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December 30, 2011


This is one of the most exciting things I've been able to post on this blog to date. Yesterday/last night this blog hit 10 000 views. Yes, 10 000 views. You have no idea how excited it am, ladies and gents. It's awesome to know that in under 5 months (my first post was uploaded on September 6) this blog has been viewed over 10 000 times from people across the world. Although a majority of my views are from people within Australia, I've also had hits from people in the US, UK, Sweden and more.

With that being said, let's get into the competition! I've ordered a Too Faced gift set from StrawberryNet and, even though their products normally arrive very quickly, it hasn't arrived yet. Never fear though, the show must go on and I'll be uploading this competition anyway!

The winner of Born to Buy's 10 000 view giveaway will receive the following..
Image from StrawberryNet as the prize hasn't arrived yet
TOO FACED Wild Thing Set
  • Mini Primed and Poreless Face Primer
  • Chocolate Soleil Bronzer and Absolutely Invisible Candlelight Highlighter
  • Lash Injection Pinpoint Mascara in Hot Chocolate
  • Sun Bunny Lip Bronzer Lip Gloss
Deciding what to choose as the giveaway prize was one of the biggest and most difficult decisions I've ever had to make. I have the worst decision making skills at the best of times, but this was make up heaven and I had to make sure I bought for the blog and not for me. Anyway, in the end I chose this pack as it's almost a full face look, which I love. Using everything in this set you'll be able to create a fantastic bronzed and natural face look which will be perfect for summer. 

By now I expect that you're wondering how to enter. Easy. Follow these two simple steps below to ensure that you go into the draw (winner will be selected at random by random.org) to win this awesome giveaway.
  • Follow this blog
  • Comment below with your favourite part of the giveaway prize pack
This competition will be open until the 7th of January so remember to get your entry in as soon as possible. I will be announcing the winner on this blog on the 8th of January. One Tuesday, the 3rd of January, I go away for 10 days. I was hoping the prize would arrive before I left so that I could post it whilst away but, unfortunately, that's not going to be possible (Monday is a public holiday so it won't arrive in time). I will, however, post it the day after I get back, January 14. Sorry the prize won't be posted sooner but I tried my best.

UPDATE: Competition now ends on January 10 and the winner will be announced on the 11th.

Don't forget to enter this competition and link it to all your friends. It's free and who doesn't want a set like this as we come into summer? 

Goodluck, everyone, and I can't wait to read all your entries.

Always look your best,

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  1. My favourite part is the 'Lash Injection Pinpoint Mascara in Hot Chocolate' because I need a good mascara and anything with Hot Chocolate in the name must be good :D

  2. The Primer! I never use a primer, and the promise of being poreless is quite exciting! It would make me get my act into gear!

  3. Probably the primer for me too because I've never used one and Emily tells me that I should because it gives you a really nice finish.

    Congrats on the 10 000 views. That's amazing for such a short amount of time..

  4. congrats on 10 000 views!! I am addicted to lip gloss, so would have to be my favourite, can never own enough!

  5. congrats! :) i'm most excited about the 2 in 1 bronzer & highlighter

    thanks for the giveaway!


  6. I'm most excited for the bronzer because my last one recently kicked the bucket :(

  7. My favourite part would be the “Lash Injection Pinpoint Mascara in Hot Chocolate” because I only ever wear brown mascara, and I love the fact that it’s extreme defining. And also the “Sun Bunny Lip Bronzer Lip Gloss” because I am always after a decent lip gloss and can never find one! :)

  8. Congratulations on 10 000 views!!! I'm excited about the mascara as I always wear black and I would love to try something new!

  9. The primer for sure, I've been eyeing it off ;)

    YAY for 10000 views!

  10. Congratulations on reaching 10,000 page views in such a short time, taht is very awesome work.

    For me the primer and the Mascara as I have just realised I do not have any decent mascara left and was about to start looking around for a new one

  11. I love the Mini Primed and Poreless Face Primer
    It's hard to find a really good primer.
    Congrats on getting 10,000 that's a fantastic achievement

  12. Congrats on your 10,000 views! :) The bronzer/highlighter looks amazing, I've heard so many good things about chocolate soleil.

  13. Congrats on the 10,000 views!

    I would love the Chocolate Soleil Bronzer and the Candlelight Highlighter; as well as the mascara, as I love mascaras and I am on the search for the perfect brown one.

    Hope you can check out my blog: jaciwalker.blogspot.com


  14. Congrats on hitting 10 000 views!!!! My favorite part would have to be the poreless primer. Seeing as I never use one ( which I know is bad) I would love to try it out. And the idea of being poreless, well thats music to my ears for sure. That and the awesome carry bag it comes with!! How very retro chic indeed!!!! Love your work Sophie. Your blog is always on my daily read list :)

  15. From Beth via Facebook: hey soph, my fave thing is the bronzer/highlighter duo, ive been wanting a highlighter for ages, and im always keen on a bronzer to add to my contouring addiction! congrats on 10,000 views Soph, you deserve it!

  16. From Ashleigh via Facebook: My favourite part would have to be the highlighter as I've never used one before and am keen to know what all the fuss is about. :)

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Congratulations on the 10,000 views! :D
    My fave thing would be the lip gloss :)

  19. Congrats on 10,000 views! I'd say the primer, I've been dying to get one for ages but I'm to poor!


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