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December 14, 2015

BLOGMAS DAY ONE: Redken All Soft Heavy Cream Super Treatment Review

I'm not very kind to my poor hair so deep moisturising treatments are my best friend. I used a conditioning/intensive treatment in place of conditioner almost every time I wash my hair and for the last five+ years, Redken's All Soft Heavy Cream Super Treatment has been my back up; the treatment I 'go to' when I don't know what to pick up or I've finished my stash.

Redken's All Soft Heavy Cream Super Treatment is a moisturising and conditioning treatment designed to transform one's hair by improving manageability and softness whilst providing a lasting silky shine. 

I've used my hair treatments a number of different ways over the years but I think I've finally got it down to a fine art. My favourite way to apply them is in the shower after I've shampooed my hair. I don't towel dry it but I wring out as  much moisture as I can before applying. I'll grab approximately one inch thick sections of hair, starting from the base, apply the product and then brush it through with my Wet Brush before moving onto the next section. Once I've done it to all my hair, I tie it up in a bun on top of my head and rinse it out at the last minute before hopping out of the shower. Not only do I find this mode of application easy, I also feel like brushing it through distributes the product more evenly. After I've rinsed it, brushing my hair when I'm out of the shower is a total breeze too! 

Once rinsed, I definitely notice a positive improvement in the texture and manageability of hair after using the Redken All Soft Heavy Cream Super Treatment. It's softer, easier to work with and it smells delicious wish is a total plus! Sure, this treatment probably isn't the best one that I've used but it's pretty damn good and, in terms of availability and price, I think it's great. 

The price of the Redken All Soft Heavy Cream Super Treatment does vary slightly but it's normally around the $35.00 mark. I tend to get a couple of months of use out of it which isn't bad considering that I could be using it up to the three times a week. 

Do you use hair treatments as religiously as I do?
What's your favourite? 

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1 comment :

  1. Ohh this sounds so nice. I'm so lazy when it comes to hair products so I'm always on the lookout for easy ones hehe xx


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