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December 15, 2015

BLOGMAS DAY TWO: Last Minute Gift Ideas For Everyone!

I wasn't going to do any gift guides this year, I really wasn't, but with less than two weeks until Christmas I thought it might be a good idea to share last minute gift ideas with y'all. 

You know when you think you've done all your Christmas shopping so you're silently gloating and then you remember that you forgot to buy a present for your husband's sister's cousin's friend and then you remember that you're going to their house for Christmas celebrations TONIGHT?! Yup, that's when this post will come in handy.  

1. Typo is the first place I hit up when I don't know what to get someone. They have amazing stationery and gorgeous home decor but this season I have been loving their key trays! I bought two of the feather ones (not online) for different Secret Santa gifts and I just think they're so cute. If that's not your thing though, there's plenty to choose from in store or online!
[image source]

2. I'd be a bad beauty blogger if I didn't include at least one make up pack in this post. To be honest, I think make up sets are really great gifts for a beauty lover, especially if you pick them up from a brand you know the recipient will love. Mecca has some great gifts at all different price points and, for something more affordable, I know Priceline has some great options too!

3. Tickets or vouchers are a great fall back gift. If I know that my friend and I have a shared favourite musician etc that's touring, I love giving the gift of tickets to their show. It creates such a good experience gift. For a more affordable option, movie tickets are always a winner! Vouchers are another good option but I always try and make them a little more personal by buying a voucher to a store I know they'd like/somewhere where they can treat themselves. 

4. Alcohol is a great back up gift for those over 18. A bottle of wine/spirits or a six pack of a unique beer will never go unappreciated. It's not as affordable as some options but I think this Crystal Head Vodka is just so cool! For future reference, I prefer a bottle of sparkling wine.

5. I don't know when I became that old person that's obsessed with homewares but it's happened and, I gotta tell you, I'm totally okay with it. Homewares in any form are always a hit with me and I totally recommend you check out Target's Lisa T range. It's amazing and there's rose gold as far as the eye can see. I actually own these glasses myself and I love them so much that I want to get another set. If Target homewares aren't for you, Adairs, Freedom and Myer/David Jones have some great pieces also!

6. Buying for kids is quite difficult but it's also the most fun. For a practical gift that will tickle the kid's fancy, why not think about bedding? My five year old nephew requested a new quilt cover "with a matching underneath" (sheets, for anyone playing along at home) so I picked up a Star Wars set that I think he'll really love! Bedding is such a practical and gift that the kids and parents are both going to appreciate! 

7. Give the gift of reading! Whether it's a novel, biography, recipe book or picture book, everyone loves to read and there's a book out there for everyone! I have had Tyler Oakley's new book, Binge, in my collection for quite some time now and, even though I haven't actually read it yet, I'm going to support #TEAMINTERNET and recommend that everyone pick it up. If it's as funny as his videos, there's no way that it can't be amazing!

8. If you want to pay a little more, I think subscriptions are a great gift. They're the gift that keeps giving all year long and if you pick a winner, they'll love you for it. Most boxes have options to pay for a month, a quarter or a year etc, so you really can customise it! For a lifestyle/beauty box, my pick is definitely Marie Claire's The Parcel. This is the only subscription box that I'm still subscribed to and I am never disappointed by the quality. For the gamers in your life, I've heard pretty good things about Loot Crate!

Christmas can be a pretty hectic time of year so I hope these ideas make the stress of last minute gift buying that little bit easier because let's be honest, Christmas isn't meant to be easy. 


Tiny Hand With Heart