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April 09, 2014

DeLorenzo Rejuven8 The Ends* Review

Leave in conditioners and 'end menders' are some of my favourite hair products. I really love the way that, over time, they can transform dry and drab ends into something a bit healthier and, in the interim, they can act as a detangler for those with unruly hair (guilty). Quite some time ago I was sent the DeLorenzo Rejuven8 The Ends from Buy Haircare Direct, an Australian based online store that sells brands like Fudge, GHD, Macadamia Oil, Redken and, of course, De Lorenzo.

"De Lorenzo Instant Rejuven8 The Ends is a finish style product to be applied for lustrous, healthy looking and natural style. De Lorenzo Rejuven8 serum takes care of your hair cuticles by closing them up while silkening your locks all long the length. De Lorenzo Rejuven8 The Ends is your hair's newest ally in fighting damage and dehydration in a simple, effortless application" 

I'm kind of on the fence about the DeLorenzo Rejuven8 The Ends, surprisingly. I love and hate it at the same time, as only a beauty loving girl could do. For more information on what I think, keep reading. 

First are foremost, I do like this. I think it does a great job of smoothing the hair and making everything feel healthier. I've used this both ways, on wet and dry hair, and I think my favourite way to apply it is actually on dry hair. On dry hair, I feel like it smooths out the hair, making it feel softer and more manageable instantly. Regardless of how I applied and used it, it did not weigh my hair down at all. 

My gripe with the DeLorenzo Rejuven8 The Ends is that I don't feel like it would have any long term benefits. When I look at the information from Buy Haircare Direct, it doesn't necessarily say that it's a product that will be nourishing and moisturising, however I tend to expect that from these types of products. I feel it works as a superficial level, coating and smoothing the hair without penetrating deep enough to hydrate the ends.  

If you're looking for a hair product that's going to make styling and wearing of a hair style easier, I would highly recommend this. I'd also recommend this on second or third day hair where (if you're anything like me) your hair starts to dry out and become quite unmanageable. The DeLorenzo Rejuven8 The Ends will be perfect for that! If, however, you're after something that's going to provide you with long term haircare benefits, I'd be more inclined to pick up the Redken Real Control Crema Care (and old favourite of mine that's also available from Buy Haircare Direct) or Aveda's Colour Conserve Daily Colour Protect.

The DeLorenzo Rejuven8 The Ends retails for $19.50 but can be bought for $13.95 from Buy Haircare Direct. They also offer free shipping Australia wide on orders over $100.00. If you're stopping by and have coloured hair, I would highly recommend that you pick up the DeLorenzo Colour Care Nova Fusion shampoo in the correct colour. This colour depositing shampoo has been a hair saving product more times that I wish to count. 

Have you tried anything from DeLorenzo? What's been your favourite product? 

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*This product was sent to me, however all opinions are my own. I was not paid for this review


  1. I love DeLorenzo products. I've used them off and on since I was a teen. They were the first salon brand that I ever bought. I love their mask from this range. It's quite heavy for my fine hair, but is perfect for repairing the damaged ends.

  2. I suppose this would be a great product if you had a special occasion or something, to make sure your hair looks super nice!


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