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March 25, 2014

Sigma, Abbamart and Furless Brush Haul | March 2014

March 25, 2014 | , , , , , ,
In the past week or so of February I did my fair share of online shopping, as you may have noticed from my past two hauls (here and here). On top of all those beauty bits that I've picked up recently, I've also acquired so many new make up brushes. Make up brushes are one of my favourite things to collect and play around with and I can't believe how many new gems I've discovered lately!
I'd been looking at the Sigma website for quite some time, not really knowing what kit I wanted to pick up, when they released the Jaclyn Hill Expert Beauty Box. Now I'm not a fan of Jacyln Hill (I'm not 'not' a fan, I don't think I've ever watched one of her videos) but I love the selection of brushes featured. The kit contained 7 brushes for $90.00 and I think that's a pretty good deal. The kit comes with a F80 Flat Kabuki, F86 Tapered Kabuki, F35 Tapered Highlighter, E55 Eye Shading, E25 Blending, E40 Tapered Blending and an E30 Pencil.

F80 Flat Kabuki | F86 Tapered Kabuki | F35 Tapered Highlighter
 E40 Tapered Blending | E25 Blending | E55 Eye Shading | E40 Tapered Blending | E30 Pencil
I also picked up an E35 Tapered Blending brush because I am really 'into' blending brushes at the moment and a mini E25 came free with my order as it was over $30.00. Finally, a few weeks before I placed this order I was sent a replacement F80 as mine completely fell apart.
I stocked up on some of my favourite brushes from Abbamart but I bought way too many to go through them all, especially because I grabbed multiples of some that I only photographed one of here. I love so many Abbamart brushes and if you read my Best of Brushes series (Base, Cheeks and Eyes) you'll definitely know that!
Finally Furless, another brand that was heavily featured in my Best of Brushes series, was kind enough to send me their Black Beauty Makeup Brush Set*. This brush set caught my on their site so many times so when it arrived on my door step I was more than excited! The brushes are such a unique shape.

That's a whole lotta brushes, I know, and rest assured, I don't intend on grabbing anymore for quite a while now. I also have a brush giveaway in the works so stay tuned, you might just be able to win some of this. If you're thinking of picking up the Furless set, there's a 15% off coupon to the left of this post and if any of the Abbamart brushes appeal to you, click here to see how you can get 25% off selected brushes until April 30.  

What you tried any of the brushes I hauled? What's your favourite brush brand? Also, would you like me to review any of them? 


  1. I NEARLY bought that kit from Sigma but I just got sent some Furless brushes and I want too do another Abbamart order so I resisted :) it includes some awesome brushes though!

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  2. Wow that's heaps of brushes! I do love the Furless brushes though xx

    1. It's so many. Too many, one might say. Oops! X


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