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July 01, 2016

Top 10 Cruelty Free Make Up Brands

July 01, 2016 | ,

Although it seems like it was a few lifetimes ago, in my last blog post I talked about wanting to make more better choices when it comes to make up purchases and swap out products in my collection for cruelty free alternatives. Making conscious choices has been difficult. I've done research directly through brands themselves, as well as on websites like Cruelty Free Kitty so I thought I'd put together a list of my Top 10 Cruelty Free Make Up Brands to try and make things a bit easier for anyone wanting to take the plunge!

Hourglass is a brand that everyone seems to love and I am low key obsessed with their Veil Mineral Primer. It's the only primer I've consistently used for at least two years and we're still going strong! Hourglass don't test on animals, nor do they authorise third parties to test the products. Hourglass also doesn't sell in any country that requires animal testing. 

I feel like Too Faced make their stand on animal testing well known, with all of their make up brushes being made from 'bunny' hair. All of their products are cruelty free and there's a pretty extensive list of products that are 100% vegan. There are so many great Too Faced products but do not look past their Better Than Sex Mascara and Love Flush blushes. 

I love the story of Make Up Geek. Marlena (the CEO, founder and bossy lady) is a beauty YouTuber who revolutionised the affordable make up game with the release of her individual eyeshadows and her range has gone from strength to strength since! I've only tried their eyeshadows but I have two Z Palettes full of them and they are some of the best in my collection. Make Up Geek is a cruelty free and most of their products are vegan, with the exception of any products that contact animal by products. 

Kat Von D is the Queen of powder products so the fact that her products are cruelty free is music to my ears! Both the contour palette and the eyeshadow palette from the Shade and Light range are staples in my collection. Whilst being cruelty free, I've also read that Kat Von D doesn't test in China, a country that requires animal testing, either. 

It Cosmetics is a brand that I've recently fallen in love with. I'm not going to talk through everything I love of theirs because they'll be featuring in a few upcoming blog posts but everyone needs to try their Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer. It's probably the best eye concealers I've ever used! IT Cosmetics are certified by PETA as being Cruelty Free.

I couldn't make a Top 10 Make Up Brands list, cruelty free or not, without including Urban Decay. Urban Decay requires no introduction but, if you're new to the brand, I *think* my top picks are their original Naked Palette and Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer. Urban Decay is a cruelty free make up brand, with many of their products being vegan also. They have an expectation that their suppliers use raw materials also and don't sell in China. 

When it comes to beauty, Colour Pop has been everywhere over the past 18(ish) months. I didn't love their unique eyeshadow formula but I like their Ultra Matte Lip Creams and and love their Creme Gel Brow Liners. As well as being cruelty free, all Colour Pop Lippie Stix and Lippie Liners are Vegan, as well as almost all of their Super Shock Shadow and Cheek Products an Creme Gel Colours. Product exceptions can be found on their website. 

If Kat Von D is the Queen of powders, Anastasia Beverly Hills is the QUEEN of brow products and I was very relieved to hear her products are cruelty free, however the brand is not vegan as some product contain beeswax and honey! All of Anastasia's products are amazing and I could rave about their Brow Wiz Skinny Brow Pencil all day but I won't.  

One of Australia's most well known brands internationally is Becca which I am pleased to report is cruelty free. Although I've tried two, I'm not in love with their Shimmering Skin Perfectors like most of the beauty community, though their Mineral Blush in Gypsy has me smitten. 

If mineral make up is your thing, it's highly likely that you've heard of bareMinerals. They have a fantastic range of products and two of my favourite concealers, their Well Rested Eye Brightener and their bareSkin Complete Coverage Serum Concealer. All bareMinerals products are cruelty free. The brand also does not work with manufacturers who test on animals. 

And there we have it! Sourcing Cruelty Free make up can be hard, especially when you're wanting to make purchases on a whim, so I really hope this has helped. I'll be doing more Cruelty Free posts in the future so if there's anything in particular that you'd like to see, let me know! 

Want to know more? Head over to Facebook and join my Cruelty Free chat! 

NOTE: As I said, this research was done myself. If any of it is incorrect, I apologise. Please politely notify me and I will make any necessary changes. 

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  1. Ohhh I need to try some of these brands. I'm so keen to try Colorpop though! xx

    Jasmine / sweetaholic-beauty.com


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