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December 12, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide 2014 | Children

December 12, 2014 | , , , , ,
Even though it can be really difficult, the kids in my life are some of my favourite people to buy for. Kids seem to accumulate a lot of crap (everyone has their own definition of crap though, remember that), it's what their good at, so I think it's really important to consider the child, their interests and perhaps contact the parents to see what the child is in need of.

I feel like all of these ideas are gender neutral, purely because I'm an advocate for buying something for the recipient, not the gender, but I'm discussing ideas rather than specific ideas. You'll see what I mean when we get started!

1. Books - Books make a great gift for anyone of any age but, being raised in a house full of teachers, one of my catchphrases is 'a kid can never have too many books'. What I love about books is that you don't have to know the child all that well to be able to choose a book for them either! If you're not sure what book to get, why look look at the classics like pretty much anything from Dr. Seuss?
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2. Something outside - Christmas is notorious for being hot here in li'l ol' Australia. With that in mind, it might be nice to pick something up for the kids to do outside, especially if there's multiple kids in the family. Sports equipment or outdoor activities are a good idea but, if you want to cool the kids down over the warmer months, an inflatable pool could be a cool idea.
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3. Anything to do with Frozen - Let's be honest, 2014 has been the year of Disney's Frozen and, begin completely obsessed with the movie myself, I am totally okay with that. Kids absolutely love anything to do with their favourite movies so I'd highly recommend you consider Frozen paraphernalia this Christmas! If you're buying for someone who's Frozen obsessed, it might be worth seeing what they already have to avoid double ups!
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4. Stationery- When I was a child I love nothing more than acquiring stationery and, to be honest, not a lot has changed. I still love stationery and I still love having it gifted to me. Kids will love anything that's been bought for them from Smiggle and for the older kids in your life (I'm thinking 12+), head to Typo. 

5. Tickets - I think tickets can make such a great gift for children. Firstly, Christmas is in the school holidays so movie tickets would definitely not go to waste. there are also many different events, productions and shows that children of all ages may wish to go to; buying a ticket for them takes the pressure of the parent and gives them the opportunity to attend.

6. Clothes - Whether they're outgrowing them or totally trashing them, kids need an ongoing supply of clothes. Regardless of what I'm buying my nephews, I always pick up a few clothing items for the little men! Sidenote: If you're looking for some cute clothes for little boys, Target has some great stuff. I've picked up so many shirts for Mr 4.

7. Crafts - Ahh, crafts. It's the gift that every child loves and every parent hates! There are so many fantastic craft packs and kits available now. They always contain all the bits you need for a specific project and they're a great way to keep a child entertained, especially over the long summer holidays! Beware when giving a gift like this, however - the parents may make you do the craft activities with the kids. 

8. Gadgets - Even though I'll sound 90+ when I say this, kids are so tech savvy these days so why not try and embrace that? I'm not saying rush out and the the kids the latest iPhone. Nope, not at all. If a child has a particular interest and there's a small piece of equipment/electronics that, definitely pick it up! My nephew is going through a phase of thinking he's a spy so, of course, I have to pick him up a walkie talkie set! 

So those are my ideas on what to buy the children in your life this holiday season! Remember, each child is different; take their hobbies and favourite colours etc. into consideration to get them a gift you know they're going to love! Don't gender stereotype; along with Lego, one of the toys I wanted most in the world when I was a child was a remote control car. 

I really hope these ideas help you pick the perfect gifts and, please tell me, what other items would you have added to this gift guide? What will you be buying the children this year? Also, what would you like to see me giveaway from this gift guide? 

If you're enjoying this series, stay tuned as I will one final guide coming soon.

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