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April 15, 2015


We all have that 'go to' lip combination, don't we? That lip combination that is so perfect that it goes with every make up look, the lip combination the makes you feel super confident, the lip colour that you feel like you can always rock.. 

I recently found my 'go to' lip combination, my all time favourite lip duo, and I thought that others might benefit from seeing it! 

I only use two products to achieve this look, the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Re-Shape and Resize Lip Liner in Pillow Talk and the MAC Lipstick in Angel

Overdrawing lips is a bit of a 'thing' at the moment but I don't really do that as I don't like how it looks on me. Instead, I use the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Re-Shape and Resize Lip Liner in Pillow Talk to define my lip line. I feel like my cupid's bow is quite diffused so the lip liner sharpens everything up. If I want really defined lips, I'll fill them in with the liner also. I love the way that this lip pencil looks with every lipstick, to be honest, but topping it off with my MAC Lipstick in Angel is crazy wearable and, if I can say so myself, super pretty. 

And that's the look! I know it's pretty basic and, no, there's nothing super technical to it but there's something about it that just really love. 

Is there a lip combination that you're totally smitten with? Share the love below! 


  1. Ahh this lip combo is the perfect everyday pink! Looks gorgeous on you! I really want to try Pillow Talk, heard SO much about it!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. For me its the Too Faced Perfect Lips Perfect Nude Lip Liner and MAC Woodrose x
    Becoming Becca

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