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October 01, 2014

Handbag Beauty Essentials | October 2014

I feel like I was a scout who earned their beauty badge in a previous life. I always like to be prepared for any beauty emergency so, as such, I tend to overpack my handbag with what I like to think are the beauty essentials. 
Even though these handbag beauty bits are probably a lot to some/most people, I've chopped and changed what I carry over the years to make it as streamlined as possible and now I want to share the best of the best with y'all!

I have a small cosmetics pouch that I received as part of a gift with purchase promotion from Rimmel London at Priceline quite some time ago. In there I keep a few things; bobby pinks, blotting sheets (x2) and tissues, of course. The tissues are from Typo and I really love the sugar skull design. It's a lot more organised than keeping them loose in my handbag and I love that the 100% of the proceeds from the purchase go towards the Cotton On Foundation. I have a few back up packets too. I carry two packets of blotting paper, Essence's All About Matt! Oil Control Paper and Boscia Fresh Blotting Linens. I feel like they both do a similar job but I'm still testing them out. I really hate having loose bobby pins everywhere so I've clipped them onto a business card. It makes it a lot more organised!

This pouch also contains pain relief and things like that (girl bits live in the pocket in my handbag) but I didn't bother including them in the photo.

Loose in my handbag I carry bits 'n' pieces to touch up my face. My favourite powder for on-the-go touch ups is definitely MAC's Studio Fix Pressed Powder and, for that, I also carry the Real Techniques Mini Brush Trio because I hate fixing my face with the sponge included. For my lips, I always carry two lip balms (as I mentioned in my Balm Army Tag), Korres' Lip Butter in Jasmine and the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment (not featured in photo). Aside from carrying whatever lip colour I'm wearing for the day (as well as those I've accumulated over the week), I always carry two of my staple colour lip products, MAC's Creme Cup Lipstick and NYX's Meringue Butter Gloss. Both work perfectly with any look and are so versatile.

I'm really happy with everything that I carrying around with me these days and there's nothing beauty related in my handbag that I don't reach for on a semi regular basis, making it all justified. Right? 

What do you carry around with you? Comment below with your handbag beauty essentials!

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  1. I love the idea of clipping your bobby pins to a business card! I usually carry around blotting paper, blotting powder, some lip balm, some lipstick and a body mist.

  2. You've really got the essentials down pat! I still carry around a lot of unneccessary items in my bag, and I really need to keep it clean/not so messy! One day I will learn! Love those tissues too, the little packets are so handy!

    I normally carry around my lipstick of the day, lip balm, bobby pins and hair ties, a powder and makeup wipes (for before gym!)

    Kate | themintedbeauty.com

  3. I carry a nyx butter gloss too. I think its even the same shade:-)

  4. I think I might invest in the RT minis, seems like a great idea to pop into your handbag! :)


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