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October 11, 2016


When you try as many beauty products as I do, there's not a lot of time to be loyal to a specific product. Every now and then, however, there's a standout product that endures the test of time and those are the ones I'm talking about today. These are five products that I consistently use and consistently replace when they're running low, regardless of the fact that I have five alternatives to each within my beauty collection. 

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer
I've used this primer for two and a half, probably closer to three, years and I am yet to try another that close to compares. It has a smooth finish which is perfect for foundation application whilst prolonging the wear time of any base I put on top of it. As someone with combination or oily skin, it also does a great job of minimising oil breakthrough and shine. I've tried primers I've liked since I started using this, sure, but none that I've loved anywhere near as much. 
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Bumble & Bumble Sunday Shampoo

This shampoo has been part of my haircare routine for so long now that I cannot imagine like without it in my bathroom. It is a clarifying shampoo that removes product build up without leaving my hair feeling stripped or dry. Whilst I don't use it every wash, it's the shampoo that I am most loyal to and my go to, especially on particularly when I've gone one too many days without washing my hair. 
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Dior Creme de Rose Plumping Smoothing Lip Treatment

Nothing makes me happier than the feeling of super soft and hydrated lips and nothing gives me that quite like this lip balm from Dior. The price is hefty but it's so worth it, being what I'd say is the most hydrating lip product I've ever used. It's a bit of a princess product as I'm sure there are other lip balms I could use instead but there's something about using this at night that I never want to give up. 
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MAC Extended Play Gigablack Lash Mascara
For the longest time I struggled with lower lash mascara as my bottom lashes are so long that everything transferred and quickly gave me panda eyes. There was a phase on YouTube where everyone raved about this mascara for their lower lashes so I gave it a try and now I'm converted. It does a great job of darkening my lower lashes without making them look spidery and, best of all, it doesn't smudge on me!
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MAC Lightful Marine Bright Formula Moisture Creme

For an oily gal like myself, finding a moisturiser that was hydrating without being too heavy or pore clogging is a real mission. This product ticks all the boxes. It's hydrating, yet lightweight, and makes a great base for make up application. Although I desperately want to find another moisturiser, I cannot find one that comes close! 
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These products all take pride of place within my beauty collection and I recommend them to anyone and everyone. They all live up to their hype and I have no intention of replacing them in the near future.

What are your most repurchased products? Share yours in the comments !

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  1. I'm going to try the MAC Lightful Moisturizer next ^-^ I have seen it around but I wasn't sure if it works as I hardly hear anyone talks about MAC's skincare line.

    ♡ http://kayxcake.blogspot.co.nz


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