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November 01, 2014

Rimmel London Wonder'full Mascara with Argan Oil* Review

Rimmel London's newest mascara offering, the Wonder'full Mascara with Argan Oil*, has been popping up everywhere in the beauty community lately. Claiming to be the first ever Rimmel mascara with Moroccan Argan Oil, this mascara is designed to combat clumps, provide A+ definition and condition the lashes. 

I've been putting this mascara to the test over the past few weeks, as you may have seen in my Urban Decay Subversion Eyelash Primer review, so keep reading to see my thoughts!

The Rimmel London Wonder'full Mascara with Argan Oil*, as I mentioned, has a Moroccan Argan Oil infused formula which is said to 'instantly adhere to lashes and dry quickly so lashes don't stick together'. I'll admit, when I heard that the mascara had Argan Oil in it I was a little apprehensive. Would it have a lot of slip to it? How would it make my lashes look? Worst of all, would it have a really greasy texture and transfer all over my face? These are the questions of the beauty lover, my friends. 

I'll be frank, I absolutely love the Rimmel London Wonder'full Mascara with Argan Oil*. I don't put products in monthly beauty favourite posts lightly so featuring it in my last two is a good indication of how much I love this bad boy. I feel like this provides me with the perfect amount of volume, length and definition to create a look that I absolutely love. The formula of this mascara is super smooth, as Rimmel London suggests, and layers beautifully. Granted I don't let the product dry before apply a second (or sometimes third coat), but I find that it layers beautifully and I've never had it clump on me!

I often find that mascara transfers under my eyes when I apply it to my bottom lids but, miraculously, this one does not. It doesn't transfer, nor does it smudge, meaning I can finally use the same mascara for a whole look. This is a big deal, people. I always apply mascara to my lashes after curling them well and, unlike some I have tried, this mascara also holds a curl really nicely. 

As you can see from the photo below, the Rimmel London Wonder'full Mascara with Argan Oil* has a synthetic brush that is quite large in size. I go back and forth with my preference of material for mascara wands but, either way, I really like this one. The bristles are really defined, as you can see, which I think assists in giving such a defined look.

Rimmel London's Wonder'full Mascara with Argan Oil* has really impressed me and fast become an all time mascara favourite. The results are fantastic, as I hope you can see from the photos above, and I think the bronze packaging is absolutely beautiful. The Rimmel London Wonder'full Mascara with Argan Oil* has been available from September and can be bought from Priceline, Priceline Pharmacy, Target, Kmart, BIG W, selected pharmacies and selected Coles and Woolworths stores. At the moment this mascara is only available in Black, however Extreme Black and Waterproof formulas will be released in December. 

Have you tried this or anything other Rimmel London mascara? I've heard great things about them!

*This product was sent to me, however all opinions are my own. I was not paid for this review

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