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July 15, 2015

What I Got For My Birthday This Year

If you don't follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you might not know but it was my birthday last Wednesday, on July 8. I turned 23 and I had a great day, for those who're wondering. I celebrated on Saturday night which was a great night also! 

Given that quite a few of my presents were beauty related, I thought I'd show you some of the gifts I was lucky enough to receive. 

July 07, 2015

MAC BACK2MAC PROGRAM | Information and help me choose my lipsticks

MAC's BACK2MAC Program is the perfect incentive for beauty lovers, such as myself, to finish and, more so, recycle their MAC products. Simply put, if you take six empty products back to one of their counters, you're eligible for a free lipstick. Yup, 100% free! 

There are a few rules, of course, which I thought I'd blog about today. I've got quite a few empty products too, so towards the end I'm going to ask you for your recommendations! 

July 06, 2015

Alpha H Balancing Cleanser with Aloe Vera Review

I'd been using the same cleanser for about six months when I decided it was time to switch it up, as they say. The cleanser I was using was fine, sure. There was nothing wrong with it but I thought my skin deserved better so I grabbed the Alpha H Balancing Cleanser with Aloe Vera in a somewhat recent Adore Beauty order (see haul here). 

I've been using the cleanser consistently for at least a month now and, I've got to say, I really like it. It's gentle yet effective on my combination skin and it  feels really lovely to use. 

July 05, 2015

July 04, 2015

#CAREFORYOURHAIR | Leave-In Hair Treatments and Oils

I am so unkined to my hair. No really, I am. I dye it, a lot. I've been so many colours, many of which have involved bleaching. I also used to heat style it a hell of a lot too but I don't as much these days, mainly because I'm pretty lazy and throwing it up in a bun is so much easier.

With all that in mind, leave in treatments and hair oils really are my best friend. Unless I'm really committed to testing a hair conditioner, I struggle to wash my hair without treating my mid lengths and ends to some sort of treatment. 

Now that we've talked through the best of the best of the shampoo and conditioner world (in my humble opinion), let's look at how we can treat our hair post shower! 

July 03, 2015

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Skin Perfecting Primer* Review

I do a pretty long commute to get to work every day. I need my make up to last about 12 hours, even more if I'm heading out after work, so long wearing make up is an absolute must. Primers are a great way to extend the wear of a face of make up and, as such, I love testing them out! I was sent Rimmel London's newest primer offering, the Lasting Finish Skin Perfecting Primer*, and lately I've been putting it to the test.

July 02, 2015


If you stalk the make up displays in your local Priceline (much like myself), you may have noticed that Maybelline's has been redone to accommodate for a selection of new products. Some of these products have been in the US for quite some time and we, here in Australia, wondered if they'd ever grace our shores. Other are just starting to be featured by international bloggers and vloggers which leads me to believe that maybe, just made, we received some of these products that the same time that they did.

I was beyond excited when I realised these products hit our shelves, and even more excited when I found out that a Priceline on my way home was now selling the new bits 'n' pieces. Naturally I made my way to the store that day after work and bought way too many new products to play with.

Instead of doing a haul like I normally do, I thought I'd do a haul and first impressions post in one. On Sunday I put all the products to the test and headed out to a family barbecue. If you want to see what I thought on first application, keep reading! 

WARNING: This photo is very photo heavy 

July 01, 2015

Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette Review and Swatches

The Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Palette has been making the rounds in the beauty community lately, with absolutely everyone raving about it! I didn't pick it up because I couldn't justify picking up another facial contour palette but when I saw she was releasing a Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette, I jumped at the chance to pick it up!

Tiny Hand With Heart