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December 26, 2011

December Favourites

Far out, it's the end of December! Wowza. Where on earth does this time go? (Yes yes, I know I sound like an old woman..).

First off, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. To read about my day and share your day with me, click here.

With that all being said, let's get into my December favourites. So that this post doesn't drag on forever I'll list and link all the products I've previously reviewed and get stuck into the others after.
I recently got my hands on some more Aveda Be Curly and can't believe I'd forgotten just how amazing it is! Be Curly is a curl enhancing cream that manages to de-frizz and neaten my curls. To all ladies with wavy/curly hair, go get it! It beats every other curl enhancing product I've ever bought and I'm onto my third tube.

This month I've been tightlining my eyes quite a bit (lining the upper water line) and I definitely like the result it gives. It makes my eyelashes look fullers, whilst defining my eyes without harsh upper lash line eyeliner. A word of thought thought, I've found that black liner looks a lot nicer than brown.

On the subject of eyes, I've started curling my eyelashes everyday too. Wow! I know how bad that sounds, yes, but until now I didn't realise how much difference it makes. My eyelashes always look amazing now. I'm keen on getting a heated eyelash curler too. 

As you saw in a previous haul, I bought a travel size Benefit blush in Dandelion (I actually got two so look out for the other in a giveaway). I don't apply it to the apple of my cheeks as I find it looks 'weird' but it works well and provides a natural flush to my upper cheeks.

As part of Project Pan I've been using up some sheer pink lipsticks (one being a Maybelline Watershine lipstick in #51 Peach Juice) I once bought. They're baby pink colours and look surprisingly good with almost any make up look. 

My skincare routine has been working really well for me lately (expect a routine post very soon). It only consists of two products and has managed to clear up my skin almost completely. I'm definitely loving my skincare routine this month! 

I think that's everything, ladies and gents. Please comment below telling me your favourite beauty products of, not only December, but 2011. I'd love to hear your recommendations as I've almost finished my last Project Pan item and I can't wait to spend up.

Always look your best,

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