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July 07, 2015

MAC BACK2MAC PROGRAM | Information and help me choose my lipsticks

July 07, 2015 | , , , , , , ,
MAC's BACK2MAC Program is the perfect incentive for beauty lovers, such as myself, to finish and, more so, recycle their MAC products. Simply put, if you take six empty products back to one of their counters, you're eligible for a free lipstick. Yup, 100% free! 

There are a few rules, of course, which I thought I'd blog about today. I've got quite a few empty products too, so towards the end I'm going to ask you for your recommendations! 

As I said, you can return six MAC primary packaging containers to a MAC counter (free standing or otherwise) and you can redeem a free lipstick of your choice. There used to be a list of 20 lipsticks that you could choose from however MAC recently changed the rules. Any lipstick the retails for $36.00 can be selected, excluding limited edition shades or those from Viva Glam collections. 

In terms of what you can return, MAC doesn't accept secondary packaging (paper boxes, shopping bags etc), sample  pots (including mini sized products from promotional or seasonal kits), cosmetics applicators/tools (the list doesn't say whether brushes are included in that) or accessories like lashes. 

I've redeemed a few BACK2MAC lipsticks in my time and, I'll be honest, I absolutely love it. I like the idea behind it and I love the fact that I'm not just throwing my empty products in the bin; they're being recycled!

As you can see from the bag above, I've been collecting my MAC empties for quite some time now. At present I have 15 empty products with three or four products nearing the end of their life, meaning that I'm on my way to receiving three free MAC lipsticks. Huzzah! 

That's where you come in; I'd love to know what colours you recommend I pick up. For reference, some of my favourite shades are Angel, Creme Cup, Rebel, Snob and Pink Plaid. 

Have you ever redeemed any lipsticks through the BACK2MAC Program? What lipsticks should I grab next?


  1. I haven't been able to Back2MAC yet, haven't finished anything I bought :) Haven't tried any of the mentioned lipsticks but some of my favorites are MAC See Sheer, Crosswires, Ruby Woo and Impassioned. I wanna try Syrup, Rebel and Amorous.

    1. Question on Back2MAC, do you have to clean the containers before returning ! Also can MAC Pro stuff be Back2MAC too ?

  2. Hi Sophie!! I love Please Me- its a warmer version of pink plaid- very pretty and very wearable. Of late, Im absolutely crazy for 'Real Redhead' which was included in the MAC is beauty collection, but seems to be still available- its the most gorgeous sheer coral-nude, I never thought I would love a sheer shade so much! 'Fast Play' is another MAC browny-pinky-nude which no one seems to mention, but I really love :) If you're game to try something more bold, I am red hot crazy for 'Brick-o-la', which is the most beautiful red with. Just a teensy splash of brown! I could go on here ha ha :) Cant wait to see what you choose! Xo


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