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October 25, 2013

TONI&GUY Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray* Review

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For years now I've been on the hunt for my ideal sea salt spray; one that's not too drying, not to too sticky, doesn't dry my hair out too much and, of course, one that doesn't break the bank. Sounds easy, no? Turns out it isn't.. I tried quite a few and had basically given up when the Toni & Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray* arrived at my doorstep. This sea salt spray has become a haircare staple and completely changed my view of sea salt sprays. 
To see why I like the Toni & Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray*, keep reading!

The Toni & Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray* sprays out a fine mist that evenly distributes the product through the hair. When using this, I spray four or five pumps of the product throughout my hair and crunch it through to ensure that it's not just hitting the outer layer of hair - what's the point in that?

As my hair dries, the Toni & Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray* enhances my natural curls, neatening them and making them a lot more defined. The result? Perfect beach waves. I find that I still often blow dry and/or straighten the front portion of my hair so that my face is framed nicely but that's mainly because that area of hair has a tendency to become really tight curls which just aren't cute when the rest is nice waves.. 

The Toni & Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray*  is not crunchy, nor is it sticky. It leaves my hair still feeling like hair, though it can feel a little more dry. I guess that's to be expected when the product contains salt, right? 

I find I can get two, sometimes three, days wear out of my hairstyle when I use the Toni & Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray*, something I absolutely love. In fact, most days it looks even better on the second day!  

All in all, I think this is an absolutely amazing hair styling product and I recommend it to a lot of people. I'm not sure how well it would work for people with hair that's not quite as textured as mine (a nice way of saying unruly and frizzy most of the time!) but I would highly recommend giving it a try! The Toni & Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray* retails for $15.99 from Priceline.

Have you tried the Toni & Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray*? What's your favourite hair styling product? 

*This product was sent to me, however all opinions are my own. I was not paid for this review

Always look your best,

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