very sore and I'm working full time so please forgive me if the posts aren't daily. I have lots to talk to you about so they'll go up either way! 

Also, while I have you here, I just wanted to let you all know that Born to Buy Blog is less than a month off hitting two million views. 2 MILLION! I will be celebrating with a seven days of giveaways series that will be spreading over my social media outlets, as well as here on the blog so definitely keep an eye out!

December 06, 2015

FOTD // A little of the old 'n' a little of the new

A couple of weeks ago I was having a play with a few newer additions to my make up routine so I thought I'd turn it into a Face of the Day post as it's been a hot minute (more like 6+ months) since my last FOTD post.

I went for a relatively bronzed and somewhat natural look using a range of gorgeous products, go let's get into it!

December 04, 2015

#FoundationFriday | Rimmel London Match Perfection with SPF 20*

Finding a foundation that's going to match your skin tone and concerns is not easy feat so I was super thrilled when, Rimmel London's has recently relaunched and reformulated Match Perfection Invisible Coverage Foundation* arrived on my doorstep!

I have the previous formula in a couple of shades and, whilst I liked it, I definitely didn't love it and, for that reason, a review never made it onto the blog. The new formula claims to be perfect, protect and hydrate the skin with coverage that's weightless, traceless and kind to skin. 

That's a whole lot of claims, is it not? As always, let's get into it! 

December 03, 2015

Monthly Beauty Favourites | September - November, 2015

It's been so long since I've sat down to write a monthly beauty favourites. So many products have entered the daily beauty rotation and a few have left too, so deciding what was going to make the cut and featured was no easy task. In the end I think I did a relatively good job of refining the list to a long, yet manageable, amount of products. 

We've got a lot to get through so let's get into it.  

November 30, 2015

NS-5 Cuticle & Nail Complex* Review

It seems silly but out of everything we received at the Perth Bloggers United event, the thing I was probably most excited to test out was the NS-5 Cuticle & Nail Complex. As someone who's constantly trying to improve the condition of their nails, the thought of such an affordable, compact and effective product really was music to my ears! 

November 26, 2015


Priceline held their beloved 40% off cosmetics sale last Wednesday and Thursday and, as always, I said I wasn't going to pick anything up but I did anyway. Whoops, sorry not sorry. I at least showed some self control, not going wild, and I'm really happy with every purchase that I made. 

November 24, 2015

Innoxa Restore Hydrating Facial Cleansing Oil* Review

I've been using MAC's Cleanse Off Oil for over two years now and cleansing oils are  without a doubt, the most effective way I've found to remove my make up. Using oils as part of a make up removal/cleansing routine can be so effective as the oil works as an emulsifier. Basically it helps to break down and dissolve the make up, meaning it's a lot easier to remove. With that in mind, I was super excited when I was emailed about the release of Innoxa's Restore Hydrating Facial Cleansing Oil*.

A cleansing oil at a much more affordable price point? Uh, yes please! To see what I think and how it compares, keep reading!

November 22, 2015

Emptying the Trash // September - November 2015

With no empties being posted in three months, I've never been more excited to write an Emptying The Trash post. I have a good combination of skincare, haircare, body items, cosmetics and more to talk to you about today and I honestly can't wait to say  au revoir and good riddance to it all!

Like I've done lately, I'll be linking you to any reviews I've written previously and I'll only talk about the products I've not mentioned before. There's so much to get through in today's post, so anything we can do to prevent it being massive will help!

November 20, 2015

#FoundationFriday | MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof

Today's post is a bit exciting for me. I've been silently obsessing over MAC's Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation for quite some time now (probably a solid six months) but, with my uploading inconsistencies, I've not had a chance to review it for y'all until now. 

I've had a long time to play with this product so, to see if I think it lives up to the hype, keep reading! 

November 18, 2015

The Open Mascara Edit #4

Mascaras are one of my many beauty weaknesses. I am forever on the hunt for that perfect mascara. The one that'll give volume without looking clumpy, create a full look without looking spidery.. My requests generally contradict each other but, as Britney Spears says, that my prerogative. Did I really just do that?

I forever have a couple of mascaras on the go and, with a big cull in my mascara collection's near future, it's time to show you what I've got open and let you know my thoughts! 

November 16, 2015

Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate Moss Nude Collection* | Review & Swatches

Nude lipsticks are my weakness which is no secret, especially if you follow me on Instagram and see my face of the day posts. I love the wearability and comfort of a good nude lipstick so I was over the moon when I received the press release for Rimmel London's newest lipstick offer, the Lasting Finish by Kate Moss Nude Collection*!

These lipsticks released in September, so they've been available for a while now, and I've been putting them to the test ever since they hit my mailbox around then. Now that I'm back, let's get into what I thought of the Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate Moss Nude Collection*!

November 14, 2015

HEART2HEART: Stuck in rut? What's next for Born to Buy?

I've heard someone say that the longer you stay away, the harder it is to come back and that's never been more real to me than it is at the moment.

I haven't blogged in over a month and, let's be real, in the months before my uploads were inconsistent at best. I'm not here to give y'all another lame I've been busy excuse because there's only so many times that they'll work before you just seem like you're taking the piss. 

If you've been a long time Born to Buy reader (thank you, by the way), you'll probably remember that last year I was very unwell. From about June - September my uploads were erratic and that's honestly because I was sick. Very sick. 

Before that, I prided myself on being a blogger that rain, hail or shine uploaded daily and I really loved the content I was putting out. I would plan my posts, spend all Saturday taking the photos I needed and all of Sunday writing them. Not only that, I'd go to bed at about 12.30am every night/morning and then be up at 5.30am to get ready for work. When I was sick, however, uploading was the last thing from my mind. I wanted to do it, of course, but I wasn't playing with make up and I wasn't feeling up to writing. 

During that time, as well as during my recovery, I realised the value of sleep. I realised that spending time with family and/or friends is how I wanted to be spending my weekends. I loved blogging and, my goodness, I still do, however I realised that I had let it define me and take over my life in a way that I didn't like. 

Even when I got better (so pretty much for the whole of this year), I was still trying to upload daily. When I couldn't, or when life got in the way, I'd stop uploading mid-week and tell myself I'd try again the following week. This has gone on for the past few months until I just told myself I knew I wouldn't be uploading daily so there was no point at trying at all.

That's crazy and I need to finding a balance.

Today I'm here to say that I am finally back. I won't be uploading daily, as you may have guessed, but I think that uploading every second day is achievable. If it's not, I'll revisit it. I have missed being a part of this community so much and I absolutely cannot wait to share so much with you all.

Until then, tell me, how have you been? I've missed you.

October 06, 2015


If I had to say my favourite affordable brand, Maybelline would take the top spot, possible tying with L'Oreal. Maybelline has a really fantastic range of products available in a selection of shades that really, really appeal to me and I think their products are of a great quality. 

There are a lot of Maybelline products that I haven't tried, sure, but there are some real winners in amongst the products I have tried, and that's what I'm going to talk to you about today. 

October 05, 2015

Marie Claire The Parcel | Spring Edit, 2015

Spring has sprung and, in true Sophie form, I'm officially in a funk. Spring isn't too bad, sure, but it means summer is on the way and that is too much for me to handle. I absolutely hate that heat so brace yourself, I'll be doing a lot of complaining over the warmer months! 

All that aside, my Spring Edit of the Marie Claire The Parcel box arrived about two and a half weeks ago (I've been a bit MIA again, I know) and I decided it was time to show you the contents.

As you can see from the box below (side note, how gorgeous is it?!), this month Marie Claire celebrates their 20 year anniversary. The Parcel has been around for about a year so it's not The Parcel that's having a birthday, more the magazine and such. Either way, the box was larger than normal this month and it was adorned with a gorgeous glitter print, leading one to believe there was going to be some really exciting things inside.

To see what was inside my box and, more importantly, see if it lived up to the 'hype', keep reading. 

September 17, 2015


Blushes are a weakness of mine. They can totally transform a look, bring so much light to the face and, let's face it, but they're just beautiful. I've found myself adding quite a few to my collection lately so I thought it was a great time to finally do the Addicted to Blush tag. This tag was created by Kat from Kitsch Snitch and I think it's a great one. 

I think I was tagged in it quite some time ago but I can't remember who tagged me and, either way, I'm ready to do it so let's get into it! 

September 16, 2015

Uriage Bariederm Soothing Repair Barrier Lip Balm* Review

It's no secret that lip balms are my jam. I have far too many in my collection and I'm always wanting to test new ones so I was more than excited to see the Uriage Bariederm Soothing Repair Barrier Lip Balm* in amongst the goodies we received at the Bloggers United Event I attended last month.  

This product has lived in my handbag pretty much ever since, so it's finally time I share my thoughts on this French beauty! 

September 15, 2015


There are so many incredible make up brands on the market (am I right?) so I decided to create a new series where we take a look at a new brand in more detail. I'm starting with an all round favourite, NARS.

Never have I met someone that doesn't like NARS. Sure, they might not like a specific product, but there's something really redeeming about the brand as a whole. The brand is great. Their packaging is oh-so-classy and the products are of a great quality. Sure, the price point could be better but, hey, it's worth it! 

September 14, 2015

Adore Beauty Skincare and Haircare Haul

I've made no secret of my love for Adore Beauty, an online Australian retailer, in the past. Not only do they stock an amazing range of brands (Alpha-H, Benefit, Clarins, Laura Mercier, Napoleon Perdis, and Shu Uemura, just to name a few) they're always running amazing promotion and, best of all, they allow you to 'stack' their discount and coupon codes, making for some wicked savings!

With my favourite shampoo and conditioner costing a bomb, I was waiting for the right moment to stock up and that moment came about recently when they had a fantastic haircare gift with purchase. 

September 03, 2015

Emptying the Trash // July - August 2015

I'll admit it, I was dreading this post because I thought that two months of beauty empties would be a butt load but, to my pleasure, I don't have too much to share with you all today. As always, I have a combination of make up, body care, hair care and skincare, so let's get into what I've used up! 

With that said, I still do have quite a few products to talk about, as always, so I'll link you to any reviews I've written and I'll only talk about the products I've not mentioned before. I'll still let you know whether I'll repurchase it or not though, because we all know that's what we're here for. 

September 02, 2015

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Forever Eau de Parfum* Review

I'm definitely a perfume girl. I love gifting them, I love wearing them and, of course, I love collecting them. The Marc Jacobs Daisy line is one that's never appealed to me (though I love Marc Jacobs' Honey eau de parfum), I've tried a few and not really like them so I haven't really paid any attention to new releases from the line.

I was recently offered the opportunity to test the newest addition to the Daisy family, Daisy Dream Forever*, and I decided to take the plunge. I've been wearing this scent non-stop since it arrived a few weeks ago and I'm thrilled to report that I've finally found my Daisy fragrance! 

September 01, 2015

Monthly Beauty Favourites | July - August, 2015

July and August were really kind to me. As I mentioned, it was my birthday in July and I had a really nice day with friends and family. I also celebrated later in the month with all of my favourite people and I couldn't ask for much more than that. Not only that, but the first ever Blogger United event was Perth in Perth in mid-August. As I mentioned in this life update post, I was part of the team who organised the event which explains why I've been so MIA. The event is over and I'm back with a vengeance but, if you want to know more about the day, check out my posts about the day here and here.

Over the past two months I've made some beauty discoveries, old and new. I pulled a few bits out of my own collection and I also have some 

August 31, 2015

LUSH Ultrabalm All Purpose Balm Review

I think I'm one of the only people that doesn't love Lucas' Paw Paw Ointment, believe it or not. Being petroleum base, it's nowhere near as good as people say it is and I just think there's better products out there. Earlier this year I found myself in LUSH begging looking for a product to soothe the dry nose that we are all too familiar with when we become unwell.

The sales assistant I was talking to recommended their Ultrabalm, saying that it is their alternative to Lucas' Paw Paw Ointment so I threw caution to the wind and picked it up. I've found myself reaching for Ultrabalm quite a bit lately (I even mentioned it in this year's May beauty favourites post) so keep reading to see what I think! 

August 25, 2015

BLOGGERS UNITED PERTH | Part Two : The Goodie Bag

If you read yesterday's post, you'll know that every guest who attended the  recent Bloggers United Event was absolutely spoilt. Every person walked away with seven bags containing products from an insane amount of super generous brands and today I thought I'd share the contents with you all! 

If you like blog posts with a lot of photos, this one is for you. Due to the large number of products that I'm showing, I won't be talking about them in any detail. If you'd like any information on anything, let me know in the comments and I'll be sure to get testing!

My stash of goodie bags, minus the LUSH one because mine broke

August 24, 2015

BLOGGERS UNITED PERTH | Part One : Event Recap

PHOTO CREDIT: Bloggers United

Earlier this year, two interstate friends, Jasmine from Sweetaholic Beauty, and Nikita from NJT Reviews, contacted me and asked me to be involved in bringing their successful blogging event held in Melbourne, Bloggers United, to Perth and, of course, I jumped at the opportunity. Along with Jasmine and Nikita, Angie from Peplum and Prosecco and Samantha from That Little Beauty Blog, I have spent the two or so months working like a mad woman to plan the event;    scouting locations, contacting brands and doing everything else involved in organising a successful event.

We hosted the event on Saturday, August 15, and, if I can say so myself, it well really well. So much of my blood, sweat and, if I'm honest, tears went into the organisation of the day and I couldn't be happier with how it went. 

For all the gossip on the day, including a bunch of photos, check keep reading!

August 18, 2015

Celebrating The Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil 20th Anniversary

Beauty products can come and go but some last a lifetime. This year, The Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil celebrates its 20th anniversary. Yep, this iconic product has been around for twenty years; It's almost as old as me!

First released in 1995, The Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil is now part of a bigger tea tree line up for troublesome skin. Did you know that one bottle of the Tea Tree Oil is sold every eight seconds? I'm not surprised though. I've tried quite a few tea tree oil treatments in my time and I always find myself going back to this one from The Body Shop. It's definitely the most effective one I've found!

I've featured the Tea Tree Oil* on the blog a few times before, but I can't wait to give their Skin Clearing Facial Wash* and Skin Clearing Toner* a shot and report back. If you've tried any of these products before, let me know what you think of them.

Do you love the Tea Tree Oil as much as I do? What's your favourite long time love? 

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*This product was sent to me, however all opinions are my own. I was not paid for this review

August 17, 2015

WHERE HAVE I BEEN? Life and Blog Update!

It has been forever and a day since I sat down at my computer to type, well, anything for you guys and, with the madness that is the last month and a half finally coming to an end, it's time to update you on where I've been! 

If you follow me on social media you may know that I, along with Jasmine from Sweetaholic Beauty, Nikita from NJT Reviews, Angie from Peplum and Prosecco and Samantha from That Little Beauty Blog, had been working like mad on bringing a Bloggers United Au event to Perth, Western Australia. Over the past month or so, every free moment was spent organising the event and, unfortunately, Born to Buy Blog was neglected. The event was held yesterday and, if I can say so myself, it was a huge success, but we'll talk more about that tomorrow. 

Today I'm here to say sorry. Sorry for being so MIA, especially on the blog. I was around on Facebook and Instagram, purely because that could be done on my phone, but, if I'm honest, blogging was the last thing I could think about doing after I spent hours on end responding to emails etc.

With all that said and done, I'm back, feeling refreshed and so excited to share so many new products and ideas with you all. Before I get back into my daily uploads *gulp*, there are a few things I want to tell you about.

Firstly, you may have noticed that my url has changed. Thanks to the tireless work of a schoolfriend, Chris, Born to Buy Blog finally has its own domain again. If you had any shortcuts on your computer, don't forget to change them to www.borntobuyblog.com, though going to www.dontstopbuying.blogspot.com will still get you here. 

Secondly, this li'l ol' blog is so close to two million page views. Two million! CAn you believe it 'cos I know I can't! I should hit the milestone in just over a month, so get ready for giveaways galore. There'll be celebrations here on the blog, as well as throughout my various social media platforms, so be sure to follow me for all the goss! 

And that's it from me today. Don't forget to check back tomorrow for my Bloggers United Perth recap.

What have I missed while I've been gone? What have you been up to? Fill me in!

July 15, 2015

What I Got For My Birthday This Year

If you don't follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you might not know but it was my birthday last Wednesday, on July 8. I turned 23 and I had a great day, for those who're wondering. I celebrated on Saturday night which was a great night also! 

Given that quite a few of my presents were beauty related, I thought I'd show you some of the gifts I was lucky enough to receive. 

July 07, 2015

MAC BACK2MAC PROGRAM | Information and help me choose my lipsticks

MAC's BACK2MAC Program is the perfect incentive for beauty lovers, such as myself, to finish and, more so, recycle their MAC products. Simply put, if you take six empty products back to one of their counters, you're eligible for a free lipstick. Yup, 100% free! 

There are a few rules, of course, which I thought I'd blog about today. I've got quite a few empty products too, so towards the end I'm going to ask you for your recommendations! 

July 06, 2015

Alpha H Balancing Cleanser with Aloe Vera Review

I'd been using the same cleanser for about six months when I decided it was time to switch it up, as they say. The cleanser I was using was fine, sure. There was nothing wrong with it but I thought my skin deserved better so I grabbed the Alpha H Balancing Cleanser with Aloe Vera in a somewhat recent Adore Beauty order (see haul here). 

I've been using the cleanser consistently for at least a month now and, I've got to say, I really like it. It's gentle yet effective on my combination skin and it  feels really lovely to use. 

July 05, 2015

July 04, 2015

#CAREFORYOURHAIR | Leave-In Hair Treatments and Oils

I am so unkined to my hair. No really, I am. I dye it, a lot. I've been so many colours, many of which have involved bleaching. I also used to heat style it a hell of a lot too but I don't as much these days, mainly because I'm pretty lazy and throwing it up in a bun is so much easier.

With all that in mind, leave in treatments and hair oils really are my best friend. Unless I'm really committed to testing a hair conditioner, I struggle to wash my hair without treating my mid lengths and ends to some sort of treatment. 

Now that we've talked through the best of the best of the shampoo and conditioner world (in my humble opinion), let's look at how we can treat our hair post shower! 

July 03, 2015

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Skin Perfecting Primer* Review

I do a pretty long commute to get to work every day. I need my make up to last about 12 hours, even more if I'm heading out after work, so long wearing make up is an absolute must. Primers are a great way to extend the wear of a face of make up and, as such, I love testing them out! I was sent Rimmel London's newest primer offering, the Lasting Finish Skin Perfecting Primer*, and lately I've been putting it to the test.

July 02, 2015


If you stalk the make up displays in your local Priceline (much like myself), you may have noticed that Maybelline's has been redone to accommodate for a selection of new products. Some of these products have been in the US for quite some time and we, here in Australia, wondered if they'd ever grace our shores. Other are just starting to be featured by international bloggers and vloggers which leads me to believe that maybe, just made, we received some of these products that the same time that they did.

I was beyond excited when I realised these products hit our shelves, and even more excited when I found out that a Priceline on my way home was now selling the new bits 'n' pieces. Naturally I made my way to the store that day after work and bought way too many new products to play with.

Instead of doing a haul like I normally do, I thought I'd do a haul and first impressions post in one. On Sunday I put all the products to the test and headed out to a family barbecue. If you want to see what I thought on first application, keep reading! 

WARNING: This photo is very photo heavy 

July 01, 2015

Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette Review and Swatches

The Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Palette has been making the rounds in the beauty community lately, with absolutely everyone raving about it! I didn't pick it up because I couldn't justify picking up another facial contour palette but when I saw she was releasing a Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette, I jumped at the chance to pick it up!

June 30, 2015

Monthly Beauty Favourites | June, 2015

With June coming to a close, I'm not that sorry to say goodbye to it. I had a sinus infection that really 'did a number on me' (that's the saying, yeah?) but I'm finally starting to feel better. I know, right, just in time for my birthday which is July 8, before you ask.

This month's beauty favourites features a bunch of products that are new to my collection and I absolutely love every one. Let's get into it so I can start gushing about how good these products are!

June 29, 2015

Shu Uemura Ultimate Remedy Extreme Restoration Duo Serum* Review

The Shu Uemura Art of Hair line has really stolen my heart of the past twelve (ish) months. I've not tried a lot from them, no, but everything I have tried has been amazing. Shu Uemura's Art of Hair Ultimate Remedy Extreme Restoration Duo Serum* has been a constant product in my haircare routine for the past 3-4 months now, and now I'm finally here to tell you why!

June 28, 2015

June 27, 2015

Emptying the Trash // June 2015

I worked on a huge Emptying the Trash that was an accumulation of about four months worth of empty beauty products but, when sitting down to write this, I've realised that I must've deleted it instead of posting it. Agh! Either way, it was huge. In fact, I was only linking it to say that I would never let an empties post get that big again! A lesson very well learnt, it seems.

Anyway, without waffling on too much, let's empty this month's trash! There's still quite a few products in this empties post so, like I normally do, I think I'll link you to any reviews I've written and I'll only talk about the products I've not mentioned before. Sound good? I sure hope so! 

June 26, 2015

#FoundationFriday: L'Oreal Paris True Match Super Blendable Foundation

It's pretty safe to assume that you've been living under a rock if you haven't heard of L'Oreal Paris' True Match Super Blendable Foundation. This product has been a cult product in the beauty community for such a long time now and there's no sign of its popularity slowing down any time soon. It's a foundation that I've had in my collection for so long now, though I never reviewed it, so I thought it was finally time to share my thoughts with the world. 

C2 Natural Ivory | N2 Vanilla | N3 Creamy Beige | N4 Beige* 

June 25, 2015

Ry (Recreate Yourself) Haul and Online Store Review

Last month I was contacted by Ry (Recreate Yourself), Australia's largest haircare, skincare and cosmetics online store, to see if I'd like to give their online store a try. Ry is one of those websites that I've quickly glance at before, not actually looking at the vast range of products they have available, and I'm so glad that I finally know how much they stock!

Ry (Recreate Yourself) credited me with $50.00 on my account to help pay for the damage I did (let me tell you, I spent over $100.00 of my own money - oops), which was super kind of them, now let's get into what I picked up!

June 24, 2015

Kevin Murphy Motion Lotion Curl Enhancing Lotion* Review

I've mentioned it before but, for anyone who's new(ish) to the blog, my hair is very temperamental. Some days it's curly, other days it's a frizzy hot mess. The longer it is the less wild it is, however it can't always be tamed. I really love to embrace the curls as I love how effortless they can look but, if I'm going to wear them out, I find myself reaching for a curl enhancing product that's going neaten the curls, making them more manageable and bit, well, prettier. 

I've been putting Kevin Murphy's Motion Lotion Curl Enhancing Lotion* to the test for the past month or so now and, I've gotta tell you, I'm in love. 

For more information on this wonder cream, keep reading! 

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