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May 08, 2014

Lust Have It! Beauty Box | April 2014

Yesterday my April Lust Have It! Beauty Box arrived. Again I feel that the box was late, arriving seven days into May, which I feel to be quite disappointing. It seems like the boxes are arriving later and later but I'd love to know what you think; Are you having the same experience? Unlike the past few months, April's pack was housed in a clear cosmetic bag with pink accents. I like the idea behind this bag but, much like the cosmetic bags and boxes that they've used previously, I fear that I'll have an influx of them in the future. 

Glamourflage Molly Minx Glitter Gel
"Radiate your own special brand of glamour with this shimmer gel. Pop it in your purse and transform yourself from day to night attire with a mere dab of magic. Smooth onto eyes, cheeks, neck and d├ęcolletage, and even on top of your feet to get truly glam top to toe - literally! It features 7 moisturisers including shea butter, cacao butter, lanolin, beeswax abd vitamin E!"
Glitter gel? Really? No, thank you. I haven't worn this type of product, umm, ever. I don't think I even wore them what I was a young'n and I really don't want to start now. I haven't swatched this product because I think I'll be passing it on, however it looks like it has a balmy texture. 

Claytime 100% Pure Mineral Bronzer
"Instant safe tan and colour awaits you with the Claytime Australia decadent body bronzer. Applied to cheeks, face, arms and legs, it provides an instant touch of tan to skin. Eliminate premature skin ageing and the dangers of hours of sun-damage with a safe, pure and mineral Claytime Australia body bronzer."
This is another product I'm really not too sure about. I tend to stay away from mineral bronzers and blushes because I feel like it's difficult to regulate the amount of product you're applying. This is another product that I've not swatched because I don't know whether I'll keep it but I can see that it has a fair bit of gold shimmer to it which isn't what I tend to go for in my bronzers. 

Bioderma Atoderm Cream
"Ultra-rich moisturising and restructuring cream, Atoderm Cream is the perfect daily moisturiser for dry to very dry skin. It moisturises, soothes the skin and helps restructure the skin barrier. The creamy texture spreads easily and penetrates quickly"
I don't want to sound whingy but I going to when I say that I am really quite sick of Bioderma samples. I know Bioderma is a really coveted and respected brand and a lot of people really like their products but, at the same time, I feel like I've received a sample of almost everything in their line from one box or another. Am I starting to sound ungrateful? Anyway, I'm not sure if I'll use this sample as it doesn't sound like it'd be suited to my combination/oily skin. 

WotNot Natural Organic Facial Wipes
"Enriched with all natural ingredients including Australian certified organic aloe vera to lubricate and repair, certified organic sweet almond oil to restore moisture and calm inflammation and certified organic rosehip oil for skin regeneration and moisture re-balancing" 
This is another product that I've seen pop up in quite a few sample subscription boxes over my time but, luckily, I really like them! They're one of the only face wipes that I enjoy using and, whilst I will always cleanse after using a face wipe, I feel like it does a great job of cleansing and removing make up.

Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion
"Containing ACTIVE NATURALS Colloidal Oatmeal blended with rich emollients to moisturise your skin for 24 hours. Formulated to prevent dry skin, it leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and naturally healthy looking"
I have actually used this product previously and reviewed it here. This body moisturiser is really nice and gentle. I'll definitely use this bad boy up! 

All in all, I'll admit that I was pretty disappointed with this month's Lust Have It! Box (side note: Do I still call it a box or should I now refer to it as a bag?). I won't really use the first three products (Glamourflage Molly Minx Glitter Gel, Claytime 100% Pure Mineral Bronzer and Bioderma Atoderm Cream, I'm looking at you three) and the final two are products I've already tried. 

If you'd like to subcribe to Lust Have It!, use the code DSB13 to receive $5.00 off your first box! 

Are you subscribed to Lust Have It!? Did you receive April's box and, if so, did we receive similar items? Were you disappointed also? 


  1. Yeah, it's a shame that their products are ones that commonly pop up a lot in subscription boxes and that aren't suited for your skin type (do they even read the profile they get you to fill out when you sign up?). Australian beauty subscriptions aren't impressing me tbh, international ones look much better!

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

    1. It is. It seems that a lot of the products just make their way through the range of boxes which can be quite frustrating, especially for someone who may be subscribed to multiple services. Imagine! International ones look absolutely lovely - you're not wrong there! X

  2. I still haven't even received my April box and it's 8th May!!! I'm really disappointed with how late they're getting :( Great review of the box though. I am excited to get mine whenever it decides to show up!

    1. See, that's what really bugs me. Eight days into a month just isn't good enough, I don't think. Thanks for the lovely words about my post. I'm really glad you liked it! :) x

  3. Such a disappointment! They need to step it up a little! I used to have a subscription but stopped it because I got sick of getting stuff I will never use.

    Kristen xox / / Everybeauty Talks

    1. It gets a bit like that, Kristen. I have a huge collection of products that I just won't work through. Time to do a cull and share the sample love with family and friends, I think! I need to take a leaf out of your book and unsubscribe, I think! X

  4. thanks for your candid review, i current receive the BellaBox and just recived a $10 offer for this one. i was just about to sign up and then thought I'd look for some reviews first. this is the first one ive come across and based on glitter gel and others comments, i think i'll save my $20 a month for now


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