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June 24, 2015

Kevin Murphy Motion Lotion Curl Enhancing Lotion* Review

I've mentioned it before but, for anyone who's new(ish) to the blog, my hair is very temperamental. Some days it's curly, other days it's a frizzy hot mess. The longer it is the less wild it is, however it can't always be tamed. I really love to embrace the curls as I love how effortless they can look but, if I'm going to wear them out, I find myself reaching for a curl enhancing product that's going neaten the curls, making them more manageable and bit, well, prettier. 

I've been putting Kevin Murphy's Motion Lotion Curl Enhancing Lotion* to the test for the past month or so now and, I've gotta tell you, I'm in love. 

For more information on this wonder cream, keep reading! 

The Kevin Murphy Motion Lotion Curl Enhancing Lotion* is designed to protect hair from harsh UV rays whilst maintaining and/or enhancing the hair's natural curl. It contains ingredients such and sesame seed oil, purified lanolin oil and essential oils to moisturise the hair, add shine and provide invisible hold.

I don't go out in the sun much (it's winter and plus, I'm not much of a beach person) so I can't vouch for the UV protection. I can, however, say Kevin Murphy's Motion Lotion Curl Enhancing Lotion* is one of the best curl enhancing products I've ever used. 

After a somewhat recent trip to an over enthusiastic hairdresser, my hair is significantly shorter that it has been previously. Without length, my hair becomes a mess. It loses most of it's nice natural curl, replacing it with frizz. I notice a significant difference in the way my hair dries if I've applied the Kevin Murphy Motion Lotion Curl Enhancing Lotion*. It's softer, less frizzy and my curls are more defined and neat. It's the only product that's made me feel like I could leave the house with my natural hair since it was hacked, and that's saying something!

I've read that the Kevin Murphy Motion Lotion Curl Enhancing Lotion* can be used on wet or dry hair, but I've not tried it on dry hair yet. For me, it works best when scrunched through towel dried hair. I'll often also scrunch it a few times whilst it's drying.

Though it doesn't influence the products performance in the slightest, I must note that Kevin Murphy's Motion Lotion Curl Enhancing Lotion* smells amazing, like musk lollies. 

If you're looking for a product that's going to neaten up your curls, tame frizz or give you beach waves that a mermaid would be jealous of, I highly recommend that you give Kevin Murphy's Motion Lotion Curl Enhancing Lotion* a shot. You can pick it up anywhere that stocks Kevin Murphy (including online from Adore Beauty, if online shopping is more your thing) and it retails for $34.95. 

If you've got unmanageable hair, what do you use to tame it? Let me know! 

*This product was sent to me, however all opinions are my own. I was not paid for this review


  1. This sounds like a great product! Does it contain any silicones?

    xx Julia

  2. Yas! I'm happy you love it! I love mine and use it every time I was my hair! I love Kevin Murphy products!!

    Mel x | Loads of Lifestyle

  3. Your hair is exactly like mine, I'll have to try this out!!

    https://emmaebeauty.wordpress.com xo


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