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January 26, 2014

Katy Perry Killer Queen* Review

In September the newest scent from Katy Perry, Killer Queen*, arrived on my desk and I couldn't have been more excited to try it. I've always been intrigued by her fragrances (does anyone else have a love/hate thing with her cat shade bottles her fragrances are infamous for?) and even though I'd never even tried one, I'd always wanted to. 

To see what I think of the perfume, keep reading!

The first thing I noticed about this perfume was, of course, the bottle. This perfume bottle is so unique and unlike anything else I have in my collection. I also think it's really fitting to the name of the fragrance. The bottle for Killer Queen* is inspired by a Queen's sceptre which, along with the gold, is very regal. This perfume also lays down too, making it a unique and interesting piece in my perfume collection. 

The scent is very sweet and feminine and reminds me of the two Wonderstruck fragrances by Taylor Swift, even though they don't smell anything alike when I smell them all in the same hit. I guess there are just a few notes that are similar. The notes in Killer Queen* are as follows -
Top Notes: Wild berry, dark plum and bergamot
Middle Notes: Red velvet flower, natural jasmine sambac and rainbow plumeria
Base Notes: Cashmere, natural patchouli heart and liquid praline

This perfume is definitely a lingerer in the best way possible. It stays on longer than most fragrances in my collection so it's often the one I reach for if I know I need an all day scent (if I'm going out after work, for example). It's a little heavier than a few of fragrances in my collection but I still think it's light enough for everyday wear, though I don't really tend to play by fragrance day/night rules. Wear what you want, when you want! 

If you're one who likes sweet scents but is looking for something that's possibly a little more mature, Killer Queen* could be just the perfume for you! 

Killer Queen* by Katy Perry has been available since September 1. It retails for $69.00 for 100mL, $49.00 for 50mL or $39.00 for 30mL. If you're not sure if you'll like it, I recommend heading to Myer to grab a sample. I've found that the sales assistants are normally more than happy to oblige! 
Have you tried Katy Perry's newest fragrance, Killer Queen*? If so, what did you think?
Do I need to try Katy's other scents? 

*This product was sent to me, however all opinions are my own. I was not paid for this review


  1. I haven't had a whiff of this yet :) the bottle isn't my thing, wouldn't fit on my shelf too well. But I am a lover of perfume and really must try this one!

    1. I really hated the bottle at first but now I quite like it. Don't let the bottle deter you before having a sniff. X

  2. Ooh haven't heard of this perfume! Sounds lovely though (: xx

    A Little Treat | Beauty & Fashion Blog

  3. Ive smelt this in Sephora and I think it is actually really nice :)

    Berrie-Blogs: Beauty Blog x


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