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December 12, 2011

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation

A few months ago I uploaded a post detailing the samples I managed to score on a 'no spend' shopping day. One of the most exciting samples I received that day was that of NARS' Sheer Glow foundation in Santa Fe.

I've run out of my normal everyday foundation, Revlon Colorstay, and I can't buy any more of it because of Project Pan. I decided to try and use up some of my many samples (mostly MAC, to be honest) and possibly count them all as one product so I can finish Project Pan. Anyway, when going through them last week and I came across my NARS Sheer Glow sample.
A week or two after receiving this sample I trialled the product and was very unimpressed. I applied the product with my fingers and found that the colouring was all wrong and far too orange. The make up consultant colour matched me to be the shade Santa Fe (described as 'medium with peachy undertones'). I also used my Laura Mercier Oil-Free foundation primer and found that my face looked ridiculously shiny within a few hours. Basically, not only did the product look like it was the totally wrong colour, but it also made my face look oily and gross. I didn't touch the product again for a month or two and picked it up recently.

Applying the product with a damp Manicare Precision Blending Sponge, along with using a different primer, has completely changed my views on it. The sponge distributes a perfect amount of product over my face and blends it perfectly into my skin. 

When used with my L'Oreal Secrets Magic Perfecting Base (expect a review of this foundation primer very soon) this foundation stays put all day long. The name of it, Sheer Glow, had me quite worried as I assumed it would make me combination skin look dewy and, well, oily. This primer, however, provides the perfect base for this foundation and manages to balance everything out perfectly. When wearing this product, my face doesn't look matte or dewy, dry or oily. It's magic!

I also think that a lot of the staying power can be credited to the powder I use to set the foundation, my Maybelline Mineral Power Finishing Veil.

The NARS Sheer Glow foundation provides me with the perfect amount of coverage. I still use concealer for my under eyes, as well as on any noticeable blemishes, but my skintone is perfectly evened out. 

This product goes a ridiculously long way. The lady in the store completely filled up the sample pot for me and it's not even half empty at present. To cover my whole face, I gently dip my finger in the pot a couple of times. This is more than enough product.

I will definitely be looking into purchasing the full size of this product, however the price is a definite factor. At $99.00AUD for this foundation, it seems out of reach for most people, including myself. This is where the internet comes in. If I decide to buy this foundation, I will definitely be purchasing it online (after going back to Mecca and receiving samples of different, more fitting colours). 

Would I recommend this product? Yes and no. I'd definitely recommend getting a sample of this foundation. What have you got to lose? As for buying it? Well, that's something you'll have to consider after trying it out. 

Anyway ladies, as always please comment below. I'd love to hear what your foundation of the moment is.

Always look your best,

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  1. While I was away I bought 2 sample sized Maybelline Clear Smooth BB creams because I'd wanted to try a BB cream, and the stuff is amazing!

    I just slapped some on yesterday on the way out the door, didn't put on any powder because I didn't feel I needed to because it had a really nice feel on my face.

    This is going to sound a bit vain, but when I got home and walked past a mirror I actually gasped because my skin looked so good!

    I'll definitely be buying a big bottle when my little ones run out!!

    I'd even go as far as to say it is better then my Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser.

  2. Wow, that sounds amazing. I can't wait until I can get my hands on some!

  3. Luckily the price has now dropped to $68!

  4. Wish I could get NARSSamples of "Mont Blanc" and "Gobi" but we don´t have a counter in Germany.:( And 50€ for a whole bottle is to much to try.:(


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