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January 08, 2014

Collective Candle Haul

I've never been one for candles as I've always hated matches but a few months ago I picked up a Dusk Turbo Lighter and I've been hooked on candles ever since! In the last month a half/two months, I've acquired quite a few, most of which I really don't need, so it was time to haul 'em so I can burn 'em.
I was lucky enough to be sent a selection of four beautiful candles from Valencia candles. They all smell great and I can't wait to burn them. I have four different scents (Maple Pancakes*, Coconut Lime Sorbet*, Creme Brulee* and Raspberry & Vanilla*). If you want to know more about these candles, stay tuned as I'll definitely blog about them!
A while ago Dusk was having some kind of sale on their Christmas scents and I went a little candle crazy. If you follow Born to Buy on Instagram you'll know that I love the two wick Candy Cane candle so I bought two, naturally, as well as three other scents, Candy Cane (it smells different to the two wick, I swear!), Berry Christmas and a tried and tested favourite, Vienna. 
One of my best friends, Jarrad, bought me the Dusk Connoisseur Cafe Collection candle in Strawberry Shake and it smells amazing. Seriously. I wish strawberry shakes at cafes tasted like this smelt!
Finally I picked up three mason jar candles from Bath and Body Works and I completely blame Rachael (YouTube channel), a favourite Australian vlogger of mine. She buys candles from Bath and Body Works quite frequently from this eBay seller. I used them and I highly recommend them. As for the scents, none are what I expected and I'm going to hold all comments until I've burnt them. 

Are you a candle lover too? What kind do you like?

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*This product was sent to me, however all opinions are my own. I was not paid for this review


  1. ooh such cute packaging! i love the bath and body works candles the most, although the big yankee candles last so long too! xx


    1. They all have cute packaging, don't they? I like the other Bath and Body Worls candles I've had but I'm still on the fence about these ones. I think they'll smell very different once burnt. I've never tried a Yankee Candle. :( x

  2. I LOVE candles. They make your home feel so much nicer. I'm obsessed with Glasshouse and Natio ones at the moment.

    1. I don't burn them throughout the house as I live with my Mum and she's so sensitive about smells. I burn them in my room but (plus in the house whenever she goes away but don't tell her!). Must add Natio candles to my shopping list. x

  3. Is Vanilla Bean Noel as good as everyone (Mainly Bethany Mota) raves about? I love me some vanilla candles but y'know. And I'll have to check out that ebay seller, we need B&BW here (Along with many other stores, come on Australia)

    1. Hey, Brontie. It's vanilla-ry. Verrrry vanilla-ry. I like it but I think it's one I'd want to burn through a whole house. Keeping it confined to one room might be too much. The eBay seller I linked is quite good for buying them! X

  4. I have way too many candles at the moment but you've made me want some more! xx

  5. I love candles and those dusk ones looks so nice (now I want more candles haha) xx

    Jasmine Cara

  6. Your blog is seriously the best!
    Love your reviews!
    Im addicted to candles, i buy something from dusk monthly and the Connoisseur collection is amazing. Ill have to try the others the Valencia caught my eye!
    Dani xo


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