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November 09, 2013

bareMinerals Matte Spf15 Foundation Review

I purchased the bareMinerals Matte Spf15 Foundation after falling in love with the concept of the bareMinerals Original Spf15 Foundation but hating the way it left my skin looking. As someone with combination to oily skin, I need something that's going to mattify and provide decent oil control - cue bareMinerals Matte Spf15 Foundation! It's quickly become one of my favourite make up products, especially face products, and I don't know how I ever thought I'd get by without it this summer.
The bareMinerals Matte Spf15 Foundation has decent coverage, though I always use  a concealer underneath it if I'm wearing it by itself, something I don't do often. I find the coverage of it to be medium, evening skintone and reducing redness. It doesn't cover excessive redness or blemishes but I wouldn't expect a mineral foundation to. 

I love that the bareMinerals Matte Spf15 Foundation works well on top of every foundation and concealer I've paired it with, meaning I don't have to be a product snob and I can circulate my foundation and concealers. Yes! In saying that, I've been using it with the Yves Saint Laurent Le Teint Touche Eclat a lot as I feel that it cancels out the finish that may not necessary agree with my skin type. I use this as a setting powder/small amount of additional coverage rather than as my daily foundation.

To apply the I use one of two brushes, the Real Techniques Buffing Brush or the Abbamart Natural Blunt Buffing Brush. The Abbamart brush is a fairly recent addition to my collection (haul coming soon) but I prefer using it as it leaves my Real Techniques brushes free for foundation application. Regardless of the brush I use, I get a small amount of product onto it and push it over my face. I prefer not to buff it in as I feel that may remove product, especially spot treating concealer.

The finish of the bareMinerals Matte Spf15 Foundation is lovely. It's matte, yes, but I don't feel that it makes my face look flat. Not only does it have a great finish but, holy crap, the lasting power of it is incredible. With the bareMinerals Matte Spf15 Foundation, I find that my make up lasts absolutely all day (and I gave my make up on for 12 hours during the week) and I only touch up and blot excess oil once, if that. When I use other setting products, even those that claim to mattify, I do find myself doing it every few hours.

The bareMinerals Matte Spf15 Foundation is available from Kit Cosmetics for $36.95 and I highly recommend it to anyone with oily ski!

Always look your best,

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  1. I'm still a newbie at mineral powder foundations! Every time I got to Kit (which is not often) I get so overwhelmed with the selection at BM. This sounds promising especially for the summer season! Thank you for the review!
    xxx Kat @ Katness

    1. The formula and colour range available from Bare Minerals sure is overwhelming! I always go to the same Kit Cosmetics (counter at Myer Hay Street, Perth) as I know the girls are lovely and will help me test and colour match until I'm 100% happy with a purchase! X

  2. Great review, thanks! I bought this powder after reading your review, it sounds like it's worth a try, the original formula sounded too sparkly for me. I got Fairly Light and would love to know what shade you chose and what shade you are in other foundations to compare? I bought mine online so I had to take a chance on the colour.

    1. Thanks, Krissy. Oh, you bought it after reading my review? No pressure! I really hope it works for you. I wear it in the colour Fair, if that helps. I couldn't tell you what colour I am in MAC for example as I can never find an exact match in their foundation - I can in concealer. I really hope you love the product. Please let me know. X

  3. Great review! I’m thinking of how much the price of this product is here in the Philippines.
    ~Pauline @Kallony


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