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October 03, 2014


For the past few weeks I've been hosting a giveaway thanks to celebrate my third blogiversary and today I'm here to announce the winner. Before I get into that, however, I, of course, want to say a bit thank you to everyone who entered this giveaway. I am so grateful for every entry and each and every person who reads this blog! I've also really enjoyed reading your entries and seeing what posts you like to see here on Born to Buy. I'll definitely be taking it all into considering when I write posts in the future. 

Anyway, the winner is Jasmine Martinez! 

Congratulations, Jasmine! I really hope you like these new goodies. I'm sure you will! These are products that I really like and I highly recommend so I'm sure they won't disappoint. Please email me on dontstopbuying@hotmail.com within 48 hours to organise the delivery of your prize. If I don't hear from you within this time frame, another winner will be announced.

While this giveaway was opened I reached 1 million views (read my thank you here) so, of course, I am planning a celebratory giveaway (yes, international) featuring some great products and amazing brands. 

Thank you again to everyone who entered this giveaway. For everyone who didn't win, I'm sorry. Thank you, as always, for your support of Born to Buy. 
What do you think I'll be giving away next?

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