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April 30, 2015

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea* Overview and Product Review

The benefits of green tea are no secret. Everyone drinks it but did you know that it can benefit the body externally too? Rumour has it that Japanese women have been applying and bathing in the wonder product too, claiming that it helps to retain moisture and tighten pores. Sounds good, don't you think?

With this in mind, The Body Shop has released their Fuji Green Tea range, the first body range to be infused with real green tea leaves and, of course, their benefits. The green tea found in these products comes from the Mount Fuji region of Japan so they've basically seen more of the world than I have. Great. 

For more information on this range, keep reading. 

There are nine products in total in The Body Shop's Fuji Green Tea collection and they range from $9.95 to $29.95 so it's really affordable! The scent is quite a typical green tea scent in the sense that it reminds me of my Mum's Green Tea fragrance by Estee Lauder. It is quite calming and definitely smells very fresh. 

The Body Shop's Fuji Green Tea range is divided into three components; Detox & Cleanse, Replenish Pure Moisture and Refresh the Scent. I have two products from the collection to talk to you about today, the Fuji Green Tea Body Scrub* and the Fuji Green Tea Eau de Cologne. 

The Fuji Green Tea Body Scrub* is part of the Detox & Cleanse part of the collection. It is a really gentle scrub that, from what I can tell, contains micro-beads. The texture of the product is quite gel like, with the exfoliating beads submerged. It retails for $29.95.

Being a non fake tanner who's more of a body wash on a loofah girl, I honestly don't use body scrubs often so I don't have a lot to compare this to. It is a nice body wash does a nice job of gently polishing the skin. If you're looking to get fake tan off, I don't think this is the product for you as it's not that abrasive. For an every day product, however, it's quite nice. 

The fragrance, whilst not overpowering, lingers on the skin for a while after use and I quite like that. I quite like the packaging, though the pot can be quite inconvenient as you risk getting water in the product as you're using it.

The Fuji Green Tea Eau de Cologne* is a citrus green tea fragrance with notes of green tea, bergamot, lemon, mandarin, camellia, jasmine and violet. It's far more overpowering than the body scrub but, if you've got it as a fragrance, you want that! It retails for $24.95.

I'm not so fond of this fragrance. I don't find it offensive and I do like it, it's just not just a range I would wear. With the scent being more of a body spray, rather than a perfume, it doesn't last a great deal of time but it's a great daytime refresher. My Mum has previously used Estee Lauder's Green Tea scent, as I mentioned, so she was very grateful when I passed this on to her. 

As I mentioned, there are nine products in total, meaning there's seven that I haven't had the opportunity to try. Whilst they all sound great, I find the Bath Tea intriguing. It's honestly what it sounds like, a loose leaf tea for the bath! You place the tea in the infuser, which can be bought separately, to create a relaxing and refreshing bath soak! 

All in all, I really like the product scent and I'm really interested in seeing whether the products have long term moisturising effects with daily use. My pick of the two is definitely the Body Scrub and, if I'm out and I see it, I wouldn't mind picking up the body wash! 

Have you tried anything from The Body Shop's Fuji Green Tea range? What did you think? 

*This product was sent to me, however all opinions are my own. I was not paid for this review 

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