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February 21, 2014

Breakfast with Cosmetiques de France

Yesterday I headed out to meet with the General Manager of Cosmetiques de France, a Melbourne based company distributing dermocosmétiques from France. You know how Bioderma, Nuxe and Uriage are now available in Priceline? Yep, you have Cosmetiques de France to thank for that! Along with thanking them, of course, E-Von (from The Simple Chic) and I had the opportunity to learn all about the three lines, as well as the concept of derma skincare or dermocosmétiques.

I was so caught up in the products that I didn't take any photos but keep reading to get to know dermocosmétiques a bit more and, of course, to see what I'm dying to try now I know more about the products (SPOILER: It's basically everything). 

The concept of derma skincare or dermocosmétiques is really interesting and, quite frankly, I wish I lived in France! Derma skincare is skincare that is suitable for the most sensitive of skins. The products have the capacity to address varied skin concerns, of course, but they all have the common factor of being able to be used by someone with extreme skin sensitivity. To achieve the derma skincare status, products must be hypoallergenic and well tolerated by the skin. Given that most derma skincare is also aimed at targeting a skin concern (acne, rosacea etc), they must also be able to be proved effective for treating such concerns. When all that is said and done, a product may be given dermocosmétiques status. This basically means that is it recommended by French dermatologists and it is stocked in those luxurious French pharmacies us Australian girls dream about!

After hearing about the concept of derma skincare or dermocosmétiques and the process brands must go through to have their products accredited, it was onto learning about what's on offer from Bioderma, Uriage and Nuxe. I'm not going to talk about every product because, well, I'm sure no one wants to read that much. I'll just give you a quick summary of each brand and the products that stood out to me!

Everyone knows of Bioderma because of the infamous Crealine H20 (commonly referred to just as Bioderma) but there are so many other products I'd love to try from them now. The Sebium range is targeted towards us ladies with combination to oily and blemish prone skin and, if I'm honest, I added almost every product listed to my always growing mental shopping list. Sebium AKN is a moisturiser targeted for blackhead and blemish prone skin and it's probably top of my list though. 

When you think Nuxe you think of the Multi Purpose Dry Oil, right? Right. They have a lot of other products that seem to have fallen off the radar though, including five other skin and body care ranges. The Rêve de Miel Lip Care and Rêve de Miel Hand Care were both so highly raved about that I really want to try them both too. I'm such a sucker for a lip balm. Seriously. 

Finally we're onto Uriage, the only brand of the three that I hadn't at least heard of. Uriage is based around the concept of thermal water and the healing/soothing effects it has on the skin . They have a fairly extensive range of products and every one contains thermal water. Whilst the range is targeted towards my skin concerns (apparently the products are amazing for eczema and dermatitis - just sayin'), their products sounded incredible and I really want to try a couple as well. I'd also love to pick up Cu-Zn for my nephews, apparently it's great for nappy rash!

I had a really great time yesterday and am really grateful for the invite. Not only was it a great opportunity to meet the man behind such a great brand, I met a fellow Perth-ian and learnt about some really fantastic brands.

What would you like to see reviewed on the blog first? Have any questions about the ranges, brands or stockists? Ask me below or Tweet me.


  1. That would have made for a fun day! Id like to try Nuxe one day.


  2. Sounds like a fun day! I'd like to see some more on the Uriage products as I've never tried them before xx



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