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April 05, 2014

SensatioNail Fuse Gelnamel Starter Kit* First Impressions and Review

Gel nails are something I never really bought into. I like the concept of them (super long wearing nail polish, who doesn't want that?!) but I was always scared that they'd ruin the condition of my nails and, let's face it, I wasn't too sure that I could commit to the same nail colour for over a week. It's a pretty big commitment. 

When I was offered a chance to try the SensatioNail Fuse Gelnamel Starter Kit* I jumped. I love the idea of doing manicures at home and, if I'm honest, one of the reasons I was really reluctant to jump on the bandwagon was the cost of going to a salon fortnightly. 

To see what comes in the SensatioNail Fuse Gelnamel Starter Kit*, as well as how I applied the gel manicure and what I think three days in, keep reading!

The SensatioNail Fuse Gelnamel Starter Kit* as seen in both images above, contains a Fuse LED Lamp, Gelnamel polish, 1 pack (12) lint free wipes, manicure stick, double sided buffer and Cleanser. The Fuse LED Lamp, as you may be able to tell from the photo above, is tiny. It fits one nail at a time and can be powered by plugging it into a USB port on the computer. 

To apply the Fuse Gelnamel, I did the following
1. Prep - To prepare the nails I pushed back the cuticles using the manicure stick. I then buffed the nail out and reshaped them as desired. I also applied a few drops of the Fuse GelNamel Cleanser onto one of the lint free wipes and wiped it over the nail
2. Paint - As soon as possible after wiping the nail with the Cleanser I applied the polish. Simple, really. I found that it's important to ensure that the polish is evenly applied over the whole nail and, of course, that it's not too thin. Try to leave a millimetre or two free around the perimeter of the nails - you don't want it catching on something and lifting off!
3. Set - It's time to set these bad boys. To set the nails, place the finger comfortably in the UV lamp and turn it on. The lamp will automatically turn off after 30 seconds which I almost always found to be enough time to set the nail. Finally, just wipe over the nail with the Cleanser on a lint free wipe again.
4. Repeat on all nails.

It was recommended that you complete the whole process with one nail before moving on to the next and, because I'm such a good student, that's what I did!

My SensatioNail Gelnamel manicure in Polar Bare

I have the Starter Kit in Na-No Way, however I chose to paint my nails with Polar Bare* instead as the colour appealed to me more. So far I've been wearing this manicure for four, maybe fives days, but so far I'm pretty impressed. Though there is a bit of chipping, it's quite minimal and I think a lot of that is due to user error. The whole leaving an edge thing is quite a struggle, especially when I'm doing my left hand (I'm left handed). 

Elec-Tric or Treat  | Na-No Way | Polar Bare | Intens-so Fly

If you want to try the SensatioNail Fuse Gelnamel Starter Kit*, you can pick it up from Priceline or Big W stores for $49.99. Additional Gelnamel colours can also be purchased for $14.99 each.

For swatches of all the Fuse Gelnamel polishes I own, plus an update on the wearing power and removal of a Fuse Gelnamel manicure, tune back in a week or so.  

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*This product was sent to me, however all opinions are my own. I was not paid for this review

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  1. This looks brilliant, i really want to get my nails done but like you said i am worried about damaging my nails :)

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