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September 30, 2014

Katy Perry Killer Queen Royal Revolution Eau De Parfum* Review

Katy Perry's most recent fragrance, Killer Queen Royal Revolution*, was sent to me recently and, after really liking her first two, Killer Queen* and Killer Queen Oh So Sheer*, I was really excited to try it! Once again, this perfume in the Killer Queen range is housed in the infamous Queen's sceptre inspired bottle, though this time in blue to emulate a suit of amour. 

For more information on this third instalment in the Killer Queen series, and to see what I think of the fragrance, keep reading.

September 29, 2014

Monthly Beauty Favourites | September 2014

This month hasn't been too bad for me. I, unfortunately, got that dreaded cold that everyone seems to have caught but, after the medical issues I've had this year, i's not so bad. Perspective, right? The weather has started warming up so I'm already mourning the cool  winter weather. I seriously hate the heat, does anyone else? 
This month I've been loving a few new additions to my make up collection and, as always, I've also rediscovered a few old favourites!

September 28, 2014

The Weekly Beauty Round Up #1

I have created a new series on the blog where I'll give you an overview of the posts I have uploaded in that week. I thought it was a good way to recap on what I've done, as well as showcase any posts that you may have missed. 
Saturday // Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour

Happy reading! 

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September 27, 2014


I know I've already uploaded a post today and I only ever upload daily but I had to jump on to say thank you thank you thank you! Today I hit 1 000 000 page views on this li'l old blog and I honestly cannot believe it. So much has changed over the past three years and so much has happened but this blog has continued to grow and change and I could not be prouder.

I have a celebratory giveaway coming up soon so stay tuned!

Thanks again, everyone.

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Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour Review and Swatches

A blogging friend of mine, Anissa from Beautifully Glossy is one of my biggest enablers at the moment. Anissa and I have such similar make up tastes so when she told me I had to try the Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colours I happily obliged, buying two from Adore Beauty and one from Sephora (hauls here and here). 
Over the past few months I've really been enjoying this super convenient eye product so I finally thought it was time to review it.

September 26, 2014

Emptying the Trash and Beauty Diet Update // September 2014

Throughout the month of September I finished up a few basics and I'm slowly working my way through the excessive amount of hair products (shampoo, conditioner and hair treatments) that I have stock piled. I kept buying favourites when they were on sale, realising that I was buying them quicker than I was going through them. Oops! 

This month I have a selection of a haircare, skincare and body products with a lot of make up! If have my collection a mini clean out last weekend and am ditching a bunch of products that I no longer use or that have dried out. If you're not aware, I'm making a conscious effort to work through my half used products as a part of The Beauty Diet but I'll make more reference to that when I get to my make up bits. 

September 25, 2014

Essence All About Matt! Oil Control Make Up Base* Review

Face primers are an oily skinned girl's best friend. I'm always putting primers to the test to see what works best for my skin type and what will keep my make up on the longest. Earlier this year the Essence All About Matt! Oil Control Make Up Base* arrived on my doorstep. I've been putting it to the test recently so I thought it was about time I shared my thoughts!

September 24, 2014


Lip balms are one of my many beauty weaknesses. I can't see a new one without wanting to try it. Ultimately, I want all of the lip balm. All of it! I was going to do a post on some of the best and worst lip balms I've tried but, instead, I thought I'd turn it into a TAG because I'd love to read other people's answers too. You never know, I might even find some more lip balms that I need to get my hands on. It's possible, right? 
I have chosen five different lip balm categories to talk about so, with nothing left to say, let's get into the TAG!

September 23, 2014

Dirty Works Rose & Glow Moisture Mask Review

Dirty Works is a UK skin and body care brand that made its way onto Australian shores towards the end of last year. Initially there was a very limited range of products available at Coles stores, however more recently the brand has branched out into Target, bringing a majority of its line with it!
Being the beauty product stalker that I am, I simply had to check out the whole Dirty Works range soon after I heard about its availability in Target and, I must say, I'm pretty proud that I only walked away with one product. I have so many face masks targeted blemishes or designed to chemically exfoliate but nothing to add hydration back into the skin so that's exactly what I went for. I picked up the Dirty Works Rose & Glow Moisture Mask and, after having used it a few times already, I'm ready to share my thoughts. 

September 22, 2014

Third Blogiversary Giveaway Reminder

Hi, everyone. I hope September is being really kind to you all!

Just a little reminder that my third blogiversary giveawa featuring a few of my favourite products is still open and will be until midnight, Western Standards Time, on October 2. This giveaway is open to Australian residents only as nail polishes are difficult to post overseas and I'm really enjoying reading about the kinds of posts you like to see here on Born to Buy! 

To be taken to the giveaway, click here

Goodluck, everyone. 

September 21, 2014

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Colour Rush Intense Colour Balm* Review & Swatches

Every brand, drugstore and otherwise,  seems to be releasing their own version of the jumbo lip pencil lately so I wasn't very surprised with I received the media kit for the launch of the Rimmel London Lasting Finish Colour Rush Intense Colour Balms* in July. Rimmel London, together with Rita Ora, have recently released a crayon style twist up lipstick which moisturises the lips whilst providing colour that really 'packs a punch'.
Over the past few weeks I have been putting all six of the available shades to the test and, despite of the fact that Rimmel London was one of the last brands to jump on this product bandwagon, I really love them. I've been wanting to share my thoughts with y'all for a while now so, if you're interested in seeing what I think of them, keep reading!

September 20, 2014

The Open Mascara Edit #2

A few months ago I launched a new series, The Open Mascara Edit, where I give you a brief rundown of my current open mascara stash because, as it turns out, I really like options when it comes to mascara. My current open mascara collection is quite different to last time (only featuring one mascara that I'm sucking every last bit of product from) and it includes a few absolute hits, a couple that I'm a little indifferent about and one that I really would not recommend. 
To see what I think of these mascaras, keep reading!

September 18, 2014

BATTLE OF THE FACE WIPES // MAC, Murad, Ole Henriksen and Kosmea

Face wipes are quite a controversial concept in the beauty community. You either love them or you hate them but, in saying that, I actually am on the fence. I like the concept of them, especially if they're going to be beneficial to your skin, but the thought of using them as your only cleansing and/or make up removal skincare step really gives me the heebie jeebies. 

When all that is said and done, I've given a few a try over the past six months or so and I've found one or two gems, plus one that I'd definitely give a miss, so I thought I'd share them with you. 

September 17, 2014

Shanghai Suzy Spring '14/Summer '15 Collection Review and Swatches

Shanghai Suzy has done it again. Their latest collection, Spring '14/Summer '15, was recently released and, once again, it contains a selection of absolutely beautiful shades to welcome in the warmer weather. Unlike their previous collection, Autumn/Winter '14, this one contains a selection of shades in both Matte and Nourish formulas which really excited me as I'm typically a creme formula gal! 

September 16, 2014

Conceal, Don't Feel | MAC Concealer Overview

Don't let them know
Well know they knowwwwwww

Before I get into this post, I need to make a reference to the Frozen inspired title. Nailed it, right?! 

Anyway, on to the blog post! Whether you want a natural but flawless finish, to conceal dark circles or you have a lot of redness or blemishes you'd like to cover, MAC has you covered. Until recently MAC concealers were the only ones I used (blog post on a new favourite coming soon-ish). This wasn't intentional, I just really like their formulas and they always seem to get the job done for me. At present I have four concealer/corrector products from MAC in my collection so I thought I'd talk you through them, tell you my thoughts and let you know which ones I'd recommend and, of course, why!

September 15, 2014

NEW RELEASE // Coca Cola by OPI* with Swatches

It's bad, I know, but Coca Cola is one of my all time favourite drinks. When I'd heard that Coca Cola had teamed up with OPI to create a collection inspired by their iconic drinks, I knew it had to be mine! There are nine nail polishes in total in the collection, all inspired by different bottles, and labels. There is also a variety of finishes in the collection.

Keep reading to see swatches of all nine colours! 

September 14, 2014

NEW RELEASE // Australis Velourlips Matte Lip Cream* (New Shades)

I'm a little on the fence about the Australis Velourlips, if I'm honest. I've heard such fantastic things about them (I also own a few of the original shades) but I was never too fond of them and I think that's partially because the colours I own aren't very 'Sophie', if that makes sense. Anyway, I had to quickly pop on today to let you all know that they've released five new, much more wearable shades!

I won't be reviewing this product today because I want to play with them a little more before giving my opinion, but keep ready for swatches of these new shades!

Mil-A-No | Hon-O-Loo-Loo | Ho-Chee-Min | Lun-Dun | Mi-A-Mee

Milano* is a peachy/beige shade that could easily look a bit deathly on the lips if applied too thick. Hon-O-Loo-Loo* is a cool toned dusty pink. Ho-Cee-Min* is a pale cool toned yellow pink that's super beautiful. Lun Dun* is probably my favourite shade and I'd describe is as a cool toned lilac pink. Mi-A-Mee*, the last of the new shades, is a watermelon bright coral pink.

Those are all five of the new shades and, so far, I'm loving the colours. As I say, I'm still on the fence about the formula but I'll definitely report back about that in the following weeks. 

The Australis Velourlips retail for $9.95 each. These new shades are available now in store at Priceline and Big W and they will be on Australis' online store by the end of the month.

What do you think of these shades? Have you tried the Australis Velourlips? 
Let me know! 

*This product was sent to me, however all opinions are my own. I was not paid for this review

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September 09, 2014

These are a few of my favourite things | Third Blogiversary Giveaway

On September 6 I celebrated my third blogiversary. Yep, three years! I uploaded my first post on September 6 in 2011 and I haven't looked back! I've developed some amazing friendships, had some fantastic opportunity and hard the opportunity to test some truly fantastic products. It's no secret that I love to celebrate absolutely anything with giveaways and I host them on my blog whenever I can. 
For more information on how you can win everything shown in the photo above, keep reading!

September 08, 2014

FOTD // Golden Bronze Eyes ft. Urban Decay Naked Palette

I've really been embracing bronze and gold toned eyeshadows at the moment. I'm not sure why but I've rekindled my love for a bit of a darker eye (let's not get carried away - it's still quite subtle in the scheme of things) of late and I feel like the Urban Decay Naked Palette is the perfect palette to create such a look.

If you want to know how I created this look, keep reading!

September 07, 2014


For the past few weeks I've been hosting a giveaway thanks to Lady Jayne and today I'm here to announce the winner. My favourite part of hosting a giveaway is announcing the winner - it's always so exciting! This giveaway is a bit different in that I have three prizes, two to be given to people who entered on the blog and one to be given to someone who entered via Instagram.

Before I get into that, however, I, of course, want to say a bit thank you to everyone who entered this giveaway. I am so grateful for every entry and each and every person who reads this blog! 

Anyway, the winners are Lena Nguyen and Celina Chup!

Congratulations, Lena and Celina! I really hope you like these new Lady Jayne goodies. I'm sure you will! Please email me on dontstopbuying@hotmail.com within 48 hours to organise the delivery of your prize. If I don't hear from you within this time frame, another winner will be announced.

Remember, if you entered on Instagram there's still a chance that you could win! Head on over and see!

Thank you again to everyone who entered this giveaway. I really loved reading all your entries . For everyone who didn't win, I'm sorry. Thank you, as always, for your support of Born to Buy. Remember to stay tuned as I have a few more really exciting giveaways in the works. 

What do you think I'll be giving away next?

September 06, 2014

Top Brow Products | August 2014

A few years ago I didn't realise the importance of well groomed brows. Sure, I got them waxed but that was about it. I didn't comb them and I certainly didn't fill them. What was the point? Once, on a whim, I filled them in with MAC's Wedge Eyeshadow and, ever since then, I've been hooked. Fast forward to today, a few years later, and I've managed to accumulate a selection of really great brow products.
For more details on my top brow products, keep reading!

September 02, 2014

The Blogger/Vlogger Make Me Buy It! TAG

When you read as many beauty blogs and watch as many beauty channels on YouTube as I do, it's only natural that you base some of your beauty purchases on recommendations and hype. I sure know I do! Sometimes you love the products, other times you hate them. Either way, you've given it a shot for yourself and your yearning to try it has finally subsided.

Today I'm talking about just some of the beauty purchases I've made on the recommendation of  beauty bloggers and vloggers. Some of these products I love, others I really dislike, but I'm going to talk you through it all!

September 01, 2014

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads Review

First Aid Beauty has been making waves in the beauty community lately. It seemed that every YouTuber in the US was raving about their products a year or so ago (PR stunt, possibly?) but, twelve months on, the products are still incredibly hyped in the community, leading me to try a few bits 'n' pieces for myself. I picked up their Facial Radiance Pads about six months ago on a whim and now I'm onto my third tub! They've become a staple part of my morning and evening skincare routines and I've finally decided it's about time I tell you why!

Tiny Hand With Heart