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May 10, 2014

MY MAKE UP STORAGE (plus collection overview)

Not too long ago (a little before I broke my legs) I gave my make up storage and collection a bit of an overhaul. I was on leave from work so I had the time to clean everything out fully and reorganise things a bit. For once things were looking nice and clean so I thought it was a great time to show everyone how I store my make up. I'm not going to go through everything I own as it'll go forever, however let me know if you see something you'd like reviewed. I'll add it to my list.

This post will be really photo heavy so I'll try and keep the text to a minimum. 
My Vanity
This is where most of my make up is stored. I picked the dresser up from Gumtree and I really, really love it. It's a little bit dirty as it wasn't varnished and I don't want to ruin the matte finish but it always come clean when I give it a scrub. 

Top left drawer - Eyeshadows, cream eyeshadows and pigments
Bottom left drawer - Lip crayons, lip pencils and lip glosses
Middle drawer - Eye liners, mascaras and eye primers (plus a random Sleek Be Beauty Blemish Balm that's far too dark)
 Top right drawer - Highlighters, bronzers and blush
Bottom right drawer - Foundation, concealer and powder

Some of my most used make up also lives on the top in my Large Glamour Box from The Make Up Box Shop (link) and my palettes sit on top of that in mail trays from Typo (link). The tins my make up brushes are in are from Kmart and they're about $5.00 each. Bargain. I have them all over my room. As you can see, I keep most of the make up in my dresser drawers organised in acrylic storage containers that I've picked up from Big W. They're not cheap (at about  $7.00 each) but they do the job and they fit the drawers better than anything else I've tried. I have a few of my most used face products on the top so they're easily accessible. . 


You may have noticed that I don't store my lipsticks in the dresser above and that's because they don't fit. I have them sitting on another dresser and I really love the way it looks. My lipsticks are displayed quite nicely and it makes them really accessible. I store my lipsticks in 24 slot clear acrylic lipstick stands from eBay. They're under $5.00AU each and they're perfect for the space as they're really compact. You can find them here

As you can see, I love lipsticks. In fact, I've actually added to my collection since these photos were taken. Oops! I have a selection of lipsticks from MAC, Urban Decay, YSL and Dior to Revlon, Maybelline, Essence and Australis. My favourite lipstick brand would have to be MAC though. Their Cremesheens are so lovely. 

All in all, I really love the way my make up is stored. Everything is really easily accessible and nothing is too hidden that it becomes forgotten. I know I have a lot of make up but, believe it or not, I use all of it. I have started giving things away if I really don't use them. I hope this post have given you some ideas on how to store your make up.

How do you store your make up? Do you have any questions about anything shown? Is there anything you'd like to see reviewed? 


  1. Ah this is so cute! I love your dresser, it's gorgeous xx

  2. That dresser is amazing! So pretty! Your makeup is so organised! The plastic containers you have and the lipstick holder are great ideas. I do my makeup in the bathroom cause my room has awful light and mum doesn't like me keeping anything on the sink, so it's all shoved in draws. I'd love a set up like yours.

  3. Loved this post, hope you're recovering well :) I love your drawer full of lip crayons and lip glosses.

  4. Your collection & setup looks gorgeous! Haha you're a woman after my own heart... you should see how many lipsticks I own :/ oops ;)


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