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January 22, 2015

TONI&GUY Nourish Reconstruction Mask* Review

Without a doubt, my favourite type of haircare product is a good hair mask or treatment. As someone who's colour treated their hair since they were about 14 (often making dramatic changes resulting in lots of damage), my hair is constantly a little worse for wear and always appreciates some TLC. Almost every time I wash my hair I'll use some sort of mask or treatment in place of a conditioner, purely because I find them to be a lot more hydrating and beneficial. Plus, I think my hair appreciates it. 

The TONI&GUY Nourish Reconstruction Mask* has been on my radar for quite some time now, especially after hearing Natalia from Glossy Confidential rave about it because we tend to like very similar hair products. I've been using this mask for a while now so, for my thoughts, keep reading!

TONI&GUY's Nourish Reconstruction Mask* claims to intensely nourish the hair to enhance softness and shine by penetrate deeply into the hair fibre, exactly what I want in a hair treatment! It is quite thick in texture, somewhat like a body butter, and a little goes quite a long way. To use, TONI&GUY recommends that you apply the mask to clean, wet hair, leaving for 3-5 minutes and then rinsing out. Obviously they state it works best when used in conjunction with one of their shampoos but I'm a rebel and I use whatever's in my shower. The scent of the mask is nice, smelling like all other TONI&GUY products, and it keeps the hair smelling fresh and clean.

I'll be honest, I am really enjoying using this mask. I apply it exactly as directed, purely because that's the way I use any hair mask or treatment, and put it in a top knot whilst I turn the water off and do whatever else I need to do in the shower. This mask is a breeze to wash out too which is so nice. This mask is quite heavy so I wouldn't recommend massaging it directly into your roots as it will a pain to rinse out properly. 

I have been using the TONI&GUY Nourish Reconstruction Mask* in place of a hair conditioner every time I wash my hair for the last few months and it has really transformed my locks! My hair is now a lot easier to manage. It's easier to brush, actually dries quicker and, unlike with a lot of treatments I've tried, I don't find that my ends dry out on day #2 post hair wash. You know what I mean, yeah? 

If you're after a good quality, yet affordable hair treatment that's going to do wonders for your hair, I highly recommend you check this outThe TONI&GUY Nourish Reconstruction Mask* is available at Woolworth, Coles, Priceline and Big W stores now for $15.99.

Have you tried the TONI&GUY Nourish Reconstruction Mask*? If so, what did you think of it? What's your favourite TONI&GUY haircare product? Also, comment below with your recommendations for colour treated hair!  

*This product was sent to me, however all opinions are my own. I was not paid for this review


  1. I used this a lot last year and loved it!

    Becoming Becca

  2. This sounds fabulous - I love a good hair mask!
    Also, I'm obsessed with your photography skills. What camera/lens do you use?



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