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November 30, 2015

NS-5 Cuticle & Nail Complex* Review

It seems silly but out of everything we received at the Perth Bloggers United event, the thing I was probably most excited to test out was the NS-5 Cuticle & Nail Complex. As someone who's constantly trying to improve the condition of their nails, the thought of such an affordable, compact and effective product really was music to my ears! 

Formulated without petro chemicals, paraffins, paragons, colours or fragrances, the NS-5 Cuticle & Nail Complex* claims to absorb quickly into the skin to nourish and restore dry cuticles, hangnails and split fingers. They also say it helps to promote the growth of nails! It contains silica to assist in strengthening the nails, keratin to restore elasticity, shea butter for moisturisation, aloe vera to aid in healing and a multitude of other fantastic ingredients to promote healthy nails.

Applying NS-5 Cuticle & Nail Complex* is such a breeze which is why I think it's one of the only nail care products that I've consistently used long enough to see results. The fine tip, as shown below, makes it easy to release a small about of product through the squeeze tube. Generally I'll just dot a small amount on each finger and massage it over the cuticle and nail bed. I apply it every evening and sometimes on the bus or train.

After consistently using this product for a few weeks, I can see a major difference in the quality of my nails. Not only are they healthier and breaking less, but they are growing significantly quicker! They've all broken at the moment as I got out of the habit and stopped using it for a bit but all that does it tell that NS-5's Cuticle & Nail Complex* really does work! Retailing for $9.95 at selected pharmacies and online at Pluketts.com.au, this product is a real winner in my books. I have two tubes, one in my bedside table and one in my handbag, and I've bought a tube for my Mum as well! 

Have you tried NS-5's Cuticle & Nail Complex*? What's your favourite nail treatment?

*These products was sent to me, however all opinions are my own. I was not paid for this review


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