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September 05, 2016

My Tips for Asking for Beauty Samples

Today's post is a quickie but I just wanted to talk about asking for samples; in particular, beauty samples. Quite often I'll be talking to someone who's thinking of picking up a high end beauty product but is scared that it won't suit them and they're shocked and sometimes horrified when I suggest that they, dare I say, ask for a sample.

Samples come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes the product is decanted into pots, sometimes it's a sachet or damn foil packet and, best of all, sometimes it's packaged as a mini version of the full sized product. However it's packaged, samples are an opportunity for us, the consumer, to try before we buy and give a product a shot before we fork out a chunk of our hard earned money!

Over the years I've asked for samples to try everything from cleaners and moisturisers to primers and foundations, plus everything in between! I've even been given samples of cream eyeshadows. It's a fantastic sales technique, let me tell you, because more often than not I'll fall head over heels in love wit the product and must have it. 

Well played, Mecca, MAC, LUSH and every other store imaginable, well played. 

Asking for samples is a bit of an art form though. You need to be nice to the staff. Show that you care about what they're saying. After all, they're the experts on the product, not you! You don't need to feel guilty or embarrassed about asking for a sample, however you shouldn't come across as entitled either. When I want to try something I'll often explain what I'm after and also explain why I don't what to bite the bullet and buy the product then and there. Normally it's because my reactive skin doesn't like change and I've that communicating that back to a staff member is effective. Lastly, a thank you goes a long way! 

There you have it! It's not hard to be a decent person when you're out shopping and, hey, if you walk away with a few samples to help answer your burning questions (do I NEED this foundation?) then score!

Do you like to try before you buy as well?


  1. I keep going into to Mecca every few weeks at the moment sampling my way through the foundations, I am determined to find the one for me! And I really couldn't afford to buy every bottle I'm interested in, especially since a few have been complete busts!

    Kez | acaciasdreams.com

    1. Yes, that's the way to do it! Don't stop until you find what's right for you. I hope you find it. x

  2. Samples are my life! I can't imagine the amount of money I would have wasted without them! Great post Sophie!! <3


    1. Oh my gosh, girl. I feel you! Samples are the best. Thanks for the feedback on this post. It's actually one I've wanted to do FOR YEARS! x


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