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November 13, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide 2014 | Women

Today I'm here with another gift guide. This time I have eight different gift ideas for females though, not males. For the next week or so, every second post will be a holiday gift guide. I've actually somehow managed to already have done almost all of my Christmas shopping, something I'm quite proud of, and I've managed to find a few cool bits that I thought some of my readers might like to know about also!

My last gift guide was all about gift guides for the men in our lives, possibly the people I find the most difficult to buy for! You can check out that post here
1. Subscription - I'm not even sorry that I've recycled this idea because I think it's a great one. There are so many subscription services available these days (including magazines, food, health and fitness boxes, beauty boxes and more!) and I seriously think a subscription related to the recipient's interests is a day gift! The Parcel is a recently new subscription available from Marie Claire magazine and, whilst I haven't received a box yet (I am subbed but!), they look really great. 

2. Something She Wouldn't Buy Herself - There is something really great about buying someone, anyone, a gift that they wouldn't normally buy themselves! I haven't ever owned a Diptyque candle myself but I hear they are such a fantastic product! Other ideas would definitely include jewellery, perfume and the like.

3. Gift Cards - Sometimes it's super hard to think of something to get someone, or you know they just want money, which is when gift cards some in handy. Sometimes it's nice to pick up a voucher to their favourite store/s though as it shows you've put a little more thought into the gift. 

[Image source]

4. Experience - Experiences are another of those ideas that I know I've repeated but I think it's a great one! Whether it's for a male or a female, experiences are a great way of getting someone something they can do. Red Balloon is a service that offers a multitude of different experiences with everything from driving experiences, adventure sports, craft workshops to make up classes, If you can't decide what experience to get you can also buy a voucher so they can choose it themselves. That takes the pressure out of choosing!

5. Ticket - If you know there's an event that really appeals to someone, I think it's really nice to buy them a ticket to it. Double movie passes etc. are also fantastic too! If you're going to get her two tickets so she can take someone, don't get it to something you want to go to and don't expect her to take you. It's her present, not yours. 
[Image source]

6. Hobby - Think about what she's interested in. What's she into? What does she like to spend her time doing? For me, of course, it's all things beauty related so my hobby related gift is going to be a make up set. Whatever she likes, think about it and buy your gift accordingly.
[Image source] 

7. Sentimental - It's the thought that counts when it comes to gift giving, not how much you spent on it! Framed photos are always such a winner for me and I particularly love this frame from Target. Isn't it cute? Other ideas include IOUs, letters and notes but the options really are endless! 
[Image source]

8. Gadget - Once again, get her a gadget that will appeal to her. If she's really into fitness, some fitness equipment would be great. If she likes to cook, something for the kitchen would be perfect. I, of course, love beauty so my idea of the perfect gadget would be something like a Clarisonic Mia 2. 
[Image source]

And that's the second post in this year's Holiday Gift Guide series! I really hope these ideas help you pick the perfect gift for all the ladies in your life. I know some of my ideas may seen a little vague but I want them to be personalised for the recipient.

If you noticed that I haven't really mentioned any beauty bits in today's post, don't fret! My picks of the beauty and skincare world will be up in two days time so if you're buying for a beauty lover (or, let's be honest, you just want to spoilt yourself), don't forget to check back!

What did you think of this gift guide? Will it help?

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