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November 20, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Children

Children are so fun to buy for at Christmas. There's so many new and exciting bits 'n' pieces to buy and you just know there's something they'll love. In saying that, it's also very easy to have no idea what to get when you're buying for a child. I've compiled a list of eight items that I think kids would be stoked to receive this Christmas. 

In case you're wondering of have forgotten, my Holiday Gift Guide series will be going for four weeks . Every week I'll be uploading a different Gift Guide. The fifth week (next week) will mark exactly one month until Christmas so, of course, will mean I launch my Christmas giveaway, this time featuring a few of the gift ideas mentioned throughout this series.
1. Lush - Anything from LUSH is exciting for a child, whether they be a girl or a boy. My three year old nephew (who may be mentioned a fair bit throughout this post) is completely obsessed with Fun, their "bath play dough", as well as Ickle Baby Bot Bath Ballistic, a robot bath bomb. I know that the appeal of LUSH may wear off by 7 or 8 years of age for a boy but a girl is never too old for bath goodies, especially if they see that older people in the family are receiving them too!

2. Barbie/figurines- Barbie's back apparently. I noticed a phase where Barbie wasn't so in but my Aunty just told my that my two cousins (8 and 10) have started a Barbie collection and I couldn't be more excited. Barbie was my favourite toy as a child and I can't wait to buy some for the girls this Christmas. In much the same way, I'm suggesting any figurine; Barbie, Bratz, Ben 10, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles etc.

3. Stationery- When I was a child I love nothing more than acquiring stationery and, to be honest, not a lot has changed. I still love stationery and I still love having it gifted to me. Kids will love anything that's been bought for them from Smiggle and for the older kids in your life (I'm thinking 12+), head to Typo. 

4. Books - Books make a great gift for anyone of any age. What I love about books is that you don't have to know the child all that well to be able to choose a book for them either! This week I've read Dr Seuss' Wacky Wednesday to my nephew about 5 x (not to mention the 10 x his parents have both read it to him) so it's a definite winner. If you're not sure what book to pick up, it might be a winner!

5. Crafts - Ahh, crafts. It's the gift that every child loves and every parent hates! There are so many fantastic craft packs and kits available now. They always contain all the bits you need for a specific project and they're a great way to keep a child entertained, especially over the long summer holidays!

6. School stuff - My nephew starts kindy next year so I've decided that I will buy him a new back pack, water bottle, lunch box and any other bits and pieces that he needs for 'school'. Kids of any age need to go to school prepared so talk to their parents; maybe they need new school supplies too!

7. Tickets - I think tickets can make such a great gift for children. Firstly, Christmas is in the school holidays so movie tickets would definitely not go to waste. there are also many different events, productions and shows that children of all ages may wish to go to; buying a ticket for them takes the pressure of the parent and gives them the opportunity to attend.

6. Lego - Holy cow, Lego is so exciting. Lego is pretty much the pinnacle of a three year old boy's world and now, with the release of Lego Friends, it can appeal to girls just as much! I always wanted Lego as a child but didn't get to play with it all that often as it was never gifted to me, I guess it's not the sort of thing someone thinks to buy for a girl..

So those are my ideas on what to buy the children in your life this holiday season! Remember, each child is different; take their hobbies and favourite colours etc. into consideration to get them a gift you know they're going to love! Don't gender stereotype; along with Lego, one of the toys I wanted most in the world when I was a child was a remote control car. 

I really hope these ideas help you pick the perfect gifts and, please tell me, what other items would you have added to this gift guide? What will you be buying the children this year? Also, what would you like to see me giveaway from this gift guide? 

If you liked this series, don't forget to head back next Monday for the launch of my Holiday Giveaway!


  1. Barbies were my favourite too! I had a huge collection, not just of dolls but of furniture and clothing and accessories! Even as an adult I love them! xx

  2. Excellent gift guide. Wacky Wednesday was one of my favourite book :) Liking weird stuff since the beginning :P And lego is always a winner! :)

    Kate Xx


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