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December 06, 2011

Just a little update #3

Hey everyone, this is just another update. 

Firstly, Project Pan is going fairly well. Since my last update I've used two more beauty products and I'm so much closer to the finish date. It's so exciting. I recently finished my Revlon Colorstay liquid foundation for combination/oily skin. My goodness that foundation is awesome! In recent months I had forgotten about it but I've definitely remembered why I love it. I've also finished my Laura Mercier Oil-Free Foundation Primer. Technically, yes, this product is a sample size but, at 14mL, it lasted about four months for me so I've decided to include it. I've only got one product to go (not too sure what yet, nothing else seems to be running low..) until I can finally go shopping again. To be honest, there's actually nothing on my shopping list as well! (Actually no, that's a lie - I really want a nice felt tipped liquid liner).

Today I did something semi naughty. I've seen advertisements for the new Revlon New Complexion foundation and it sounds like the Revlon Colorstay for combination/oily skin, but better! I've wanted to try it ever since reading about it. Today I bought it on sale for $14.95. What a bargain! One of the conditions of Project Pan was that I was allowed to buy things on sale and, surprisingly, this is the only product I haven't been able to restrain myself with.

As normal, I'd love to hear how you guys are going with Project Pan.. Are you still participating? Have you given in to temptation?

The blog's Mikki and Me giveaway was one of the most exciting things I've done with Born to Buy so far. It was great to work with an online store that I frequently purchase from. Anyone who read the giveaway post will know that I loved my mirror (the one I bought for me). The design was absolutely beautiful! This weekend my nephew ran into my room, picked it up, saw something more exciting, dropped it and the mirror snapped directly in half. Devastating! The design's okay though so I'm going to put it up in my room. Good plan, right? 

Unfortunately the Mikki and Me competition (as well as the 10% off promotional code) has ended BUT I can't wait to announce the winner tomorrow night. Goodluck everyone!

Lastly, Born to Buy hit 8000 views yesterday. Thanks so much to everyone who reads this blog. It's hard to believe that only three months ago (to the day!) I uploaded my first post. Me oh my, how far we've come! I've started saving my loose change for the 10 000 view giveaway and I can't wait to share the prize with you all! I have no idea what it'll be yet but I hope it's something awesome. What am I saying? Of course it will be.

Anyway ladies and gents, I think that's everything. As usual, please comment below with comments, requests, suggestions and/or giveaway ideas. I always love your input.

Always look your best,

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