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December 03, 2016


The Open Mascara Edit series is my chance to talk you through the product I seem to go through the most, mascara! I try not to have too many open at once but my lack of self control always gets the better of me and, before I know it, I have 5+ on the go at any given time. Whoops

I've got a few to talk through today so let's just get into it, shall we? 

Sephora Outrageous Volume Dramatic Volume Mascara
This mascara came in a Lash Stash that I picked up from the US Sephora store a while ago and I dug it out when there was a bit of hype around their Outrageous Curl mascara. This mascara is super black and it offers great decent volume and drama. I like the formula but I found that it got quite plasticky as it dried out. I still pull it out on days where I want badass lashes but I think I need to say goodbye..  
Would I repurchase? Definitely. I love the volume it gives and it's relatively easy to get online now we have an Australian Sephora store online. 

Rimmel Wonder'Full Volume Colourist in Black*
This mascara is one that I recently opened and so far so good! The wand isn't what I expected, being that it's quite traditional and stiff, but it gives pretty good definition and length and I love that it's super black. So far it's not transferring on me so hopefully it stays that way! The mascara is meant to tint your lashes also but I've not been using it long enough to comment on that. 
Would I repurchase? I think so.

Too Faced Better Than Sex
This bad boy has a special place in my heart, purely because it ticks all my boxes. It's not the first time I've gushed about this mascara on the blog so I'll try and keep it short but, in a nutshell, it provides the perfect about of volume, curl and length and it doesn't transfer. I love it.
Would I repurchase? Over and over! 

Maybelline The Colossal Go Extreme Leather Black Mascara
The ads for this mascara made it sound like an absolute legend so I picked it up one day and I don't mind it. I was expecting Too Faced Better Than Sex lashes at a more affordable price point which I definitely didn't get, but it does pack a punch and give decent volume and intensity. 
Would I repurchase? I actually don't know. 

Rimmel Scandal'Eyes Reloaded*
This mascara is decent but nothing to write home about. I have a full review of it but, basically, it provides great definition but I'd like bit more volume and intensity. It's not a bad mascara but it's one I tend to reach for on more natural days.
Would I repurchase? Probably not.

It Cosmetics 
I've been trying to find a cruelty free alternative to my favourite lower lash mascara, the MAC Extended Play Gigablack Lash, so I decided to give this a shot because people were raving about it. This mascara doesn't give my lashes as dramatic a look at the MAC one, however it hasn't been transferring like most mascaras do on my lower lashes so that's a win!
Would I repurchase? Yep!  

So those are the mascaras I've been loving at the moment. If you'd like to see full reviews of more of them, let me know! I think my recap of them will give you a pretty good idea of what I look for in a mascara so don't forget to comment below if you've got any recommendations!

*PR Sample

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