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June 12, 2014

Kit Cosmetics Limited Edition Travel Make Up Case Review

On Monday I hauled the Kit Cosmetics Limited Edition Travel Make Up Case and, given that it's a limited edition product, I wanted to get my review and thoughts up as soon as possible. I know a lot of people have expressed an interest in this travel make up bag but, given the somewhat hefty price tag, they may have chosen to leave it in the store. 

If you're wondering what I think of this product and whether I'd recommend it, keep reading!

As you can see from the photos above, the Kit Cosmetics Limited Edition Travel Make Up Case is a hard cased cosmetics bag. It is quite large, about the size of an A4 piece of paper, and it opens out to be flat when the zip is open all the way. On the left is two cosmetic pouches that are magnetised into the base. The pouches can be removed from the base and reorganised, depending on how you would like to organise your make up. They are both the same size. In the middle there is a brush holder that with six spaces in it. Each space fits a few brushes, as you'll be able to see below. This pouch can be zipped out of the travel case if you don't want it. On the right is another two cosmetic pouches, this time in two different sizes. There is a small one and a quite large one. Again these pouches are magnetic.

To get an idea of what the Kit Cosmetics Limited Edition Travel Make Up Case was like I roughly filled it with product that I thought I'd be likely to pac if I was going away and, even though it fits quite a bit in it, it doesn't fit as much as I would've liked/expected. I was definitely able to get more into each of the pouches, however the hard case means that it doesn't stretch and, therefore, it won't do up when too many products are inside. You could probably fit more in if you were willing to rearrange everything (and I think a smaller foundation would fit way better - the big glass L'Oreal True Match bottle definitely didn't help) but I couldn't be bothered. 

All in all, I really like the Kit Cosmetics Limited Edition Travel Make Up Case. My only gripe is the restriction of the hard case. I really wish there was a bit of extra fabric around the zip to allow for packing, much like that in a suit case. You guys know what I mean, yeah? I think it will be the perfect travel companion for a beauty addict like myself and I'll probably just find myself my foundation in with my skincare. 

The Kit Cosmetics Limited Edition Travel Make Up Case retails for $69.95 and it can be purchased from Mecca Cosmetica online (link here) or Kit Cosmetics stores. I know it's a limited edition product and I'm not sure how long it'll be in stores for so I'd highly recommend you go and check it out in store if you're interested in it! 

Do you like the sound of the Kit Cosmetics Limited Edition Travel Make Up Case? How do you like to pack your make up? Do you have any tips? 


  1. Limited edition?! I got mine around christmas time lol... They must have really over ordered.
    I like it, but if I am going away for more than one day I tend to take a bit of makeup and I can't fit everything in. Agree with the more room near the zipper because I can't fit a palette etc in there. I do like the colour though =)

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