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May 28, 2014

Emptying the Trash | May 2014 Empties

Every month I find myself wanting to start my Emptying the Trash post with 'So, it's that time of the month again..' and then I realise that I might be sounding like I want to talk about a completely different time of the month so I stop. Either way, it IS Emptying the Trash time of the month so, weird anecdote aside, let's get into the products that I'll tossing out.

Without a doubt, the thing I'm most sad about finishing is my Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment. I received this, as well as a tinted one, as my birthday gift from Sephora last year and, as much as I'd like to say they aren't worth the hype or the high price tag, they are. I gave my nail polish collection a little overhaul, finding that two nail polishes were dried up and no longer usable. I'm throwing out Essence's Cherry Blossom Girl Nail Polish in My Little Kimono and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Color in Mellow Yellow. I've also finished up a tube of the Smashbox Photo Finish More than Primer Blemish Control. I have a new tube of it (in fact, I have two) but I'm just not feelin' like opening a new one. 

Along with all the products that I've genuinely finished, I am also throwing out a few bits 'n' pieces. First to go are two Maybelline Color Sensational Pop Sticks. I picked these up online because they never made it to Australian shores and, to be honest, it's the first time I've ever been happy that we missed out on a product. They were absolutely awful. They're marketed as 'sheer shades of fruit coloured pigment' but they had no pigmentation, no moisturising benefits and they were just a waste. I was given two MAC products from a friend who didn't want to finish them, Strobe Cream and Studio Sculpt Foundation, and I haven't used either in the almost 2 years that they've been in my possession so it's time for them to go. They'll be going in my Back 2 MAC pile though, of course, because who doesn't want a free lipstick? The same goes for the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion, Luk Beautifood Lip Nourish, Stila Stay All Day Illumination Beauty Balm sample and super old NP Set Eyeliner actually; I just wasn't using it. 

So those are my empties for this month. I haven't used up many products because I've not been doing too much beauty wise this month. I'm not working so I'm not using make up daily and I've pretty much been sticking to what I know product wise.

Have you tried any of the products I finished or used up? Let me know what you thought of them!

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  1. Great empties! Haha I'm always tempted to make a reference to that "time of the month" in my empties post too. I've never heard of the Maybelline PopSticks but if they're rubbish then it's a good thing I haven't! Haha

  2. Always good to have a bit of a clean out! I just went through all my samples and barely-used products and gave them to a friend to see if she will get anything out of them :)

    Kate | themintedbeauty.com

  3. I own that NP eyeliner as well and don't find myself reaching for it either and I don't think the smudge thing at the end does anything much at all, at least it doesn't smudge well enough for me to want to use it more than once. You've done well to get through so many empties. I am thinking my post may be a little bit...empty (haha) this month! It is not an easy thing to use things up as much as I try. :)


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