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November 05, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Women

November 05, 2013 | , , , , , ,
Today I'm here with another gift guide. This time I have eight different gift ideas for females though, not males. I actually found my male gift guide to be easier, though that may have been because I made a few guys gift me the ideas. Before I start, sorry this is a day late. Monday just wasn't my day.

In case you're wondering of have forgotten, my Holiday Gift Guide series will be going for four weeks as of last week. Every Monday (with the exception of this week) I'll be uploading a Different Gift Guide every Monday. The fifth Monday will mark exactly one month until Christmas so, of course, will mean I launch my Christmas giveaway, this time featuring a few of the gift ideas mentioned throughout this series. 

1. Hobby - Every lady has a vice. Whether it's her obscene amount of make up (guilty), crazy shoe collection or one too many handbags, chances are she's obsessed with something. Why not add to the insanity by buying something related for her. For me, that would be something like the Benefit Groovy Kind-a- Love! kit but for someone else it might be a new pair of Jimmy Choos. 
[Image source]

2.Experience - Experience's aren't just good for the boys, you know. Whether it's for a male or a female, experiences are a great way of getting someone something they can do. Red Balloon is a service that offers a multitude of different experiences with everything from driving experiences, adventure sports, craft workshops to make up classes, If you can't decide what experience to get you can also buy a voucher so they can choose it themselves. That takes the pressure out of choosing!
[Image source]

3. Subscription -  Subscriptions really can be the 'gift that keeps on giving' and, with so many different subscriptions available these days, you're bound to find something that'll appeal to her. I know I'd be happy with a monthly subscription to a beauty service like Lust Have It, whilst other ladies would prefer to be part of a wine club or have the most recent Vogue just appear at their door. Yes, like magic.
[Image source]

4. Pamper her -  Let's face it, ladies deserve to be pampered. Whether it's your mother who, you know, birthed you, or your sister who puts up with all your crap, the ladies in your life deserve something special. Let's pamper them! My Mum absolutely loves the Jurlique Rose Hand Cream which is why I chose the back featured above, however you may prefer to actually buy the lady in your life a voucher for a pamper experience of her own. 
[Image source]

5. Gift card - Sometimes it all gets too hard and that's when we pull in the big guns, the git cards. Generic gift cards like a Coles Myer are perfect for anyone as they can be used so many places. Sometimes it's nice to pick up a voucher to their favourite store/s though as it shows you've put a little more thought into the gift. 

[Image source]

6. She wouldn't buy it herself - There are so many things that women simply don't buy for themselves, but I think perfume and good jewellery are pretty high up on that list! Of course, it depends on who you're buying for but definitely consider picking up a lovely piece of jewellery of a delicious smelling fragrance. I recommend Marc Jacobs' Honey perfume to anyone and everyone. Oh, it's just delicious. 

7. Tickets - Sometimes it's nice to give ladies a chance to head out and tickets are a great way to do it. Tickets such as a double pass to the movies or to an upcoming music festival or concert might be the perfect way of getting her to where she wants to be. Just remember, don't get her tickets so that you can tag along as the guest.
[Image source]

8. Gift pack - Finally, you can't go wrong with a Christmas gift pack! So many different brands are releasing theirs at the moment but it wouldn't be a true gift guide without mentioning LUSH, would it? This Christmas Friends Gift Set is super cute and has a lovely tin, but there's so many other ones to check out! 

So that's my Holiday Gift Guide for Women. I really hope these ideas help you pick the perfect gifts and ladies, please tell me, what other items would you have added to this gift guide? What would you love to receive this holiday season. Also, what would you like to see me giveaway from this gift guide? 

If you liked this series, don't forget to tune in next week when I give you my gift ideas for all the kids in our lives. 

Always look your best,

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  1. Great gift guide! I find it so hard to buy for boys more though haha! xx

    1. Oh, Jasmine. Do Jo get me wrong, females are so much easier to buy for! I only found the male gift guide easier because I had one of my guy friends give me almost all the ideas, ahaha. X

  2. Excellent ideas! I think of awesome presents all year and then it comes to this time and BAM! Mind Blank.

    Kate Xx

    1. Oh my gosh, the same happens to me! I have a friend that writes all the ideas down in her phone but I'm nowhere near organised enough for that! X


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