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October 07, 2013

Using Hop Shop Go as your Parcel Forwarding Service

If you've seen any of my Sephora hauls in the past, you'll know that I use Hop Shop Go as my parcel forwarding service. I've had a lot of people ask me about their service and whether I recommend them so I'm finally getting my butt into gear and blogging about them. 

Before I begin, let me say one thing; I don't have a bad word to say about Hop Shop Go. I think they're absolutely incredible. I've used another parcel forwarding service previous (PriceUSA) but I only used them once as I wasn't anywhere near as impressed with the service and professionalism. 

When using Hop Shop Go, I place the orders myself. I know some people in Australia have issues using their credit cards online with Sephora but, for some reason, mine always works and I'm definitely not complaining. If, for some reason, your card doesn't work there's the option to have them place your order for you. This service is called BuyForMe and, of course, there's a fee that goes with it. The fee is 10% of the purchase price, inclusive of shipping. For primer customers the fee is 7%.

When placing orders with US sites (let's face it, it's always Sephora or MAC), I have it shipped to the US postal address that I got when I signed up with. Once the parcel has reached the address my account is updated. I can see what has arrived and they even upload the invoice to be sure you know what's what! When it arrives I can choose to have it posted or wait until other parcels arrive. If I wait for other parcels to arrive I can have them consolidated. This means that the parcels are shipped at the same time so they're viewed as one shipment, not two or three. Remember, they will hold your parcels in their warehouse for 30 days free of charge. There is a cost after that but I wouldn't know what is it. It'd kill me knowing my stuff was with someone else for that long! 

Once everything has arrived, I can ship it! This is the most exciting bit. Shipping is easy. You just choose what you want to ship, which shipping option (normally there's one or two), pay using PayPal and Bob's your Uncle! Depending on the costs, there's a few different postal services HopShopGo will use and my favourite is definitely DHL. It's incredibly fast, the tracking is soo detailed and I've never had a thing damaged!!

For every Sephora order I've placed I've paid between $40.00 and $50.00US dollars for shipping and I think that's pretty affordable. I don't hold back when I place and order because I want to make the shipping worth it so I feel like it's always a completely justifiable amount and it's always less than I expect!

My parcels usually take 7 days including weekends to get to me in Western Australia after leaving the Hop Shop Go warehouse. That's quicker than a lot of things getting across Australia! 

HopShopGo has an iPhone app (not sure if it's available for Android devices), which I absolutely love. Not only can you ship and consolidate packages on it, but you can access your tracking # at any point so, of course, track your parcels. Fantastic for everyone who's super impatient.

HopShopGo is a great parcel forwarding service and I highly recommend them. I think they're absolutely fantastic. Their website is so straight forward, the services are fantastic and the shipping prices are so affordable.

Do you use HopShopGo? Can you recommend any other forwarding services? 

Always look your best,

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  1. Replies
    1. Me too! Did you enter my giveaway to win it? X

  2. Great post, I might have to check them out! I have used one called BoxVoyage, their customer service is excellent and the last package that I got forwarded through them took 12 days from the mail sort facility (still not too bad). Like Hop Shop Go they also give a few shipping options and have a flat rate 'processing fee'

    1. Thanks, Evelyn. Oh, I've never heard of BoxVoyage. What are their prices like? I love how quick HopShopGo is! It's crazy. X

  3. I'll definitely have to do an order soon through these guys! They sound amazing! You should edit this post to include general prices of what your previous parcels cost to ship (so we can get an idea of what the pricing is like!) that would be amazing ;)
    Great post lovely xx

    1. You definitely should, Jasmine. I added a bit of pricing info for you. Sorry I didn't add that initially, I totally forgot. X

  4. Funnily enough, I'm in the process of putting together my first HSG order! I'm hoping it works out well!

    Great post, hun, and very informative! xx

    1. It'll be great! If you have an iPhone I recommend downloading their app so you can always see what's happening. I can't wait to hear what you think of them. Thanks for the feedback! X

  5. Is your card a Visa card? Because I really want to just order from the sephora website and not use the buy for me service! Tell me how please!! :)

  6. I love MYUS.com, it seem that almost every site that mentions forward shipping will suggest it so I went with it and it's not so bad.

    I signed up for premium ($7 monthly fee), $1/box after 30 days of free holding & you get 20% off discount service from the site (whatever that is).

    Here's what MYUS has to offer,
    Free repackaging to minimize dim weight
    Free consolidation of multiple-store orders
    Free Pre-shipment Screening for wrong, broken or prohibited items
    Free Customs Documentation
    Hand-delivery via premium DHL and Fedex courier express or even via the USPS if you prefer

    Definitely true to their words on delivering within 2-4 days, I got it two days in after requesting a shipment and they rang me to say that they were dropping it off at my property.

    I'm not sure if they'll individually bubble wrap products though, I should probably ask them that since I want my palettes to remain intact in case of a bumpy trip.

    Ooooh, now I'm just excited for my next batch of orders coming in from the states.:D


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