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March 03, 2014

Best of Brushes | Eye Brushes

About three weeks ago I uploaded my first post in my Best of Brushes series (read all about my favourite base and cheek brushes here and here) and today I'm here to tell you about Part 3 in the series, my favourite eye brushes.

Before I get into my favourite eye brushes (we're talking lid, blending, detail and liner), I just want to make a few things clear. Some of the brushes in my collection are expensive, some are ridiculously cheap. I don't believe in judging the effectiveness of a brush by the price which is why you'll find such a diverse range in my collection. Please also also note that what works well for me might not work well for you.  Unfortunately brushes aren't one-size-fits-all. 

With all that said, let's get into it!
Furless Perfectly Pink Precision Liner Brush PPE1 | Abbamart Synthetic Precision Crease Brush | MAC 239 | MAC 217 | Abbamart Fluffy Blending Brush | Furless Perfectly Pink Blending Brush PPB1

My two MAC eyeshadow brushes, the 239 and the 217, are both worth all the hype they receive from the beauty community. The MAC 239 is a short and dense brush so it's great for packing/sweeping colour all over the lid, depending on what kind of look you're after. It's also really lovely for adding depth to the outer corner. For a lighter wash of colour on the lid I pull out my MAC 217. This is a great multi purpose brush that I can use to do pretty much anything.

For a more defined look, the Furless Perfectly Pink Blending Brush PPB1 is beautiful. It is small but dense blending brush with long hair, meaning it's great for adding a lot of colour to the crease but it also blends it nicely for seamless edges. For a more more subtle look, Abbamart's Fluffy Blending Brush is so lovely. Much like the Furless one, it's fluffy and has really long hairs. It buffs everything nicely, just to a larger and more diffused scale. I am totally in love with using Abbamart's Synthetic Precision Crease Brush to highlight the inner corner of my eye. It is the perfect shape to get right into the inner corner and apply highlight exactly where I want to!

Whilst I used to steer clear of gel eyeliner, I'm slowly trying to introduce it into my make up routine. My favourite brush for gel eyeliner is definitely the Furless Perfectly Pink Precision Liner Brush PPE1. This brush is the perfect length to glide smoothly over the lash line, though it's also short enough to provide a lot of control!

There are a lot of brushes that I really love to use, especially for my eye make up, but the ones mentioned above are the ones I continue to go back to, recommend and, of course, reach for. I have really loved writing this series for you and sharing my favourite brushes with you all. Testing brushes I had in my collection helped me to discover a few that I'd never seen potential in! 

Interested in picking up some brushes from Abbamart? From now until April 30, 2014, you can get 25% off any of the brushes featured in the Best of Brushes series at any length. Use the code B2B25 at the checkout. Read more about the discount here

Have you tried any of the brushes mentioned? Do you think MAC brushes are worth the hype and price tag?  


  1. I bought the MAC RiRi eye brush and have to admit I was let down from it. I like that it's easy to use, but for $60 it felt kinda scratchy :( I love the EcoTools eye brushes. They feel so soft!

    1. I've heard that MAC Limited Edition brushes are made machine made whilst their permanent line is handmade, making their LE am inferior quality. I'm not sure how accurate that is but it'd make sense. What a waste of money. If you feel like delving back into the MAC brush world, the 217 and 239 are both lovely. x


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