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March 05, 2014

NEW RELEASE | Lady Jayne Digital Romance* Collection

It's not often that a hair collection appeals to me. I'm pretty much a hair elastic and bobby pin kind of gal, throwing in a hair cuff or cute lace bow on the very odd occasion. When all that is said and done, however, I'm not opposed to a beautiful collection and Lady Jayne's Digital Romance* collection is no exception.

The Lady Jayne Digital Romance* collection features a selection of hair accessories (nine in total) with metallic hardware and beautiful pastel detailing. Every piece is a great way to add a feminine touch to a hair style and, now that these pieces are photographed, I can't wait to play around! 

Digital Romance Pony Semi Cuff*
Digital Romance Hair Ties*
Digital Romance Metal Bow Elastic*
Digital Romance Stacking Hair Elastics*

This collection contains two of my favourite hair accessories, hair cuffs and ribbon hair ties. Hair cuffs are the most amazing way to add a level of sophistication to an oh-so-boring pony tail. Though I normally opt for a gold cuff, this pink one will be perfect to add a pop of colour! Ribbon hair elastics are amazing. They are a lot less harsh on the hair and, from experience, don't kink the hair as much as a normal hair elastic does.

The pricing of Digital Romance* collection is as below - 
Digital Romance Pony Semi Cuff // RRP $9.99
Digital Romance Metal Bow Headband // RRP $9.99
Digital Romance Metal Bow Elastic // RRP $7.99
Digital Romance Value Pack // RRP $7.99
Digital Romance Bobby Slides // RRP $7.99
Digital Romance Bobby Pins // RRP $6.99
Digital Romance Hair Elastic Ball // RRP $9.99
Digital Romance Stacking Hair Elastics // RRP $6.99
Digital Romance Stacking Hair Ties // RRP $6.99

I am really impressed with this collection. I can see myself using the Pony Semi Cuff* and Metal Bow Elastic* a lot, especially for work! I really love the combination of colours (can you tell from my blog layout that I like pink and grey/silver together?) and I think they're super affordable pieces.

Lady Jayne's Digital Romance collection is available in from March to May, 2014. It is available from independent pharmacies, Priceline and Target stores nation wide. 

Do you find yourself reaching for hair accessories very often? What do you think of the Lady Jayne Digital Romance* collection? 

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*This product was sent to me, however all opinions are my own. I was not paid for this review


  1. What a gorgeous collection!

  2. I'm not the most enthusiastic hair person but Sophie these are so sweet looking and so pretty!!! I'll be keeping an eye out for them xx


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