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September 16, 2014

Conceal, Don't Feel | MAC Concealer Overview

Don't let them know
Well know they knowwwwwww

Before I get into this post, I need to make a reference to the Frozen inspired title. Nailed it, right?! 

Anyway, on to the blog post! Whether you want a natural but flawless finish, to conceal dark circles or you have a lot of redness or blemishes you'd like to cover, MAC has you covered. Until recently MAC concealers were the only ones I used (blog post on a new favourite coming soon-ish). This wasn't intentional, I just really like their formulas and they always seem to get the job done for me. At present I have four concealer/corrector products from MAC in my collection so I thought I'd talk you through them, tell you my thoughts and let you know which ones I'd recommend and, of course, why!

MAC Prep + Prime Highlighters are brush on highlighters that I find work to brighten the under eye area whilst correcting any slight discolouration. I own two different shades, Radiant Rose and Light Boost, and I find that I pull them out for different needs. Radiant Rose is a pale pink, slightly salmon, shade that works over the top of concealer to correct shadows left behind by stubborn dark circles. It also brightens the under eye area slightly. If I want a really bright eyed look I opt for Light Boost. Light Boost is a pale yellow cream shade that really brightens the area. To use the MAC Prep + Prime Highlighters I draw them under my eye (generally in a slight triangle over the concealer I've applied), down the middle of my forehead and in the middle of my chin, patting it into the skin with the Real Techniques Pointed Foundation Brush from their Core Collection. 

MAC's Pro Longwear Concealer is, without a doubt, their most hyped about concealer. It is a highly pigmented concealer that's light in consistency, extremely long wearing and works well for every concealer need; blemishes, dark circles and general redness. A small amount of this product goes an extremely long way. This is another product that I have in two shades, NW20 and NC20. Both work well on me, if I'm honest, but when if I want to get technical, NC20 is great for brightening my under eye area whilst NW20 is better for under eye and blemish/redness concealing. I have a full review of this concealer here

 I used to use the MAC Studio Finish Concealer under my eyes but now I really love it as a spot concealer. This product extremely opaque and pigmented concealer works great to pin point conceal pesky blemishes and takes little to no work to blend it out. As I said, it's great under the eye also but I think you do need to be wary that you don't apply too much as the creamy formula may crease (I never really had a problem with that though). I wear this concealer in NW20 and I have a full review here

Whilst I still really like it, the MAC Select Cover Up Concealer is my least favourite of the four I'm talking about today. This concealer has a really lightweight liquid/gel textured formula. It has less coverage than their Pro Longwear or Studio Finish but, as such, it is really easy to work with. This is one of the first concealers I owned. I used to use this under my eyes but now I tend to reach for it when I want to, you got it, slightly brighten the under eye area (using NC20, of course) or cover up redness on my cheeks. It's definitely not the best of the three for blemish concealing but, if you have nice skin, this could definitely be all you need!

There are two MAC concealers I'm yet to try, the Mineralize and Select Moisturecover, but, rest assured, these are both definitely on my shopping list! As I'm sure you can tell, I'm a concealer junkie and I really think that MAC gets the job done when it comes to concealing and colour correcting. I would highly recommend all of these, especially the Prep + Prime Highlighters and Pro Longwear Concealers!

What do you think of MAC's concealers? Have you tried any of these? Which were your favourites? 

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  1. The Studio Finish and Pro Longwear sound great for blemishes. I'm in need of a good spot concealer! And HAHA the title! Perfect!

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

    1. They are! I really love both but prefer Studio Finish for precise concealing. X

  2. Great post! I love the title, I also used it on a concealer review over on my blog hehe - it just fits so perfectly! MAC seems to just have really great concealers. I should explore them as concealer for me is an absolute staple!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. Aww really, Tasha? I honestly thought I'd come up with it as a title. :( Great minds think alike, that's for sure! Their concealers are really great if you don't mind parting with the $$. I love concealers too! X

  3. Great title <3 I've been wanting to try the MAC Pro Longwear concealer for a while now but the girl at the MAC store convinced me to get the Mineralize concealer instead. Her reason was that it wasn't as drying under the eyes and that the Pro Longwear tends to crease. Have you ever found that to be true? I'm always looking for more coverage but not if it accentuates my lines :S

    1. Thanks! I love Frozen much more than I should. Hmm, that's interesting about Pro Longwear v. Mineralise Concealer. Makes sense though. I haven't tried the Mineralise Concealer so I could compare them but I don't find the Pro Longwear to really crease. I have quite deep set eyes so everything settles a little bit. Most people say it doesn't crease but. Sorry I couldn't be more help. X


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