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March 16, 2014

The Body Shop Aloe Gentle Facial Wash Review

As I have mentioned a few times lately, I am trying to give my skincare routine an overhaul and replace some of the products I use with ones that are more suited to my skin concerns and skin type. Paula Begoun's Beautypedia is, along with Caroline Hiron's blog, my go-to guide for any product that I'm thinking of picking up and, when I saw that she highly recommends The Body Shop's Aloe Gentle Facial Wash, I decided to pick it up. 

The Body Shop's Aloe Gentle Facial Wash is a foaming cleanser that's recommended for sensitive skinned folk such as myself. It has a soap free formula that's said to be extremely gentle on the skin. The Body Shop's website even says that it'll rinse away make up! Remember, if it sounds too good to be true that's because it probably is. (So dramatic but I had to!).

Unfortunately I don't feel like this does a good enough job of cleaning my skin. I have sensitive skin, yes, but my skin's also oily, especially in this hot and sticky weather! I really appreciate that it's gentle on the skin and I definitely didn't react to it adversely, however I never came away from a cleanse using the The Body Shop's Aloe Gentle Facial Wash feeling refreshed and clean. 

I'm not saying that this doesn't cleanse the skin, not by all means, but if I'm going to use a cleanser, especially after a day at work, I want something with a little more guts. I actually think it would be an amazing product for someone with dry skin as it's so gentle and nourishing. I don't find that my skin gets overly dry in the wintertime, though I'll definitely keep it incase I do this year!

I knew this going in but I'll be honest, I don't like way the The Body Shop's Aloe Gentle Facial Wash foams. One pump releases enough cleanser in the form of the foam, though I feel like it actually uses a lot of product. After almost two solid weeks of use I was halfway through the bottle. That's a lot, don't you think? 

The Body Shop's Aloe Gentle Facial Wash retails for $21.95 for 125mL. If you have oily/combination skin, I would probably skip this. If, however, your skin is extremely sensitive or you are looking for something really gentle for your dry skin, I think you might like this. If you're not sure and are willing to give it a shot, head into your nearest The Body Shop store and see if you like the feel!

Have you tried The Body Shop's Aloe Gentle Facial Wash? What did you think? How do you feel about foaming cleansers like this


  1. There is something about Body Shop products that doesn't suit my skin. Have not tried this particular cleanser but most of them break me out.

    1. Oh really, Reshma? My skin isn't always very receptive to 'natural' skincare so yours might be similar. Sorry to hear they don't work for you but! X

  2. That's a shame that you're not completely happy with it. I know what you mean about not feeling completely clean after using a gentle cleanser.. Have you tried the La-Roche Posay Effaclar cleanser? That's really fab and gentle :)

    Loved the honest review Soph! xxx

    Sarah | More Than Adored

    1. Hey, lovely! I know gentle cleansers are better for the skin but, unless you've got dry skin, I sometimes feel that they're too gentle. So glad someone else understands though! I haven't tried the La Roche Posay one. I'm trying one from First Aid Beauty at the moment but I'll definitely go for that next. Thanks for your recommendation and your kind words about my post. Xx

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