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February 27, 2014

Lust Have It! Beauty Box | February 2014

February 27, 2014 | , , , , ,
When my February Lust Have It! box arrived at my doorstep on Monday I was, once again, a little disappointed. My disappointment seems a little hasty, however, as so many other people are quite happy with the contents of this box. 

The first thing I noticed was that this subscription was somewhat package-less, meaning that the contents of the box was directly in the mailing box. This doesn't bother me in the slightest (in fact, I almost prefer it to the cosmetics bags or boxes they used to offer - there's only so many of each that one person can have!) and is a non issue to me. The information card says that they have new packaging that's set to be ready for the April box and, I must say, I'm quite intrigued. I wonder what it'll be..

To see what came in my February Lust Have It! box, keep reading.

Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Sensitive
"It exfoliates and refines to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and lighten hyper-pigmentation. Delivering a spa grade exfoliation and revealing a brighter complexion while firming the skin, this product is a daily essential for all skin types."
Masks don't usually have intrigued but, I'll admit, I'm looking forward to giving this one a try. I have sensitive skin that's quite well documented on this blog, so I'll definitely keep you posted. 

The Kitchen Cosmetic Pure Mineral Eyeshadow in Truffle
"100% Pure Talc Free Explosive Mineral Colour. Mix & match bold and bright colours for unlimited style creations! Apply dry for subtle effects and damp for electric colour. Certified cruelty free and vegan."
I'll admit, I wish I got a more exciting colour. Though, in saying that, I know I would've been disappointed in a colour that was too exciting. Us girls are never happy, are we? I have a very similar shade in a bareMinerals loose eyeshadow so I might keep this one for a giveaway.

The Cosmetic Kitchen
"A combination of eco bamboo and original ranges. The Cosmetic Kitchen has the largest range of certified vegan, certified cruelty free super soft and luxurious cosmetic brushes that are a must have for every occasion." 
I received the powder brush featured below and, unfortunately, it was broken. This is nothing to do with Lust Have It!, I know, but I'm kind of hoping I'll be able to get it replaced. We'll see.

Vaseline Ultimate 10 Anti Ageing Body Lotion
"It contains anti-ageing ingredients such as AHA, pro-retinol and vitamin B3 to effectively protect, restore, brighten and tighten skin while giving immediate relief from dryness. Skin is more radiant, smoother and younger looking."
I quite like the sound of this product. It's almost like Alpha H Liquid Gold for the body (with a few other bits I know, I know..). I'll be really interested in seeing how this goes, especially as a generalised moisturiser.

Clairol Professional Color Radiance Shampoo
"This salon-exclusive formula helps to protect coloured hair from fading and shifting for long-lasting brilliant colour. It gently cleanses and conditions coloured hair."
I'll admit it, I'm a haircare snob. My sister is a hair dresser so I've been lucky enough to have been surrounded by great haircare and she actually banned commercial brands (Palmolive, Clairol and the likes) from my bathroom. I'll definitely give this a shot because I do have very colour treated hair but I'm not expecting miracles.

Clairol Professional Expand Volume Mousse
"A strong creamy mousse that instantly doubles fullness and body from the roots. With a lift that lasts for 24 hours, its unique formula has a heat-protecting agent which leaves hair healthy and smooth."
I don't use hair mousse and my hair definitely doesn't need any more volume so I might keep this for someone else.

Hand Spa Bijoux Wand Wipe
"Made from 100% natural cotton non-woven fabric which has premium cellulose fibre construction, it contains organic fulvic acid extract, 18g of hyaluronic acid, royal jelly, glycerine and soy bean extract provides the skin with deep nourishing and moisturising effect."
Far out. This sounds intense and a little gimmicky. I'll give it a shot though. Stay tuned to see what I think when it features in an empties post. 

My box also contained a mini size So...? Superstar perfume. These So...? fragrances sometimes make me itchy but I'm happy to give it a shot as I don't mind the scent. If I don't like it, I'm sure I'll be able to pass it onto a sister as it's such a great handbag size. 

So that was this month's box. I feel picky saying that I was unhappy with it, especially as my box had eight products in it, but I'm not overly happy with it. Nothing makes me cringe but nothing makes me want to sing either and I think that's my point. I think I'm just being ungrateful though because really, it's impossible to please everyone!

What was in your box? Did we get different products? 

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  1. Ive seen some buzz about lust have it! Im doing a major stalk of your blog i love it and love finding aussie bloggers :)! Im looking forward to your review on the green apple peel as i have sensertove skin myself!
    Dani xo

    1. Sensitive* Im too exited about your blog i didnt even spell check!


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