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March 10, 2014

NEW RELEASE | Essence Metal Glam Trend Edition* with swatches

I make no secret of my love for Essence Trend Editions. I'm a big fan of the brand in general but there's something about a limited edition collection, especially when it's as affordable as Essence's are, that makes me go crazy. When the Essence Metal Glam Trend Edition arrived on my doorstep I was, once again, super impressed with everything.

With shades of gold, silver, bronze, purple, green and more (all metallic, may I add?), the  autumn inspired Essence Metal Glam Trend Edition will add a level of glamour and sophistication to any look!
Essence Metal Glam Gold Topper in #01 Steel-ing the Scene | Essence Metal Glam Nail Polishes in #04 Gold Digger, #03 Glamour Girls, #02 Petal to the Metal and #01 Steel-ing the Scene

As you can see, there are five nail polishes in total in the Essence Metal Glam Trend Edition. The Metal Glam Gold Topper in #01 Steel-ing the Scene* has golden flakes submerged in clear nail polish. There's a high volume of flakes too, meaning that you don't need to do a million coats for it to be noticeable. There are also four nail polishes with a metallic/chrome finish to them; #01 Steel-ing the Scene*, #02 Petal to the Metal*, #03 Glamour Girls* and #04 Gold Digger*.

There are two cheek products in the Essence Metal Glam Trend Edition. The first, the Essence Metal Glam Highlighting Powder in #01 Gold Digger*, is a white gold highlighter that works well on the cheekbones and any other high points on the face. Essence often releases a highlighter in their collection and, whilst I thought the three I had in my collection would be quite similar, they're all a little different. There's also a liquid blush in this trend edition, the Essence Metal Glam Blush in #01 Glam-Me*. This liquid blush is a coral/apricot colour with a gold sparkle/reflect to it. I'm still yet to decide what I think of this. 
The Essence Metal Glam Eyeshadows are also a part of the permanent Essence collection, however they have released four new shades as part of the Metal Glam Trend Edition. I own #01 Steel-ing the Scene*, a really lovely golden copper shade. I really like the pigmentation and formula of these eyeshadows and, once I've acquired a few from their permanent line, I'll definitely review them!
And finally, because no collection is complete without a little random, we have the Essence Metal Glam Trend Edition Stick on Eyelinerand Stick on Jewels*. The Stick On Eyeliner has two pairs of reusable eyeliner, one in silver and one in rose gold, that is meant to be easily applied to the eye. I'm yet to give these a try but I definitely will. The Stick On Jewels are body stickers in a few different designs. I'm not sure about these two products but I think they're fun addition to the trend edition. 

Essence Metal Glam Trend Edition Highlighting Powder* | Essence Metal Glam Trend Edition Eyeshadow in #01 Steel-ing the Show* | Essence Metal Glam Trend Edition Blush*

The Essence Metal Glam Trend Edition also features three lip glosses and nail stickers. Out of the whole range, I would definitely recommend the Metal Glam Eyeshadows and the Highlighting Powder. Both products have beautiful colour payoff and are a lovely, creamy formula.

The pricing of Essence Metal Glam Trend Edition* is as below - 
Metal Glam Eyeshadow  // RRP $4.25
Metal Glam Stick On Eyeliner // RRP $3.50
Metal Glam Lip Gloss // RRP $3.50
Metal Glam Blush // $4.95
Metal Glam Highlighting Powder // RRP $5.35
Metal Glam Nail Polish // RRP $2.95
Metal Glam Gold Topper // RRP $3.50
Metal Glam Nail Sticker // RRP $3.50
Metal Glam Stick On Jewels // RRP $3.50

Essence Metal Glam Trend Edition* is available in from March, 2014, and is available from Priceline stores nationwide. 

Do you find yourself heading out in search of Essence trend editions? What do you think of the Essence Metal Glam Trend Edition*? 

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*This product was sent to me, however all opinions are my own. I was not paid for this review


  1. Those polishes look fabulous! Definitely need to pick them up!

  2. I love the look of those polishes!

  3. The 4 nail colours with the metallic finish- did it take just one coat to achieve that colour? or was it two coats?
    Looking forward to the collection, however the stick on jewels and eyeliner are a little odd!

  4. love the eyeshadows, polishes and blush ..


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