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December 30, 2011


This is one of the most exciting things I've been able to post on this blog to date. Yesterday/last night this blog hit 10 000 views. Yes, 10 000 views. You have no idea how excited it am, ladies and gents. It's awesome to know that in under 5 months (my first post was uploaded on September 6) this blog has been viewed over 10 000 times from people across the world. Although a majority of my views are from people within Australia, I've also had hits from people in the US, UK, Sweden and more.

With that being said, let's get into the competition! I've ordered a Too Faced gift set from StrawberryNet and, even though their products normally arrive very quickly, it hasn't arrived yet. Never fear though, the show must go on and I'll be uploading this competition anyway!

The winner of Born to Buy's 10 000 view giveaway will receive the following..
Image from StrawberryNet as the prize hasn't arrived yet
TOO FACED Wild Thing Set
  • Mini Primed and Poreless Face Primer
  • Chocolate Soleil Bronzer and Absolutely Invisible Candlelight Highlighter
  • Lash Injection Pinpoint Mascara in Hot Chocolate
  • Sun Bunny Lip Bronzer Lip Gloss
Deciding what to choose as the giveaway prize was one of the biggest and most difficult decisions I've ever had to make. I have the worst decision making skills at the best of times, but this was make up heaven and I had to make sure I bought for the blog and not for me. Anyway, in the end I chose this pack as it's almost a full face look, which I love. Using everything in this set you'll be able to create a fantastic bronzed and natural face look which will be perfect for summer. 

By now I expect that you're wondering how to enter. Easy. Follow these two simple steps below to ensure that you go into the draw (winner will be selected at random by random.org) to win this awesome giveaway.
  • Follow this blog
  • Comment below with your favourite part of the giveaway prize pack
This competition will be open until the 7th of January so remember to get your entry in as soon as possible. I will be announcing the winner on this blog on the 8th of January. One Tuesday, the 3rd of January, I go away for 10 days. I was hoping the prize would arrive before I left so that I could post it whilst away but, unfortunately, that's not going to be possible (Monday is a public holiday so it won't arrive in time). I will, however, post it the day after I get back, January 14. Sorry the prize won't be posted sooner but I tried my best.

UPDATE: Competition now ends on January 10 and the winner will be announced on the 11th.

Don't forget to enter this competition and link it to all your friends. It's free and who doesn't want a set like this as we come into summer? 

Goodluck, everyone, and I can't wait to read all your entries.

Always look your best,

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December 29, 2011

After Christmas shopping.

Yesterday I did a little after Christmas. I didn't go mad and spend ridiculous amounts on the Boxing Day/Christmas 'sales', I just wanted to spend the vouchers I'd received for Christmas. 

For Christmas I received two vouchers, a $40.00 Napoleon Perdis voucher and a $50.00 Coles Myer voucher (requested by me to purchase MAC products). 

Described by MAC as 'champagne with gold and white pearl"
Described by MAC as 'soft muted gold beige taupe'
If you read a recent post I uploaded you'll know how much I love MAC's Bare Study Paint Pot, described as 'champagne with gold and white pearl' by the MAC website. I've wanted this for the longest time (or since I got the sample) but I haven't been able to buy it due to Project Pan. I finally bought it today and you have no idea how excited I am. Yesterday I also bought myself my very first MAC eyeshadow and, again, I'm so excited. This eyeshadow, Wedge, was recommended to me by the MAC make up artist when I asked for a matte brown eyeshadow that would be perfect for my crease. I can't wait to use Bare Study and Wedge together, and I think they'll make the perfect everyday eye. All up these two MAC products we $68.00 ($33 for the shadow and $35 for the Paint Pot). I was able to use my $50.00 voucher and only had to pay the excess of $18.00. 
It was very hard for me to decide what to buy for myself from Napoleon Perdis. I thought about purchasing Camera Finish, their pressed powder, but I'm happy with the powder I'm using so there's no need to replace it. Instead, I opted for a lipstick. Since using up both my MAC lipsticks in Hue, I've been on the lookout for a new perfect everyday lip colour. In the end I settled on a lipstick from their Divine Godess Lipstick collection, Hess. I'm terrible at explaining the colour of products so you're better off looking at the photos above, sorry. This lipstick was $35.
After spending all my vouchers, my sister and I decided to go to Typo. Who doesn't LOVE Typo? Stationery is amazing, especially when it's cute! Anyway, I bought two things from Typo and managed to find my only bargain of the day. 
First off, I managed to find this super cute tea towel for my other sister. She loves ANYTHING with a cherry print on it so I instantly thought of this when I saw her. This tea towel was on sale for $5.00 (originally $10). When I went to pay it scanned through for $4.00. Score!
When I saw these pen holders I nearly died. Yes, died. I've been using glasses to store my make up brushes but these were so perfect that I had to buy them. Not only did I buy them, but so did my sister. She'd just been telling me that she wanted to set her make up brushes like mine so it was perfecting timing. These pen cups were $4.95 each and also came in white.
Before photo of make up brushes 
After photos of make up brushes
A bag was placed in each cup to hold stones
Anyway ladies, that's all I've bought since Christmas. I've made a few online purchases but I'll reveal them later. If you've done any post Christmas/Boxing Day shopping, comment on this post. I'd love to read about your purchases and bargains.

Always look your best,

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December 28, 2011

Beauty Disappointments of 2011

This post is a negative, not so happy follow up to yesterday's post, Beauty Highlights of 2011. As mentioned in the Beauty Highlights of 2011 post, it's has been a big year for me as far as beauty goes. I created my blog, set myself up properly and invested in some fantastic beauty pieces. With that being said, I'd love to share my beauty disappointments of the past 365 days.

Unfortunately there have been some disappointments and I've tried to list them all but I can't be sure I didn't miss some. I don't want to give you a big explanation for each and every one (this post might go on forever) so I'll just be listing them and linking them to reviews if possible (if there's no review, expect one next year). 
The above products are in no particular order and I've just added them to the list as they came to mind. I'm sure there's a few more products I could've added, but I couldn't remember them. Sorry!

Stay tuned for my shopping haul (I went shopping today) but, until then, be sure to comment below with your beauty disappointments of 2011. I'd love to know which products to stay away from!

Always look your best,

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December 27, 2011

Beauty Highlights of 2011

2011 has been a big year for me as far as beauty goes. I created my blog, set myself up properly and invested in some fantastic beauty pieces. With that being said, I'd love to share my beauty highlights of the past 365 days.

There's been many highlights, obviously, but I've listed everything I could think of. I don't want to give you a big explanation for each and every one (this post might go on forever) so I'll just be listing them and linking them to reviews if possible (if there's no review, expect one next year).
The above products are in no particular order and I've just added them to the list as they came to mind. I'm sure there's a bunch more products but, to be honest, I need a cutoff or this list will go on forever.

Stay tuned tomorrow night for my Beauty Disappointments of 2011 but, until then, be sure to comment below with all your favourite beauty products of 2011. Receiving product recommendations from my viewers is the best and you've taught me about some fantastic products already.

Always look your best,

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December 26, 2011

December Favourites

Far out, it's the end of December! Wowza. Where on earth does this time go? (Yes yes, I know I sound like an old woman..).

First off, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. To read about my day and share your day with me, click here.

With that all being said, let's get into my December favourites. So that this post doesn't drag on forever I'll list and link all the products I've previously reviewed and get stuck into the others after.
I recently got my hands on some more Aveda Be Curly and can't believe I'd forgotten just how amazing it is! Be Curly is a curl enhancing cream that manages to de-frizz and neaten my curls. To all ladies with wavy/curly hair, go get it! It beats every other curl enhancing product I've ever bought and I'm onto my third tube.

This month I've been tightlining my eyes quite a bit (lining the upper water line) and I definitely like the result it gives. It makes my eyelashes look fullers, whilst defining my eyes without harsh upper lash line eyeliner. A word of thought thought, I've found that black liner looks a lot nicer than brown.

On the subject of eyes, I've started curling my eyelashes everyday too. Wow! I know how bad that sounds, yes, but until now I didn't realise how much difference it makes. My eyelashes always look amazing now. I'm keen on getting a heated eyelash curler too. 

As you saw in a previous haul, I bought a travel size Benefit blush in Dandelion (I actually got two so look out for the other in a giveaway). I don't apply it to the apple of my cheeks as I find it looks 'weird' but it works well and provides a natural flush to my upper cheeks.

As part of Project Pan I've been using up some sheer pink lipsticks (one being a Maybelline Watershine lipstick in #51 Peach Juice) I once bought. They're baby pink colours and look surprisingly good with almost any make up look. 

My skincare routine has been working really well for me lately (expect a routine post very soon). It only consists of two products and has managed to clear up my skin almost completely. I'm definitely loving my skincare routine this month! 

I think that's everything, ladies and gents. Please comment below telling me your favourite beauty products of, not only December, but 2011. I'd love to hear your recommendations as I've almost finished my last Project Pan item and I can't wait to spend up.

Always look your best,

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December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2011 | 3 Comments
I'd just like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! I hope your day was filled with fun, laughter and the occasional present or two.

I had a great day with my family at home. The food was incredible, the music was loud and the drinks were flowing. Who could ask for more than that? (Plus my nephew ended up staying the night so I can't wait for good morning cuddles!).

Thanks for being such fantastic viewers and I can't wait to share much more with you all in 2012.

I know Christmas isn't about the gifts, but that's just an added bonus. Comment below telling me some of the things you got. I'd love to hear how creative some people can be! Anyway, on that note, I'm surprisingly tired and off to bed now.

Always look your best,

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December 23, 2011

Glossy Box December, 2011

My second Glossy Box arrived today, finally. There's been a lot of confusion with the shipping this month but, although I was very frustrated, the customer service I received was exceptional. My previous Glossy Box post (posted in December due to more postage issues) for the November box  explains all you need to know, as well as the price and where you subscribe.

So anyway, let's get into it!
Again I'm in love with the packaging. The boxes are so pretty and are reusable. Who can say no to that? 

The box contains a card that details the products included (including an overview and the recommended retail price) as well as an introduction to the box. This month's box has a focus on haircare, as stated in the information card.

I only received this box today so I'm unable to review the product. Instead, I'll type out the information provided to me so you're able to get some insight into them.
 TIGI Haircare Manipulator by Bed Head - RRP $23.95 for 57mL
This box contained a full sized tub of this product. 
"Great for any length hair, this best texturiser adds volume and hold to make hair come alive."
This product sounds good but I'm not sure if it'll be appropriate for my hair, regardless of what it says about length. It sounds promising though so we'll see.
Gorgeous Lip Pencil in Entourage - RRP $25 per pencil
This box contained a full sized lip pencil.
"Keep your lipstick in check with this rich pigment lip pencil that glides on smoothly to prevent lipstick from bleeding, feathering and fading." 
The colour of this lip pencil is nice, but very dark. I'm not sure if it's me but, if not, I'll try and pass it on to someone who'll appreciate it more than me.
Calvin Klein Hidden Euphoria - RRP $60 for 30mL/
$90 for 50mL/$120 for 100mL
This box contained two 1.5mL samples of this perfume.
"Brand new younger scent that offers a contemporary, tantalising aroma of fruits, floral bouquets, with a touch of musk and woods. (eau de parfum)
Front what I can tell, I quite like this perfume but I'm not sure if I could see it as being my new everyday scent. 
John Frieda Frizz-Ease Secret Weapon Flawless
Finishing Crème - RRP $16.99 for 113g
This box contained a 30mL sample tube.
"Restore silky-softness to your hair with this finishing crème that helps hair imperfections and controls fly-aways for flawless locks."
My hair is a frizz ball so I can't wait to try this out!
AUSCREEN Sunscreen Lotion - RRP $7.49 for 125mL/$10.49 for 250mL/$13.99 for 500mL/$20.99 for 1L
This box contained a 15mL sample of this product. 
"Protect your skin from the sun with this non-white, non-greasy sunscreen offering 30 times your skins natural protection and water resistance."
This product is definitely non greasy. I applied it to my arm earlier today and it absorbed quickly, leaving no disgusting residue behind. During summer, this will definitely become a handbag staple.

So ladies, that was December's Glossy Box. Click here for Lust Have It's! December Box, here for Glossy Box's November box and here for Lust Have It's November box. On a whole, I'm fairly happy with the contents of my December Glossy Box. Other subscribers received a Sally Hansen nail polish and/or a Clinique night cream. I was hoping I'd receive the night cream but oh well, that's what I get for being impatient and looking at the contents online.

Please comment below and let me know what your favourite product from the box is, especially if you've tried some of them.

Always look your best,

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December 21, 2011

Maz's Musings: Shaving

If progress is measured by innovation then surely the modern disposable razor indicates that humankind is one awesome species. The modern man is told that shaving like most other ventures must be done to the maxtreme. Hence, when one shaves they must do so using a metallic-plastic contraptions loaded with six razors, various lubrication strips and pay about $5.00 per cartridge for the privilege.

It would be incomprehensible for us to imagine that men (real men) actually shaved with one razor blade not that long ago. What’s most shocking is that they managed to get closer shaves and do it for a fifth of the price in modern money. The easiest way for most modern men to get a taste of real razor shaving would be to invest in a double-edged razor (DE).

I got sick of paying nearly $20 each time I needed to buy shaving carts for my Gillette Mach 3 and also felt like a loser for shaving in Mach 3 while the cooler guys were shaving in Mach 5 Fusion Extreme style. Essentially, I left the shaving rat race. I get closer shaves and save more money but I also enjoy the ritual of shaving now (more about that later). So, for this review I thought I would introduce the guys reading this blog to the basic DE gear needed.

December 19, 2011

10 Hair & Beauty Rules I Break

I am guilty of breaking so many hair and beauty rules. I know I should practise what I preach but, to be honest, sometimes I just can't be bothered. Please forgive me.
  1. Sometime I just can't be bothered taking my make up off before bed, especially if it's been a big night. I'm definitely getting better at it (remembering's always a start, right?) but occasionally I'll just use a cleansing face wipe. Oh well, that's better than nothing.
  2. While we're on the subject of make up removal, I don't actually own a make up remover. If I want to remove my make up I use my normal cleanser.It's probably a bad thing, yes, but it works for me.
  3. I know I wrote a full post about the recommended shelf life of cosmetics, but I don't follow it to a tee. I don't keep my products forever though, don't get me wrong. My cosmetics are thrown out when I feel they should be.
  4. This is possibly one of the worst beauty related crimes anyone could ever commit but I don't always use an eyeshadow primer. Dun dun dunnn. It's never done intentionally though, sometimes I just forget.
  5. Be prepared 'cos this next one's kind of gross. I'm a serial pimple picker and popper and, no, I don't always wash my hands first. I knowwwwwww it disgusting but sometimes they're just too damned irresistible. The good news is my skin's cleared up heaps lately (look forward to a post very soon) so there's rarely anything to pop.
  6. My face care routine consists of me using two face products; a cleaner and a moisturiser, occasionally with a pimple cream thrown in. My routine is nowhere near as comprehensive as other peoples (or perhaps as comprehensive as it should be) but it works. However, with that being said, I'd love for someone to recommend a good eye cream for me. I'm 19 years old and I have no idea what to get.
  7. My hair isn't cut anywhere near as often as it should be, or I'd like. Everyone, including myself, recommends getting a hair cut every 6-8 weeks. Sometime I might go months without getting mine done but, again, I'm getting better and more consistent.
  8. I don't always use a heat protector in my hair. I'll often not intend to use styling tools in my hair and just plan on straightening a flyaway or two. Next thing I know my whole head of hair is straight and, well, damaged as hell.
  9. I don't use or own a cuticle oil. It's bad, I know it's bad, and I need to fix it. Does anyone know if Bio-Oil makes a good cuticle oil?
  10. I touch my hair and face constantly. CONSTANTLY. I have no idea why either. I think I touch my face to see if I need to blot or reapply my powder. Who knows?
Anyway, ladies, those are 10 of my most frequently broken beauty rules. There's probably others but I couldn't think of them. Be sure to comment below with beauty rules you break, it sure would make me feel better about myself!

Always look your best,

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December 18, 2011

Lust Have It! December, 2011

My second Lust Have It! box, the December box, arrived today. If you don't know what Lust Have It! is, check out my last Lust Have It! post. The previous haul/review post explains all you need to know, as well as the price and where you subscribe.

Instead, let's get into it and see what my December box contains.
When I opened the box, I instantly got a whiff of something floral. The box contains a card that details the products included (including an overview and the recommended retail price), as well as an introduction to the box and Lust Have It! updates. This month's Lust Have It! box contained six deluxe sized beauty samples. Yay!

I only received this box today, so I'm unable to review the products. Instead, I'll type out the information provided to me so you're able to get some insight into the items. If possible, I'll also include my initial thoughts.
Glasshouse Fragrances Marseille Fragrant Body Bar in Gardenia - RRP $12.95 for 250g
This box contained a bar of Glasshouse Frangrances soap. No where on the packaging does it say the weight/size of it, sorry, so I'm not sure..
"Marseille is a contrasting blend of gardenia, sandalwood, cardamom, and casaba melon aromas with a coastal village vibe. This richly triple-scented soap replenishes and rejuvenates the skin, giving it a natural glow and a lovely feeling of softness. Best of all, it contains almond oil and vitamin E to protect and recondition the skin."
So THIS is what I could smell in the box. The Gardenia smell is pretty, yet overwhelming, so I'm not sure where I'll put it. 
evo The Great Hydrator Moisture Mask - RRP $29.95 for 150mL
This box contained a 50mL container of the hair mask.
"In creating evo, great minds from the hair industry and some awfully nice scientists have combined a blend of the most innovative and effective ingredients, dry humour, blatant honesty and minimal packaging. The Great Hydrator Moisture Mask is an intense hydrating treatment to moisturise and smooth colour damaged, dry, coarse, frizzy hair. To use, work through wet hair, leave on for 3-5 minutes and rinse. The result: moisturised, smooth, frizz free hair."
The hair describe in the blurb (colour damaged, dry, coarse, frizzy hair) is mine to a tee, so I can't wait to see the results. I'm usually very heavy handed with my treatments but 50mL with provide me with multiple uses. This treatment smells so good. That's probably irrelevant, but it does. It's not the typical hair treatment smell, but I like it.  
LimeLily Cosmetics Waterproof Eye Pencil in Jet - RRP $18.00 for full size
This box contained a full sized (1.2g/.04oz) eyeliner in Jet. 
"Highly pigmented and smooth to apply. Create perfectly defined eyes or smokey, sultry eyes by blending the pencil line with a tapered brush. For extra intensity, line your lids twice. TIP: For optimum results, refrigerate before sharpening."
I haven't used this liner yet. I did, however, swatch it on my hand and found the liner to be extremely pigmented and smooth. I have a million eyeliners though, so it might take a while for me to get to this one.
Kosmea Purifying Cream Cleanser - RRP $34.95 for 150mL
This box contained 20mL tube of this cleanser.
"A gentle, skin nourishing cream cleanser, developed to replace skin with the oils that it also takes away. This cleanser removes make up, including waterproof eye make up and daily grime, as it nourishes the skin with the oils of sesame, avocado and certified organic rose hip oil. The natural astringent, witch hazel extract, purifies and tones the skin helping to rebalance moisture. Perfect for all skin  types, but especially if your skin is dry and sensitive. TIP: After a night out, remove make up with this gentle cream cleanser before hitting your pillow."
My skin's not dry, nor is it sensitive, but I'll definitely give this a dry. I'll use this cleanser at night, as the information states that it's good for removing make up.
Lash Republic Lash and Glue Set - RRP $25.00 per set
This box contained one set of false lashes in Baby Doll SC05.
"The Signature Collectioon by Lash Republic by Milan & Co consists of 100% human hair false eyelashes. Each eyelash is specifically designed to enhance, volumise and lengthen varying eye shapes. Re-usable. Hypo-allergenic and lightweight for maximum comfort. Baby Doll: The natural day lash"
I'm not too sure about these. Don't get me wrong, I love the eyelashes, but I'm not a huge fan of fake eyelashes and I'm terrible at applying them. I'm contemplating saving them for a giveaway BUT I'm never going to get better unless I practise. Either way, you'll all find out.
Moxie Regular Tampons - RRP $4.39 per pack of 16
This box contained a pack of 8 Moxie tampons. 
"Moxie Regular Tampons are designed for medium flow and come in two unique and discreet recyclable purse-worthy tins (8 and 16 tampons). Each tampon has a Silken Glaze™ coating for easy insertion and a convenient twist open wrapper."
Well ladies, do I need to say anything? Haha, no. The box also contained a 20% off voucher for their online store. I don't plan on buying anything online (yes I looked at the store) but it's still pretty cool.

This month's box was packed with festive tinsel and contained a candy cane.
Lust Have It! is definitely getting into the Christmas spirit.

So ladies, that was December's Lust Have It! box. Click here for November's Lust Have It! box, and here for November's Glossy Box. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the contents of this box. I love the thought of finding a new hair treatment and the cream cleanser will definitely come in handy, especially because I'm going away in early January. Now I can't wait to see what's in my December Glossy Box!

Please comment below and let me know what your favourite product from the box is, especially if you've tried some of them. Also, I'm thinking of purchasing the Lust Have It! Christmas pack, but I'm not sure. Has anyone bought it? What did you think?

Always look your best,

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December 15, 2011

Just a little update #4

December 15, 2011 | 1 Comment
Ladies, I've finished my Christmas shopping. Yep, that's right. It's all done. Last week and I hadn't started and here I am, all done and loving life. On the other hand, I'm ridiculously broke and I doubt I'll ever eat again. Oh well, nourishment is overrated. 

I'm one beauty product away from finishing Project Pan and, to be honest, I have no idea what I'll use as my final product. There's nothing else I can think of that's even close to being finished, which scares me. How long will this take?! My last post tells you all about the last two products I used up.

I haven't bought any more beauty products since starting Project Pan so, yes, it's only been the Revlon New Complexion foundation. I'm so proud of myself. It's definitely helped me save for Christmas.

Speaking of saving, I've starting saving for my 10 000 view giveaway. Yes, 10 000 views. Isn't that amazing?! Don't forget to keep checking this blog 'cos the competition/giveaway could be coming very soon! 

I hope to do some exciting things on the blog in 2012, including tutorials. Yes, tutorials. I also hope to have more tips, tricks and other fun things. As always, however, your suggestions are better than any ideas I'll ever have. Comment below with blog ideas, as well as giveaway ideas. 

In case I don't do another update this December, thanks for a great year. 

Always look your best,

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December 14, 2011

MAC's Bare Study Paint Pot vs. Stila's Kitten Smudge Pot

I'm a sampleaholic. I love samples. Surely everyone does? Firstly, they're free! Secondly, they provide us with opportunities to check out the beauty products we've wanted to try for ages without forking out big money. In my opinion, it's a fantastic to way to get to know products and an even better way to keep customers. 

A while ago I hit the town and scored six make up samples (three of which were MAC) without spending a cent (click here to see related post). During this time I managed to get samples of MAC's paint pot in Bare Study and Stila's Smudge Pot in Kitten.

I've wanted to try/buy Stila's Smudge Pot in Kitten for as long as I can remember. Whenever I watch it being used on YouTube I die a little on the inside. The colour is so amazing and all I ever hear is fantastic things, but I'm always hesitant to pay $42.00 for a product I've never used before. On the other hand, I didn't know too much about MAC's Paint Pot in Bare Study. I'd look it up online a few times and, again, it looked beautiful. 
My MAC Paint Pot sample in Bare Study
My Stila Smudge Pot sample in Kitten
When I got these two samples I instantly noticed the similarities between the two. 
Left to right: MAC Bare Study Paint Pot & Stila Kitten Smudge Pot
(Sorry about the poor quality, it was taken in artificial light)

As you can see from the above swatches, the cream shadows/liners (whatever you want to call them) are very similar in colour. Mecca describes the Stila Smudge Pot as 'shimmering nude pink', whilst MAC describes their Bare Study Paint Pot as 'champagne with gold and white pearl'.

Although they are very similar in colour, the MAC Paint Pot is a more yellow based champagne colour, as opposed to a pink champagne. In my opinion, the Stila Smudge Pot is also a lot more shimmery. 

Unfortunately I have run out of my MAC Paint Pot sample. I used this product almost everyday for about a week and could not get enough of it. The product applied smoothly and cleanly. There was no fallout and, from what I could tell, it didn't crease throughout the day. The colour of this Paint Pot made it a fantastic all over eyeshadow colour or an eyeshadow base, depending on my mood.

On the other hand, I still have some of my Stila Smudge Pot left. Unfortunately, however, I don't often use the product anymore. When I first received the sample I was over the moon and, much like with the Bare Study, I was using it as often as possible. Very quickly the product began to dry out. The drying out of the product meant that, not only was it difficult to apply, but it was difficult to blend and it often remain quite heaped in a particular part of the eye. 

I really like both of these cream eyeshadows. In my experience neither of them creased, however I never apply anything to my eyes without an eyeshadow primer. If I was recommending one of these products to, well, anyone, I'd definitely recommend the MAC Paint Pot. Don't get me wrong, I love the Stila Smudge Pot but I wouldn't commit to a $42.00 purchase of a product that's prone to drying out quickly. The application of the MAC Paint Pot ($35.00) was also a lot better, making it easier to use quickly and on the go.

I hope this has helped, ladies. I'd love to know if you own any other MAC Paint Pots or Stila Smudge Pots. I'm always looking!

Always look your best,

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Tiny Hand With Heart