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November 11, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide 2014 | Men

I'm super excited for today's post as it marks the beginning of yet another blog series, my Holiday Gift Guides for 2014. For the next week or so, every second post will be a holiday gift guide. I've actually somehow managed to already have done almost all of my Christmas shopping, something I'm quite proud of, and I've managed to find a few cool bits that I thought some of my readers might like to know about also!

Much like last year, I thought I'd start my holiday gift guide off with some of the most difficult people to buy, the men in our lives. Whether I'm related to them or not, I find guys incredibly difficult to buy for so I think any help in that area is always much appreciated!

1. Clothing or jewellery - There is nothing better than a well dressed and/or accessorised man and Christmas is a great time to make sure any man in your life is just that! If you're wanting to get him clothes, all the normal stores apply but I also recommend that you check out Threadless, an online store that prints artists' work onto shits. I know quite a few guys who pick up clothes from there and I've even been known to buy a few gifts there myself. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but I'm also a big fan of man jewellery. Nothing too much, just a wee bit o' stainless steel and leather!
[Image source]

2. Subscription - Subscriptions really are the gift that keeps on giving. I don't know about you but I really like the idea of purchasing something for someone and knowing that they'll continue to benefit from it throughout the year. There are so many different subscriptions you can buy for people these days, from alcohol to magazines, food and snacks to male grooming boxes.
[Image source]

3. Hobby bits - Guys always seem to have something that they're really into; cars, photography, computers etc. Around this time I found the online store Think Geek and I honestly think that it's great for buying gifts for anyone, male or female. Think Geek has some of the coolest gadgets, edibles and electronics and you're bound to find something related to their hobby or interests.
[Image source]

4. Voucher/gift cards -  Unless I know someone's saving or really wants to buy something, vouchers/gift cards are my last resort. Coles Myer and prepaid Visa cards are both great and, whilst they're generic, they give the recipient a lot of freedom. If you want to make it a bit more personal, however, think about him. Where does he shop? What does he like? Also, where does he live? One of my guy friends said it's a good idea to choose somewhere close to where a guy lives which totally makes sense.  
[Image source]

5. Manscaping - Male grooming seems to be a lot more prevalent lately and I totally appreciate that. I love a guy that looks after himself, especially his skin. LUSH normally has great unisex skincare kits around this time of year but my pick at the moment is Clinique's Great Skin for Him set. It contains everything a guy needs to look after himself!
[Image source]

6. Experience - Experiences are one of the gift ideas that my friends and I often fall back on for each other, purely because it's such a great one!. Red Balloon is a service that offers a multitude of different experiences with everything from driving experiences, adventure sports, water sports and flying experiences. If you can't decide what experience to get you can also buy a voucher so they can choose it themselves. It takes the pressure out of choosing! Experiences are once in a lifetime opportunities and a little less materialistic than another present.
[Image source]

7. Man scents - Sometimes it's nice to buy people something they won't buy themselves and that could definitely mean man smells. I have no idea about what ones are more popular to the male nose, I only know which I like. My friend, Sarah, works for a pharmacy that sells a lot of fragrances and she told me that Armani Code is always a crowd pleaser. 

And that's the first post in this year's Holiday Gift Guide series! I really hope these ideas help you pick the perfect gift for the men in your life. I know they're a little vague but I want them to be personalised for the men in your life, rather than super specific. 

Does anyone else find it difficult to buy for the men in their lives? Do you have any gift ideas that we can share? Let's discuss them below! Also, have you started your Christmas shopping yet?

If you enjoyed today's post, don't forget to check back in on Thursday for my Gift Guide for Women! 

1 comment :

  1. My fussy man is super-difficult to buy for. Thanks for the ideas. I haven't even started my Christmas shopping and don't usually start until a few days before the big day. You are so organised!

    Di // http://maxtheunicorn.blogspot.com.au/


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