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October 07, 2014

Make Up Geek Eyeshadow Haul & First Impression with Swatches

I said I wasn't going to do it. I wasn't going to succumb to the hype and I wasn't going to buy anything from Make Up Geek. Fast forward a few weeks and I own ten Make Up Geek eyeshadow pans with another twelve on the way. I cracked, guys, I cracked. It seems that, like Pringles, once you pop with Make Up Geek eyeshadows you simply cannot stop. There were a few that I would've liked to grab initially but, unfortunately, they were sold out, however I've since purchased them and I'll haul them when they arrive. 

** Sorry for the awful photo - sun wasn't cooperating

These eyeshadows arrived last Tuesday, a week ago today. I haven't owned them for long but it's definitely been long enough to have a play and gauge my initial thoughts or first impressions, as they're so fondly known in the beauty community. For swatches of the shades, a description of the them and what I think so far, keep reading! 
 Shimma Shimma | Beaches & Cream | Prom Night | Hipster | Moondust 

Shimma Shimma // Frosty metallic champagne 
Beaches & Cream // Matte warm toned beige 
Prom Night // Pale purple taupe with silver shimmer 
Hipster // Dark tan shimmer 
Moondust // Dark metallic taupe with silver shimmer 

Homecoming | Latte | Unexpected | Taupe Notch | Last Dance

Homecoming // Mid toned brown with gold shimmer
Latte // Matte medium brown with warm undertones 
Unexpected // Matte cool toned brown (almost pink/purple) 
Taupe Notch // Dark taupe brown shimmer
Last Dance // Dark plum satin 

So far I am really enjoying these eyeshadow shades and I am really impressed. All ten of the shades featured about are incredibly smooth, comparable to some far more expensive shades in my collection! The shimmer and satin finish shades swatch and apply so beautifully. They're incredibly pigmented and so smooth and easy to work with. They can be built up or blended out nicely and they're just great, really great! Matte shades are notorious for being more difficult to work with and I have to say, these are so smooth. Beaches & Cream makes the best transition colour (until Peach Smoothie arrives and I fall in love with that, of course) and Latte is great for deepening up the crease and adding more dimension.

All in all, I am (big surprise) really impressed with these Make Up Geek eyeshadows and I really think they live up to the hype. I have already bought twelve more, as I mentioned, and I cannot wait until they arrive so I can play some more. I'll be working on a few Face of the Day looks with these shades, especially when the new ones arrive, so let me know if there's any combinations you'd like to see!

Have you given in to temptation and bought anything from Make Up Geek yet?? 


  1. The shades you chose look amazing, can't wait to see more! I've really been wanting to try MUG shadows, and their blushes too! Seriously they have gotten so many raves around the place and the shade range is amazing.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. Awesome pigmentation and beautiful colours! I haven't given into temptation yet but we shall see!

  3. Oh God :( I have just started saving up some money for the lorac palette (means i don't actually have money but it's the thought that counts , right) but now i look at these shadows and i want them too . Either i can save up for a year and buy the lorac one or save up for two years and get twelve from the MUG collection ....sigh .. decisions decisions.Anyhow i have around 6 eyeshadow palettes , maybe a 2 year hiatus from buying makeup won't affect me as much .

  4. I recently splurged on 9 Makeup Geek shadows and I already want loads more! They're so lovely! I got neutral mattes, which are the best matte eyeshadows I've ever used, along with a few colours. Such good value for money too, comparable to MAC and other higher end shadows, but so much cheaper.


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