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October 09, 2016

Rimmel London x Kate Moss 15 Year Anniversary Collection Lipsticks*

To celebrate 15 years of collaboration, Rimmel London and Kate Moss have once again teamed up to bring us an amazing collection of six Lasting Finish lipsticks and three new Super Gel Nail Polishes, all of which I believe are limited edition.

I've never been disappointed by a Rimmel London lip offering and this is no exception so let's get into it! 

There are six Lasting Finish Lipsticks in the Rimmel London Kate Moss 15 Year Anniversary Collection*, three reds and three nudes, all of which are said to be inspired by a classic look of Kate's. They are said to be infused with light reflecting black diamonds and have a wear time of up to eight hours. 

#51 Muse Red, #52 Idol Red, #53 Retro Red, #54 Rock n Roll Nude, #55 My Nude & #56 Boho Nude

#51 Muse Red - A rich and true red
#52 Idol Red - A vibrant warm/orange toned red
#53 Retro Red - A vampy berry red
#54 Rock n Roll Nude - A peachy pink toned nude 
#55 My Nude - A beige nude
#56 Boho Nude - A warm caramel nude

Just look at those colours! I'm not a red lipstick wearer but I think she's been really clever in her selection of shades and, as a vampy lip lover, I am so in love with #53 Retro Red. There's something for everyone! The variety of nudes is great too as she's accommodated for a number of different nude lip preferences whilst also having shades that will suit a number of different skin tones. 

I really like the formula of these but that's no surprise, I always love Rimmel's Lasting Finish lipsticks! They have a creamy finished that's super comfortable on the lips which is an amazing change from the matte lip releases that seem to be popping up from every angle lately. I generally get a decent amount of wear out of these lipsticks, though not the 'up to 8 hours' that's suggested.

You didn't think we were going to get through this post without taking about the packaging, did you? For lack of a better way of saying it, I am a rose gold slut so I was completely blown away the first time I saw the Rimmel London Kate Moss 15 Year Anniversary Collection* Lipsticks. I mean, just look at them. The lipsticks are housed in the same packaging as all the other Lasting Finish Lipsticks, however the rose gold colour choice (which is apparently Kate's favourite colour) makes them look and feel so much more luxe. 

I knew that the Rimmel London x Kate Moss partnership had been a longstanding one but I didn't realise how long they'd been working together but I really know why. Every Rimmel London x Kate Moss product I try is great! 

If you're in the market for a new red or nude lip, definitely check this range out!

The Rimmel London Kate Moss 15 Year Anniversary Collection* Lipsticks are available now. They retail for $13.95 and can be bought anywhere that sells Rimmel! 

*PR Sample

Rimmel London claims to be cruelty free, however they test on animal when required by law 


  1. I really love Rimmel products. For the price I think they are excellent. Id love every shade you show here. Im really into vibrant reds at the moment.

  2. uuuh i love those, specially the packaging!


  3. I still havent had a chance to play around with these! They look so pretty!!! <3


  4. Love the packaging ♥

    ♡ http://kayxcake.blogspot.co.nz

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