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February 17, 2014

Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream Review

In my last haul (link here) I mentioned that I picked up the Khiel's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado to replace an eye cream that I really wasn't getting along with. Unfortunately, this is the Origins GinZing Eye Cream. After hearing so many great things about it, I managed to score it when Kit Cosmetics was running a promotion where they'd give you a free eye cream (the Origins GinZing Eye Cream was one of two choices) if you gave traded it for a skincare product, empty or otherwise and from any brand. 

To see what I think of the Origins GinZing Eye Cream, keep reading!

The first thing I noticed about the Origins GinZing Eye Cream was the colour. Rather than being  white and creamy in colour, this eye cream is a pale, pearlescent pink colour. The pearlescent sheen from the cream makes it quite brightening, yes, but it's definitely not in a natural way and, therefore, this wasn't a product I reached for on no make up days. Why? Because a whole face of nothin' looks pretty weird when your under eyes shine like Edward Cullen.

Given the colour and hype/promises of brightening, I expected this to work incredibly under make up to create a fresh faced look. Applying this as part of my skincare routine under my make up did absolutely nothing to brighten my face, regardless of what make up I chose to wear.

The lack of brightening would've been okay with me if I saw a difference in under eye puffiness and/or darkness and texture with regular use of the Origins GinZing Eye Cream but, unfortunately, I didn't. There was no noticeable or lasting change in the quality of my under eye area. 

Worst of all, the Origins GinZing Eye Cream breaks me out. I've google this a lot and it seems I'm the only person to ever have had this problem but I break out in large, blind pimples along my cheekbone whenever I use this product. My skin is incredibly sensitive and will often break out from products that everyone else seems to love, but I just can't use an eye cream that breaks me out so badly and painfully.

Unfortunately everything about the Origins GinZing Eye Cream was a flop for me. In a way I'm really glad that it didn't work though because I hate giving up a product I really love because it breaks me out. In saying all this though, a lot of people really love this eye cream so you may want to head into Kit Cosmetics to grab a sample before shelling out the $45.00. 

Have you the Origins GinZing Eye Cream? Did it work better for you than it did me? 


  1. Sorry to hear it broke you out! I have very sensitive skin so now I'm wary of it. I seem to have heard good things about this product, so it's nice to see your review.

  2. Thanks for the review!! Hope your skin has recovered! Such an expensive product for such bad results.

  3. This is been something to get on my list for ages! Sorry it broke your skin out! such a shame! Might have to second think this one !!

    BerrieBlogs - Beauty Blog x

  4. Really good review, Sophie! I've tried a lot of eye creams due to really dark circles underneath my eyes and I'm actually looking forward to try this but I might have to look for another or get a sample first. Sorry to hear about the break out.

  5. I love Origins products but haven't tried this one! It sucks that it didn't work out for you xx

    Jasmine Cara

  6. I just purchased this about a week ago, and so far I love it! But, different products work differently on everyone. Sorry it didn't work out for you!

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